Mother's Garden and Cafe Baguio City

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  • Appetizers

    • A1 Gambas

      Shrimps sauteed in Virgin Olive Oil with garlic and dash of peperoncino. May be shares as an appetizer


    • A2 Sausage Platter

      A variety of sausages, olives, capers, vegetables sticks and blue cheese dressing. May be shared


    • A3 Mother's Garden Salad

      Freshly picked, these salad greens and other vegetable & flowers, are organically grown from Heirloom seeds in our garden and served with Mother's Garden dressing. Slices of grilled chicken and shrimps are added for sumptuous healthy meal. Choice of a creamy or light dressing


    • A4 Chicken Vegetable Soup

      Chunks of chicken meat with vegetables in season in a clear broth


    • A5 Nilagang Baka

      Beef chunks simmered with local vegetables and potatoes


    • A6 Frutti di Mare

      A seafood pasta of calamari, shrimps, clams and fish sauteed with garlic in olive oil and Italian herbs. Served with Penne Pasta


    • A7 Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pesto

      A deboned part of a chicken, marinated with Italian herbs, grilled, and served with Penne and Pesto Sauce


    • A8 Piccata Milanese

      Pork Tenderloin cutlets fried to a golden brown with parmesan batter and served with spaghetti Neapolitana


  • Sandwiches & Sweets

    • S1 Sirloin Burger

      200g of sirloin cut ground beef spiced up with celery and mustard seeds, then Garnished with lettuce, onions & tomatoes on a bun. No extenders and chemicals added. Served with Potato Fries


    • S2 New Yorker

      An American hotdog, this sausage is steamed then rolled in butter and placed on an open bun. Mayo, ketchup, pickle relish, onions and potato fries on the side. Kids' favorite


    • S3 Veal Bratwurst

      A large size of Veal is a pan fried with butter and topped with an onion brown gravy. This is served with German style fried potatoes and bread


    • S4 Sicilian Chicken

      Chicken breast marinated in Olive oil and Italian herbs and sauteed. Served with a petite vegetable salad and a roll


    • S5 Pancake

      Two pieces of Fluffy pancakes served with creamy butter and maple syrup


    • S6 Peach Melba

      Vanilla Ice Cream with slices of peaches


    • Ice Cream


  • Asian Main Courses

    • Pinaputok na Bangus

      Bangus, a versatile fish of gentle flavor is deboned. A mixture Asian herbs & spices is added then wrapped and broiled. Served with vegetables. May be shared


    • Inihaw na Liempo

      A juicy slice of pork belly, marinated with Philippine herbs and spices, then grilled. Served with vegetables


    • Crispy Adobo

      Pork adobo, shredded and deep fried. Served with vegetables. May be shared


    • Baguio Longaniza

      Five pieces of Pork Longanisa in garlic and local spices. Low fat and no preservatives


    • Mixed Barbeques

      An assortment of skewers filled with chicken, pork, beef, and shrimps with different mixtures of sauces