Lorenzo's Way Bonifacio High Street

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Location and Contact
  • C2 Upper Ground, 7th Ave., Bonifacio High Street Central, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
  • Open M-Th, Su: 11AM-11PM; F-Sa: 11AM-12MN

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Lorenzo's Way is an experience of LJC's legacy of good food and great service. The restaurant serves dishes that Larry himself conceptualized and that became favorites in the LJC chain.


  • Recommended Dishes

  • Appetizers

    • Kesong Puti Caprese

      Soft Laguna cheese with tomatoes and fresh basil pesto; this dish was first served at Prego, an art deco Italian restaurant created by Larry Cruz in the 80s


    • Clams Malaguena

      Clams sauteed in garlic, olive oil, Spanish ham and pine nuts


    • Crispy Baby Squid

      A Bistro Remedios favorite; baby squid crisp, served with sweet chili sauce


    • Gambas

      Cafe Adriatico's Spanish-style shrimps sauteed with garlic in olive oil


    • Baked Cheesy Spinach

      Creamy spinach, banana blossom, mushrooms and cheese dip topped with roasted garlic and grated Parmesan cheese


    • Empanaditas

      Mini savory pies filled with spinach and pine nuts; a hit among ballroom dancing enthusiasts of In the Mood Dance Bar


    • Beef Salpicao

      Tender beef morsels sauteed in garlic and olive oil


    • Callos

      Stewed tripe, tomato, chorizo and chickpeas; first offered in 1981 at LJC's upscale Solana Restaurant


    • Fried Chorizos

      Spanish style sausages fried in olive oil


    • Asian Vege-licious Spring Rolls

      (Vegetarian Choice) Fried spring rolls filled with assorted julienned vegetables and tofu; lightly flavored with cumin


    • Lumpiang Sariwa

      Traditional julienned fresh vegetables in a crepe wrapper topped with special sauce and chopped peanuts


    • Teriyaki Mushroom & Tofu Kebab

      (Vegetarian Choice) Fresh shiitake and button mushrooms with tofu, grilled and coated with teriyaki sauce


  • Soups

    • Onion Soup Gratinee

      Larry's style onion soup with Gruyere and crusty bread au gratin


    • Sabaw ng Halaan at Buko

      Fresh clams and coconut soup with chili leaves


      Good for two to three persons 395.00

    • La Mancha

      Creamy garlic soup with bacon, chorizo and ham


    • Soup of the Day


  • Salads

    • Heart of Palm with Mango and Shrimps

      Crunchy fresh "ubod" with boiled shrimps and ripe mango, tossed in vinaigrette


    • Caesar

      Crunchy romaine lettuce served with thick anchovy dressing, bacon, and croutons


    • Ensaladang Pilipino

      A salad of local vegetables: Chayote and string bean tops, bitter gourd, tomatoes and okra with strips of green mango; served with a choice of three dressings


    • Salade Luxe

      Asparagus, arugula, romaine, tomatoes, fresh spinach, smoked salmon with dill sauce


    • Spring

      Assorted greens with balsamic vinaigrette


    • Salade Regency

      Fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, orange segments, shrimps and avocado with assorted greens; served with honey mustard sauce


  • Main Courses

    • Binukadkad na Pla-Pla

      A Bistro Remedios original; butterflied tilapia fish served with "balo-balo" or Kapampangan fermented rice and fresh mustard leaves


      Good for three 425.00

    • Coco Loco Prawns

      Ang Hang's exotic tropical dish of sauteed prawns with lemon grass and coconut milk


    • Sweet Chili Mango Tilapia

      Fried tilapia with green and ripe mango strips and chili sauce


    • Bangus Fillet with Kangkong Balachian

      This dish was first served at Larry's Cafe Bar in Malate and was then called Larry's Bangus Belly. The dish is a unique combination of fried milkfish belly and crispy fried glass noodles topped with sauteed water spinach and fermented shrimp paste


    • Inihaw na Sugpo

      Grilled prawns served with pickled green papaya


    • Sugpo sa Aligue

      Pan-fried prawns coated with crab fat sauce


    • King Prawns Creole Hollandaise

      Prawns with Creole and Hollandaise sauce; served with buttered risoni and vegetables


    • Calamares en su Tinta

      Squid stewed Spanish-style in its ink


      For sharing 550.00

      Solo 285.00

    • Seafood Espanola

      A medley of sole fillet, clams, shrimp, quail eggs and asparagus in a creamy seafood broth


