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Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna

GreekBaguio City, Baguio


M-Su: 11AM-10PM
Baguio City, Baguio
Greek, Mediterranean


  • Starters

    • Saganaki

      A delectable serving of imported pan-fried Greek cheese fresh lemon. The signature appetizer of lemon and olives


    • Traditional Greek Dips served with Homemade Pita Hummus

      A thick dip made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, garlic and tahini


    • Tzatziki

      Creamy yet tangy Greek yogurt dip made with olive oil, garlic, and cucumbers


    • Black and Green Olive Paste


    • Kolokithokeftedes

      Crispy zucchini fritters served with creamy tzatziki sauce. A quirky way to kindle your appetite!


    • Green Village Sausage

      Sausage with a uniquely distinct Mediterranean taste!


    • Spicy Soutzouki Sausage

      Sausage made of beef that is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds with its exotic array of spices!


    • Poikilia

      The Parthenon of Greek appetizers! This is a plate of assorted appetizers such as a Greek village sausage, spicy soutzouki sausage, saganaki cheese, tzatziki dip and pita bread


    • Grilled Octopus

      Handpicked fresh octopus grilled the right way; the Greek way


    • Kontosouvli

      Savoury pork slow, roasted over charcoal until devilishly tender. Marinated with Chef Takis' secret recipe


  • Salad

    • Greek Salad

      Greek salad doesn't get any more authentic than at Lemon & Olives. A fresh bed of lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, and onions drizzled with all the Greek trappings of feta cheese, imported olive oil, Greek olives


      Solo 160.00

      To Share 270.00

    • Garden Salad

      Arugula, lettuce, fresh onion, dill, parmesan cheese, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressings


      Solo 140.00

      To Share 250.00

  • Main Course

    • On The Charcoal Grill

    • Gyros

      A pocket of flavor in a pita bread. Juicy slices of meat tucked away in a freshly baked pita filled with vegetables and Greek fries, doused with a generous serving of garlic, chili or tzatziki sauce


      Chicken 100.00

      Beef 120.00

      Pork 110.00

      Lamb 140.00

    • Souvlaki Plate

      Experience the taste of Greek street food! Souvlaki is a plate of specially seasoned grilled meat drizzled with Chef Takis' secret Greek sauce, served with pita bread and fries on the side and accompanied with garlic, chili and tzatziki dips


      Chicken 240.00

      Beef 280.00

      Pork 260.00

      Lamb 320.00

      Mixed Plate: Beef/ Pork Chicken 260.00

      Lamb/ Chicken/ Beef 300.00

      Lamb/ Beef/ Pork 320.00

      Lamb/ Chicken/ Pork 290.00

    • Lemon and Olive's Lamb Rack

      Our signature lamb dish infused with select Greek herbs to bring out the fresh taste of the Mediterranean. Served with Greek salad on the side


      Standard Rack 990.00 (Good for 2)/ 1970.00 (Good for 4)

      Special Lamb Rack (Served with salad and a choice of either pita bread/ fries/ lemon pilaf or plain rice) 590.00

    • Greek Kebab

      Tender chunks of skewered meat, onion, bell peppers and tomatoes roasted on a bed of coals. Served with either a choice of zesty lemon pilaf rice, plain rice, Greek French fries or pita bread


      Pork Tenderloin 300.00

      Chicken 260.00

    • Grilled Steak

      A slab of steak done the Greek Way, masterfully grilled to perfection. Served with vegetables and a choice of either fries, plain rice, lemon pilaf or pita


      Porterhouse 380.00

      T Bone 380.00

      Ribeye 380.00

      Wagyu 780.00

  • Seafood

    • Grilled Prawns

      Served with Greek salad


      Good fro 2 830.00

      Good for 4 1620.00

    • Fish

      Served with vegetables and a choice of French fries, pita or rice


      Tuna 300.00

      Lapu Lapu 550.00

    • Grilled Calamari

      With vegetables and a choice of fries, pita, lemon pilaf rice or plain rice


  • In The Oven

    • Pastitsio

      A plate of authentic Greek pasta. Bechamel sauce baked over ground beef and pasta


    • Moussaka

      Structured layers of potato, eggplant and ground beef, topped with lots of bechamel sauce


    • Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers

      Tomatoes and peppers filled to the bursting point with specially seasoned ground beef, rice and tomato sauce. Bite into a tasty surprise. Served with potato wedges


    • Greek Style Spaghetti

      Spaghetti with a uniquely Mediterranean mindset. Golden melted mozzarella cheese over beef sirloin and spaghetti pasta, dashed with red sauce


  • Special Orders

    • Beef Giouvetsi

      Tender chunks of baked beef over special orzo pasta covered in red sauce. Served with roast potato and Greek salad


    • Lamb Giouvetsi

      A more special version of the heirloom recipe. Leg of lamb carefully roasted and served over special orzo pasta swimming in tomato sauce. Served with a side of roast potato and Greek salad


    • Soutzoukakia

      Taste the flavor of Athens with these uniquely-Greek meat balls! Each meatball is baked to perfection and seasoned with thick Mediterranean species. The meatballs are then bathed with tomato sauce that adds a nice zesty kick to the dish. Served with either rice, pasta or Greek French fries


  • Sides and Extras

    • Pita Bread


    • Plain Rice


    • Greek Lemon Pilaf


    • Garlic and Chili Sauce


    • Feta Cheese


    • Tzatziki Sauce


  • New Dishes

    • Zucchini Chips

      Served with our special tzatziki dip


    • Briam

      A medley of roasted vegetables - eggplant, zucchini, potato, tomato and peppers - in olive oil seasoned with aromatic herbs. This is perfect on it own or accompanying your grilled lamb.


    • Gigantes Plaki

      Greek "Giant" beans with soutzouki sausage baked in tomato sauce and herbs


    • Tyropita (cheese pie)

      Crumbled feta cheese baked in crispy filo pastry


    • Spanakopita (spinach pie)

      A savoury pie made of spinach, feta cheese, and fresh herbs baked in layers of crispy filo


  • Dessert

    • Classic Baklava

      A delicate dessert made of thin paper-like dough called filo filled with a sprinkling of chopped nuts and drizzled with sweet honey syrup


    • Loukoumades

      Honey cinnamon puffs made of airy deep fried dough and drizzled with honey syrup


    • Greek Yogurt

      With walnuts and honey


    • Baklava Cheesecake

      A fusion of the class green dessert and a creamy New York cheesecake