Makeover Salon Experts Timog Ave

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A beloved beauty fixture in Baguio, Makeover Salon Experts finally opens their doors to Metro Manila! Best known for their precise and personal touch, treat your brows, lashes, and nails to world class care at Makeover Salon Experts.


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  • Service List

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Athena Brazilian Keratin Blowout

    • IPL Permanent Hair Removal

    • Bikini Waxing

    • Polygel Nail Extension

    • 3D Microblading

    • 6D Microblading

    • Ombre

    • Microshading

    • HYBRID Brows

    • Doll Lips / Lip Tattoo

    • Male Brows

    • Eyeliner Stardust

    • Secret Blush Semipermanent Blush On

    • Brow Reconstruction

    • Korean Lashlift

    • Korean BB Glow

    • Brow Tattoo Correction

    • Tattoo Removal

    • Basic Hair Color

    • Hair & Make Up by Jun Galeno


    • Basic Keratin Blowout

    • Hair Cellophane

    • Loreal Xtenso Hair Rebonding

    • AirPerm Hair Perming

    • Original Brazilian Blowout Acaii

    • Whole Body Whitening

    • Whitening Body Scrub

    • Steam Sauna

    • Unlimited Warts Removal

    • Creative Fashion Hair Color

    • Regular Manicure

    • Regular Pedicure

    • Footspa with Pedicure

    • Paraffin for Sweaty Hands and Feet

    • Mani Gel




    • Pedicure Gelish

    • Gel Removal

    • Dermedics Microneedling

    • Dermedics Lip Contour

    • Dermedics Deep Wrinkle Management

    • Dermedics 3D Lift Contour

    • Dermedics BB Glow Instant Whitening Foundation

    • Fall Into the Volume Keratin Lashlift

    • Semi Permanent Cheek Blush

    • Fabulash Eyelash Extension

    • MesoFat V Line for V Shape Face

      Double Chin Reduction

    • Super Whitening Drip



      Snow White

    • Meso Lipo

      Fat injection

    • Schlerotherapy for Varicose Veins

    • Acne Facial

    • Whitening Facial

    • Dermarolling

    • Underarm Whitening

    • IPL Permanent Hair Removal

    • Derma Roller for Acne Scars

    • Cystic Pimple Injection

    • Fibroblast Plasmalift