    • Lengua Estufada

      "How to spell it on the menu is always a problem. It is Estofada, Estufada or Estupado? Our preference is Estufada, which comes from the Spanish word estufa, which means furnace or stove" (Larry Cruz). Enjoy our version of this tender beef tongue simmered in wine sauce with mushrooms and olives; served with rice


    • Costillas de Ternera Guisada

      A must try at Lorenzo's Way! Tender braised beef short ribs in wine sauce with vegetables and olives


      For sharing 750.00

      Solo 395.00

    • US Tenderloin Steak A La Sauce Bearnaise

      Tender prime steak topped with tarragon-flavored Hollandaise sauce; served with buttered vegetables and mashed potatoes


    • Beef N' Reef

      Pan fried US beef tenderloin and baked prawns with raisin and Hollandaise sauce; served with pimientos, asparagus and pilaf rice


    • Lola Ising's Adobo

      This adobo comes with pork that has been cooked till dry and crispy served with lots of slow-cooked garlic for maximum enjoyment. Many people talk about twice-cooked adobo; this is not far from that, except that the dry and crispy pork is still fork-tender


    • Race Course Road Pompano Curry

      LJC had his first taste of this spicy curry at Race Course Road in Singapore. He then served it at Ang Hang, his Asian food restaurant, with an emphasis on the spicy. At Lorenzo's Way, we served the curry with Pompano



    • Camp Gourmet Hickory Ribs

      This finger-licking recipe come from LJC's Camp Gourmet Restaurant which as established in 1993. It was a restaurant that brought memories of the forties and World War II with its menu of comfort food and staff dressed in khakis and camouflage. Have this dish with French fries or steamed rice


    • Inihaw na Liempo

      Grilled pork belly with pickled green papaya


    • Black Pata

      "This is our version of the Chinatown Pata Tim. Ours has a thicker sauce and is best served with steamed buns, like the siopao without the filling. This dish was first served at our Orient Express, a short-lived Binondo-style restaurant" (Larry Cruz). Enjoy this stewed whole pork leg in soy sauce, cinnamon, sugar and Chinese spices


      For sharing 850.00

      Solo 430.00

    • Rosemary Chicken

      A signature dish of Larry's Cafe & Bar; pan-fried boneless chicken with rosemary-tomato sauce and buttered vegetables


    • Spanish Garlic Chicken

      Lorenzo's Way's boned chicken baked with garlic cloves and olive oil


    • Abe's Chicken Supreme

      Chicken stuffed with chorizo, galapong rice, chestnuts and raisins


      Whole 990.00

      Half 500.00

    • Bulalo

      This hearty beef shank and bone marrow in bouillon and vegetables is a take from Cafe Adriatico's Bulalo ni Lolo; "There is no reason why Bulalo should not be cooked and served with vegetables. While some people may swear by the plain buto-buto that roadside bulalohan's serve, Lolo's version is a prettier sight" (Larry Cruz)


      For sharing 495.00

      Solo 275.00

    • Knockout Knuckles

      Those who go for the traditional Crispy Pata, inevitably get hooked on this version that was first developed at Ang Hang Restaurant on Pasay Road. In 1989, Madhur Jaffrey the well-known food writer and expert on Asian cooking, included it in her book, Far Easter Cookery. She wrote: "The meat is juicy and tender and the skin is crackling crisp. My children declared that this was the best pork they ever tasted"


      For sharing 695.00

      Solo 365.00

    • Beef Caldereta

      Filipino style beef stew


    • KKK

      Another most celebrated main entree in the LJC Restaurants was the Kare-Kare at Bistro Burgos. It was a radical departure from the hodge-podge kare-kare in clay pot. The Bistro Burgos version had the chopped oxtail neatly arranged with the vegetables on a platter and the sauce in a separate bowl. The dish spawned the "Kare-Kare Klub" of journalists, bankers, artists, public relations practitioners who met every Thursday and swore by the Kare-Kare and even had a banner that read "KKK forever!"


