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Mr. Quickie

Repair and RestorationAlphaland Southgate, Makati


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M-Su: 10AM-10PM
Alphaland Southgate, Alphaland Southgate, Magallanes, Makati
Repair and Restoration, Services, Shoe Cleaning
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  • Services

    • Key Conversion

      Replace that broken straight key into a handy and danger-free flip key. Duration varies.


    • Key Shell Replacement

      Mr. Quickie can now replace your broken key shells in just minutes! Duration varies.


    • Car Remote Duplication

      We can duplicate car remotes of Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Suzuki, and more! Duration varies.

      For as low as 2,500.00

    • Car Remote Battery Replacement

      We can also replace batteries of watches, calculators, weighing scales, etc. Duration varies.

      Price Varies

    • Edge Sealing

      We can seal rough and peeling edges of leather bags, wallets, belts, and watch straps. Duration varies.

      Price Varies

    • Sole White

      We can whiten your yellowish soles and bring your shoes back to life. Duration varies.


    • Rubber Shoe Dry Cleaning

      We can dry clean nubuck, suede, fabric, canvas, mesh and more! Duration varies.

      360.00 - 510.00

    • Transponder Car Key

      We can generate, duplicate, originate and program transponder keys for vehicles on the road today. Duration varies.

      Price Varies

    • Locksmith Services

      Our experienced and trained Locksmith Technicians may able to service your locksmithing needs like: Opening of all types of locks, Combination lock opening, Re-keying of all types of locks, Vault. Duration varies.

      Price Varies

    • Bag Cleaning

      We can remove your bag’s imperfection with our gentle cleaning solution. Duration varies.

      Price Varies

    • Leather Bag Dyeing

      We can restore or change the color of your choice. Duration varies.

      Price Varies

    • Shoe Expansion

      We can expand the width of your leather shoes. Duration varies.


    • Shoe Shine

      We bring out the best shine of your shoes. Duration varies.

      60.00 - 120.00

    • Canvas Recoloring

      Conceal those scuffs, dirt, traces & stains on your beloved canvas shoes. Duration varies.

      300.00 - 500.00

    • Shoe Gluing

      Detached sole? Visit our nearest branch and have it glued Mr. Quickie way. You and your shoes can be active again in 30 minutes. Duration varies.


    • Leather Dyeing

      We can restore or change to the color of your choice. Duration varies.

      200.00 - 500.00