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NailsCash & Carry Mall, Makati


M-Su: 9AM-9PM
Cash & Carry Mall, Palanan, Makati
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  • Hand Care

    • Serene Island Manicure

      Give your fingernails a splash of colors in an unruffled beach ambience. Includes nail cleaning and shaping, cuticle treatment, and a relaxing hand and wrist massage, finished off with your favorite nail polish.


    • Sea Crest French Manicure

      Get that chic French Finish! French manicure will give your nails a simple, naturally-sophisticated, and clean look that is neither flashy nor fuzzy.


    • Nature's Haven Spa Manicure

      A youth-boosting and calming hand spa treatment that includes: micro-exfoliation using an all-natural scrub made from sea salt and VCO; nail cleaning and shaping; cuticle treatment and polish and; a hand and wrist massage.


    • Sea Splash Manicure Polish Change

      Let your nails reflect your mood. Have them painted according to your heart's desire.


    • Paradise Touch

      Relieve tension and increase flexibility of hands and fingers with this relaxing hand treatment that includes exfoliation and hand and wrist massage (30 mins).


  • Foot Care

    • Palm Beach Pedicure

      Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment and polish, with an anti-bacterial foot soak and a restorative mini foot massage.


    • Water Drift Spa Pedicure

      Fall in love with our indulgent, all-natural treatment that helps bring life back to sore, tired feet. Reveal beautifully soft skin with thorough exfoliation using a scrub made of sea salt and VCO. The treatment is finished off with nail shaping, cuticle treatment, and application of your choice of polish.


    • Sea Splash Pedicure Polish Change

      Got a new pair of flip-flops? Why not match its colors with those of your toenails?


    • Juvenile Coral Foot Spa

      Enjoy a luxurious detoxifying foot soak made with tea tree extract and lemon grass oils. Next scrubbing is done to remove dead skin cells. Completing this moisturizing ritual is a vigorous sole, foot and leg massage for a truly relaxing finish.


  • Gel Polish

    • Manicure


    • Pedicure


    • Removal

      Get beautifully painted nails that last!


  • Hand & Foot Treatments

    • Marine Algae Whitening Foot Spa

      (with arbutin and myrrh essential oils) Enjoy a luxurious detoxifying foot soak made with tea tree extract and lemon grass oils. Next scrubbing is done to remove dead skin cells. Completing this moisturizing ritual is a vigorous sole, foot and leg massage for a truly relaxing finish.


      Hand 350.00

      Foot 550.00

    • Underwater Seaweed Firming Foot Spa

      (with hazel oil & geranium powdered with active collagen extracts) Soak your feet with lemon grass and exfoliate using scrub made of sea salt combined with VCO. Detoxify, tone and tighten your skin with a sage and ginseng--infused seaweed wrap. This treatment unlocks some of the best benefits of the sea onto your skin, releasing a wealth of minerals that soothe aches, reduce fatigue, and tone the skin.


      Hand 350.00

      Foot 550.00

    • Deadsea Mud Mask Detoxifying Spa

      (with moringa & sunflower) Provide a nourishment with Mud Mask treatment enhanced with Moringa and Sunflower oil - known for its anti-stress properties which cleanses the skin by drawing out impurities. Naturally restore skin's strength and elasticity creating a silky and healthy look. Stimulated with a lavender scent for a soothing calm effect.


      Hand 350.00

      Foot 550.00

  • Nail Extension

    • Marine Arty-Fishal Nails

      Full cover synthetic nails that fit to a perfect snug. Price includes a splash of your favorite nail polish.


      Full Tip 680.00

      French Tip 720.00

      Repair (per nail) 250.00

      Removal 350.00

    • Gelly Fish Nail Extensions

      Uses the filler powder system. Is great for making synthetic nails look longer naturally. The process is free from any toxic smell


      Refill 800.00

      Removal 500.00

      Gel Polish 400.00

  • Nail Art

    • Ocean Splash Nail Art Painting

      Breathe a different kind of life into your hands by wearing art on your fingertips. Choose from our wide array of creative designs


      Simple 230.00

      Stunning 350.00

      Exquisite 450.00

      Create Your Own 550.00

  • Eyelash Enhancement

    • Lavish Reef Eyelash Extension

      Be the center of everyone's attention with thick, long and curly lashes



      Refill 800.00

      Removal 500.00

    • Ocean Wave Eyelash Perm

      Give your eyes that extra umph! Have hassle-free and perfectly flipped-up, curvy lashes that look absolutely stunning any time of the day.