      For sharing 650.00

      Solo 350.00

  • Crab Corner

    • Salted Egg Fried Alimango

      Sinfully rich fried crab with salted egg and garlic sauce



    • Fely J's Temple Crab

      Fried fresh alimango is served with garlic that has been fried till golden in olive oil and served on a bed of garlic rice



  • Vegetables

    • Adobong Puso ng Saging at Gambas

      Fresh banana heart stewed in vinegar and soy with shrimps and topped with chicharones


    • Kangkong Lechon

      Bistro Remedios' sauteed swamp cabbage with fermented yellow beans; topped with lechon kawali


    • Pinakbet Magalang

      Sauteed vegetables with shrimp paste


    • Gising-Gising

      From Bistro Remedios: minced stalks of Kangkong cooked with shrimps, spiced with small chilies, and simmered in coconut cream


    • Vegetables Au Gratin

      A baked medley of garden vegetable in a light cream sauce; topped with cheddar cheese


  • New Dishes

    • Tenderloin Steak with Grapes

      Pan-fried US Beef Tenderloin steak wrapped in bacon; white wine and grape sauce served with potatoes au gratin


    • Sinigang na Tadyang sa Kamias at Langka

      Beef ribs cooked with ginger lily and unripe jackfruit


    • Lengua Pasta

      Braised ox tongue and olives with spaghetti


    • Dinuguang Pata with Chicharon

      Boned pork leg meat and blood simmered in vinegar and lemongrass then tossed with freshly cooked pork crackling; served with puto (rice cake)


    • The LW Chicken BBQ

      Asian style grilled chicken served with java rice and petite salad with sour cream


  • Paellas

    • Paella Marinara

      Assorted seafood with vegetables


    • Paella Valenciana

      Seafood and meat done the classic Spanish way, a popular dish from Mil Novicientos (1900), an LJC brand that served Spanish-themed dishes


    • Paella Negra

      Squid paella cooked in its ink


  • Noodles, Pasta & Rice

    • Pancit Sotanghon sa Baby Pusit

      Mung bean noodles sauteed with fresh baby squid in its ink


    • Spaghetti with Pancetta

      Creamy pasta made with Italian Pancetta


    • Italian Meatballs Spaghetti

      Beef and pork meat simmered slowly with tomatoes and Italian herbs


    • Dilis-cious Rice

      Fely J's top-selling steamed rice topped with crispy fried dilis


    • Bamboo Rice

      This is a well-loved dish at Bistro Remedios where it was first introduced in 1986. It was something we cooked up to fill up the special rice section of the restaurant's menu. The rice dish with bamboo shoots, shrimps, chicken and wood ear mushrooms is a staple at Lorenzo's Way


    • Steamed Rice


    • Garlic Rice


    • Premium Brown Rice


  • Desserts

    • Baklava

      Larry's favorite Mediterranean-style sweet filo pastry filled with walnuts and pistachios; served with vanilla ice cream


    • Claude's Dream

      When chef-painter-sculptor Claude S. Tayag cooked a wonderful paella with Cucuracha for LJC, he also prepared a simple dessert he called pandan-flavored gelatin with carabao milk ice cream. LJC thought it was heavenly and asked permission to serve it at his restaurants. But to his disappointment, no one shared his interest and ordered the dessert. And just when he was ready to take it out in the menu, "there goes Claude's dream dessert", someone remarked "Why not call it Claude's Dream" And so he did. In 35 years, Claude's Dream has become the most popular dessert in LJC Restaurants


    • Pecan Pie

      Classic Swiss-style pecan pie


    • Mango and Almond Panna Cotta

      Creamy Italian-style custard with sliced mangoes and honey syrup


    • Espesyal na Turon

      Deep-fried banana, yam and jackfruit in lumpia wrapper


    • Choco Almond Cheesecake

      Chilled cheesecake and chocolate filling on a Graham cracker crust with chocolate chips and almonds


    • Toffee Sans Rival

      Caramel flavored meringue cake with cashew nuts


    • Banana-Chocolate Volcano

      Baby Bundt chocolate cake topped with roasted bananas; smothered with chocolate ganache and served with coffee cream sauce


    • Gigil Tart

      Fresh coconut meat and salted egg in a custard tartelette, drizzled with jaggery syrup


    • Halo-Halo Espesyal


    • Leche Flan Royale

      Custard cream served with fruits and ice cream


    • Sikreto ni Maria Clara

      Find out what makes the villages swain swoon with delight


    • Ice Cream by the Scoop

      Your choice of available ice cream flavors


    • Fresh Fruit Platter

      Kindly ask your waiter for available fruits