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  • Introductory Package

    • 5 Private Sessions

      Validity: 1 Month


    • 3 Private & 5 Group

      Validity: 1 Month


    • (For First Time Clients Only)

  • Private Package

    • Single Private Session

      Validity: 1 Day


    • 10 Private Sessions

      Validity: 2 Months


    • 20 Private Sessions

      Validity: 4 Months


    • 30 Private Sessions

      Validity: 6 Months


    • 50 Private Sessions

      Validity: 8 Months


  • Semi-Private Package

    • Single Semi-Private Session

      Validity: 1 Day


    • 10 Semi-Private Sessions

      Validity: 2 Months


    • 20 Semi-Private Sessions

      Validity: 4 Months


  • Equipment Group Packages

    • Single Group Equipment

      Validity: 1 Day


    • 10 Group Equipment

      Validity: 2 Months


    • 20 Group Equipment

      Validity: 4 Months


  • Rehabilitation Private Session

    • Single Private Session

      Validity: 1 Day


    • Package of Four

      Validity: 1 Month


    • Package of Eight

      Validity: 1 Month


    • Package of Twelve

      Validity: 1 Month


  • Special Condition Pilates & Movement Program

    • The "Pink Ribbon Program" (Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation)

      Pilates is perfect for breast cancer patients because it is one of the safest workouts you can do and be easily modified to accommodate any injury, imbalance or weak area of the body. The program offers strength, self esteem, and quality of life for breast cancer survivors and is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive body.

    • Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Equipment

      These classes help you stay physically active, strong and energized during and after pregnancy.

    • Reformer AC (Althletic Conditioning)

      AC Classes are designed to increase strength, mobility and endurance. Ideal for athletes.

    • Osteo & Scolio Pilates

      These exercises will help you to create good movement patterns. Manage pain, prevent injury, teach excellent body awareness and correct faulty posture.

    • Post-Rehab Pilates

      The aim of this pilates-based post-rehabilitation and corrective functional training is for you to be pain-free and to have freedom of movement, finding the cause of the pain and not just treating its symptoms.

      We have clients who have had extensive injuries such as the following:

      Back Pain


      Chronic Fatigue



      Disc Pathologies

      Spinal Stenosis

      Hip Pain

      Pelvic Pain

      Lower Extremity Pain

      Vertebral & Disc Degeneration

  • Equipment Based Programs

    • Core Reform

      Safe, effective and very energetic range of group classes incorporating functional movement and a dynamic flow of exercises that are set to music.

    • Core Suspend

      Invigorating suspension training method that incorporates functional fitness into your workout.

    • Silk Suspension

      The controlled instability offered by the dual suspension points triggers the deep muscles of the body to activate, so you will truly get stronger from the inside out.

    • Cardiolates

      Cardio pilates fusion on pilates rebounder to burn calories while enhancing your pilates experience.

    • Chair Reformer Circuit

      Fun and energetic way to get a full body workout using the Pilates Chair and Reformer

    • Kick Start Pilates

      Best way to know the equipment, alignment, movement, and benefits of Pilates.

    • Fabulous Abs

      Safe and effective way to workout the abs.

    • Killer Abs

      Bring your abdominal workout to the next level.

  • Mat Based Programs

    • Core Barre

      System of movement designed to create strength, flexibility, and a balanced body. It is based on elements of pilates, ballet and athletic conditioning and consists of high energy, low impact and fat burning exercises.

    • Core HIIT

      High Intensity Interval Training using the stabilising and alignment principles of pilates. Fast and effective way to burn calories and fats.

    • Core Mat Pilates

      The total body Pilates workout featuring classical pilates exercices with and without Pilates equipment on the Mat.

    • Traditional Mat Pilates

      Following the sequence and order of the original System created by Joseph H. Pilates while keeping the integrity of spinal shape and alignment. Stretching and strengthening and finding control with each movement. (Applicable to selected branches only)