Lukkas Barbers Project 4

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    • Signature Cut


    • Deep Repair Treatment

      For slightly damaged to highly damaged hair. This treatment works in all 3 dimensions of the hair actively and intensely repairing the cuticle, fiber and matrix of each hair strand and helps prevent further damage. Its unique Biotin-Q10 Complex not only helps rebuild the inner hair structure but also provides structural strength, especially for chemically treated hair restoring the hair to its natural beauty


    • Anti Hair Loss Treatment

      For hair and scalp. It contains Carnitine Tartrate that energizes the roots to increase cell divisions and reproduction, Taurine, which gives natural energy that stimulates hair growth and Echinacea Purpurea, a well known healing herbal remedy for sensitive scalp making the hair fuller and stronger


    • Hydrating Treatment

      For normal to dry hair. This treatment contains Hydro-Keratin-Complex that boosts the hair's moisture level for an unmatched hair Spa sensation. It softens and strengthens the hair while leaving it moisturized and beautiful