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  • Facial Skin Treatments

    • Hajime

      Our basic skin care treatment with skin refining clay mask



      30-40 mins

    • Diantoniji

      A customize skin care treatment that addresses your skin's specific needs, this includes facial with diamond peel with a choice of PDT or Sheet Mask (anti-aging, whitening or oil control mask)



      1 hour

    • Wakawakashi

      Anti-aging facial with diamond peel and oxyjet peel with a choice of Collagen Gold Mask (for normal skin type) or Okinawa Water Mask (for sensitive skin). An oxyjet peel makes use of an aerosol spray rich in vitamins and minerals that penetrates deep below the skin surface. It does five things simultaneously: hydrates, oxygenates, exfoliates, cleanses and micro-circulates. The oxyjet clear treatments are highly effective for skin texture improvement, wrinkle reduction, and overall skin rejuvenation


    • Geisha Organic Facial

      Keep your skin glowing from within with this facial treatment. Helps lighten the appearance of sun spots and age spots. It inhibits melanin production and synthesis with advanced powerful organic whitening ingredients such as Dunaliella, Seaweed and Gigawhite for visibly fairer and brighter skin. Great for all skin types



      40 mins to 1 hour

    • Acne Treatment Facial

      A powerful treatment that starts acne clearing well beyond the treatment. We'll start with a deep cleansing followed by steaming, exfoliating scrub, vacuum, professional exfoliation to remove pore clogging skin cells, high frequency, acne treatment mask and an optional acne injection for cystic acne (5 pimples)



      1-1.5 hrs

      Add On

      per succeeding pimple 150.00

    • Naito Signature Facial

      Our all-in one painless facial treatment with an application of our premium mask. A soothing treatment, with deep cleansing, hydrating, detoxifying and anti-aging effect with luxurious massage of scalp, neck and extremities. A must try facial treatment for skin renewal and exceptionally glowing skin



      1.5 hours

    • Diamond Brightening Peel

      A microdermabrasion treatment. Uses a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration and sun damaged skin. It exfoliates your skin, resulting in a refreshed appearance



      30 mins

    • Aquaella

      Aqua Ella is a multi-step deep cleansing and rejuvenating medical facial therapy which uses a specially designed skin solutions to cleanse the skin and infuse the skin with anti-oxidant goodness. Integrating vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and iontophoresis, Aqua Ella is a safe, painless, multi-faceted approach to skin revitalization. It works in four different ways: cleanse, peel, extract and hydrate!



      30 mins

    • Hikari

      Photodynamic LED therapy, an add on treatment after facial for skin healing, rejuvenation and acne treatment. Other benefits include: Improves oxygenation of the skin, repair of damaged skin, Improved lymphatic activity, Increased production of collagen and elastin, Ability to soothe sun damaged or inflamed skin, Treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne and the bacteria associated with it, Skin rejuvenation including improvements of fine lines and wrinkles, Improvement of rosacea, melasma and psoriasis



      30 mins

  • Skin Brightening

    • Chemical Peels

    • Cosmelan

      Melasma Treatment

    • Photorejuvenation

    • Blood Facial

      Vampire Facial

    • Kazumi Skin Resurface


    • Intensive Underarm Whitening

    • Stretchmark Reduction

    • Pink Intimate

      Whitening Treatment of Bikini Area

    • Glutathione Drip

    • Multivitamin Drip

    • Facial Treatments

    • Body Scrubs

    • Body Massage

  • Anti-Aging

    • PRP

      Platelet Rich Plasma

    • Botox

    • Lips, Nose, Cheeks & Chin Fillers

    • Skin Booster

    • Eyebag Removal

  • Facial Contouring


    • RF Contour

    • Kumio Lift

      Non-surgical Facelift

    • Hiko Nose

      Non-surgical Facelift

  • Body Sculpting


    • Lipoblast

    • Mesolipolytic Injections

    • RF Contour

    • Body Tone Machine

    • Miracle Weight Loss Drops

  • Other Services

    • Keloid Reduction

    • Acne Injection

    • Sclerotherapy

    • Wart and Skin Tag Removal

    • PRP Hairloss Treatment

    • Permanent Hair Removal

    • Sweatbox

      Sweat & Odor Treatment