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MetroSkin Dermatology is a clinic located at Quezon City that focuses on treatments that revitalizes, improves, and relaxes the body and skin, with their well trained staff and up to date equipment, to give you a satisfying experience!


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  • Metroskin Premium Facials

    • Contour Lift Facial

      This uses a unique combination infrared, led light & bipolar radio frequency to improve skin tension & elasticity. Wrinkles and fine lines diminish and facial contours are significantly lifted. Sun & age spots on the surface become less visible

      per session 2,500.00


      2 hours

    • Organic Luminous Facial

      This facial treatment utilizes AGAS, a wonderful product made up of natural ingredients, which reduces pigmentation and uneven skin texture. Not only that, it also has anti-oxidant properties and anti-aging effects

      per session 1,500.00.00


      1 hour and 30 minutes

    • Ultimate Revitalizing Facial

      This is a total facial tune-up for all skin types. This procedure cleanses, exfoliates & hydrates the skin to establish that youthful glow

      per session 695.00


      45 minutes

  • MetroSkin Acne Therapeutics

    • Acne Solution

      The ultimate service that deals with pimples, which is triggered by stress, hormonal imbalance and positive family history. This involves a deep cleansing facial, acne extraction and application of fruit-based chemical peel


    • Acne Solution with Light


    • Cleaning Therapy


    • Intradermal Injection

      This is a shallow injection of anti-inflammatory substance into the skin. It reduces the redness of cystic acne and flattens keloid scars. After the treatment, redness may occur for 30-60 minutes


    • Light Clearing Therapy

      This is the perfect post-procedure treatment in conjunction with Acne Solution


  • MetroSkin Fractional Mesotherapy

    • MesoBrightening Therapy

      This procedure is ideal for patients with dark skin tone, melasma, freckles and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It provides a gradual lightening effect on Asian, Caucasian and Ethnic skin

    • Skin Re-Volumizer Therapy

      This procedure is ideal for patients with deep wrinkles & lines, stretch marks, post-acne scars, sagging skin. This rebuilds deficiencies in the structure of the skin, by stimulating synthesis of collagen, elastin and fibronectin

    • Hair Re-Grow Therapy

      This procedure is for patients suffering from excessive hair loss and androgenetic alopecia. This improves scalp microcirculation, slows follicle aging process and helps to accelerate hair regrowth

  • MetroSkin Revitalizing Therapeutics

    • Botox/Allergan

      Botulinum toxin is a non-surgical treatment used to smoothen out fine lines & wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscles


    • Swea-Tox

      Botulinum toxin may also be used for axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating


    • Ultra V-Lift

      This is a nonsurgical procedure wherein fine threads are inserted deep into target muscles of the skin, which produces instant skin lifting & tightening, improvement of skin texture, fine lines and elasticity


      100 Threads 50000.00

      50 Threads 25000.00

    • Skin Booster / Restylane

      Another non-surgical procedure which restore balance, improve structure and elasticity of the skin. Multiple tiny injections are done, thereby delivering hyaluronic acid, making the skin look plumper and younger


  • MetroSkin IV Nutrient Thearpy

    • Lustrous Shot

      This is a combination of Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant and Vitamin C, for a radiant glow


    • Lustrous Bright Drip

      This infusion makes the skin brighter and healthier-looking


  • MetroSkin Body COntouring & Tightening

    • Mesotherapy

      This is a non-surgical procedure which involves multiple tiny injections into the deep layer of the skin to promote loss of fat or cellulite


    • Tripolar RF Therapy (Body)

      This is a 20-minute procedure treatment per body site 2x a week over a period of 6-8 weeks which produces visible results that are both immediate and long-lasting


      Abdomen/Back 2000.00

      Arms/Legs 1500.00

  • MetroSkin Electrocautery Treatment

    • Flat Warts


      Face 3000.00

      Neck 3000.00

      Face & Neck 5000.00

      Chest & Abdomen 10000.00

    • Verruca Vulgaris

      per piece

      3,000.00 to 5,000.00

    • Verruca Plana

    • Verruca Filiformis

    • Syringoma

    • Acrochordon (Skin Tags)

  • MetroSkin Hair Removal

    • Upper Lip


    • Underarm


    • Legs


    • Brazilian


  • MetroSkin Sclerotherapy

    • Legs

      Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to eliminate unsightly varicose and spider veins. A solution is injected in to the vein, causing it to swell, stick together and the blood to clot


  • MetroSkin Peels

    • Blue Peel

      This involves the application of a blue solution mixed with all trichloroacetic acid to resurface scars and lighten the skin


    • Ultra Peel

      This uses trichloroacetic acid in different concentrations to address hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. This is done for 5 consecutive days for a superior effect


    • Organic Luminous Micropeel


  • Consultation Services

    • An individualized & personal approach to all your skin concerns



      Allergies / Skin Irritation

      Fungal Infections

      Viral Infections

      Keloid Scars


    • Hair & Scalp Concerns


      Seborrheic Dermatitis

      Female and Male Pattern Alopecia

      Alopeica Areata

    • Nail Concerns


      Fungal Infections

      Nail Psoriasis