  • Paraffin Treatment

    • Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Manicure


    • Atlantic Sea Moist Paraffin Pedicure


    • Deep Sea Moist Paraffin Spa Treatment

      A luxurious spa treatment intended to moisturize and soften the skin, leaving it radiantly smooth and healthy-looking. This therapeutic treatment relaxes sore, tired hands and feet, relieves stiffness and muscle spasms, and stimulates blood circulation. Ease your everyday stress and strain with the hydrating and healing benefits of a paraffin treatment.


      Hand 390.00

      Foot 470.00


      Extended hand to arm or foot to knee paraffin 100.00

  • Nail Treatment

    • Sea Nail Armor

      Protect you nails with this nail treatment that gives your nails the type of intensive hydration it needs to recover. Enriched with Vitamin E that supports cellular renewal and Gingko that increases oxygen exchange, it's a perfect treat to improve the condition and appearance of your weakened nails. This treatment includes nail cleaning, application of nail polish and a choice of Naked Glossy Seal or Naked Satin Seal for a matte finish


      Manicure 250.00

      Pedicure 275.00

    • Sea Breather

      Achieve instant, natural looking nails through this treatment that contains a proprietary blend of finely ground pigments, vitamins and botanicals that also help correct nail discoloration. It also provides intense therapeutic, long term benefits for stronger, healthier nails. This is finished off with cleaning and application of your choice of polish


      Manicure 375.00

      Pedicure 395.00

      French Tips 420.00

  • Waxing

    • Underarm


    • Arm (Half)


    • Arm (Full)


    • Chest or Back


    • Leg (Half)


    • Leg (Full)


    • Bikini


    • Bikini Brazilian

      Using an all organic wax removes unwanted body hair instantly, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free


    • All waxing services come with a choice of hand or foot spa

  • Threading

    • Eyebrows


    • Upper Lip


    • Lower Lip

      A painless method of removing unwanted hair for both men and women. If done on a regular basis, threading weakens hair follicles, making growth less dense over time. Threading is significantly faster and more accurate compared to waxing or tweezing.


  • Massage Therapy

    • Crystal Sand Hand Massage

      (30M) Too much work giving you stiff hands? Release all those build up tension with this time-proven therapy that promises to increase hands flexibility and improve circulation.


    • Pebble Beach Stress Reliever Back Massage

      (30M) Stress causes our muscles to contract, causing muscle ache and fatigue. Focusing primarily on the muscles on your back, this dry massage is designed to relieve tension, bring deep relaxation and comfort.


    • Clear Water Paradise Scalp Neck & Face Head Massage

      (15M) Take your mind to a relaxing journey as you unwind with this head and face pressure massage that eases tension and improves blood circulation.


    • Pueblo Bonito Calming Foot Therapy

      (30M) Treat your feet to a little beach therapy with this relaxing foot and lower leg massage which uses pressure applied on reflex points to alleviate stress and tension.


    • Huntington Beach Therapeutic Foot Reflexology

      (45M) An ancient method of healing by means of pressing the reflex areas of the feet. Also known as Zone Therapy, this method is believed to be able to bring back one's health by breaking up and dispersing "crystals".



      Argan Oil 120.00

  • Packages

    • Cloud 9

      Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa + Seaweed Firming wrap


    • Vitamin Sea

      Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa


    • Indulgent Aqua

      Manicure + Hand Paraffin + Pedicure + Foot Paraffin


    • Color My Cabana

      Gel Manicure + Gel Pedicure + Foot Spa


    • Sea Surf

      Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa with Lightening Algae Wrap


    • Silent Tide

      Pedicure + Foot Spa & Foot Massage


    • Wild Crest

      Manicure with Nail Art + Pedicure + Foot Spa


    • Ribbon Reef Pedicure

      Gel Pedicure + Foot Spa


    • Gold Coast

      Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa with Detoxifying Mud Mask


    • Lush Lagoon

      Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa with Foot Massage


    • Ribbon Reef Manicure

      Gel Manicure + Hand Spa


  • Spa Party

    • Package 1

      Serene Island Manicure, Palm Beach Pedicure, Hand Spa, Juvenile Coral Foot Spa

      per person 940.00

    • Package 2

      Serene Island Manicure, Palm Beach Pedicure, Hand Spa, Juvenile Coral Foot Spa, Foot Massage

      per person 1220.00

    • Package 3

      Serene Island Manicure, Palm Beach Pedicure, Foot Spa, Any Treatment, Hand Spa

      per person 1100.00

    • Package 4

      Create your own package for Php 10,000.00 minimum worth of services

    • All packages are for a minimum of 10 pax. FREEBIES: Free use of store venue for 2 hours. Unlimited drinks for 2 hours. Cookies and chips good for 10 persons per package




      Hot Tea

      Cold Tea