Organico GourmetMandaluyong

916 Luna Mencias St cor Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong

International, Organic

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Open M-F: 11AM-9:30PM; Sa-Su: 11AM-10:30PM

Serves organic and all-natural food that includes a range of cold-pressed juice. They aim to offer healthy yet delicious food. Organico Gourmet is located at Luna Mencias Street corner Shaw Blvd.

Organico Gourmet Menu

  • Appetizers

    • Fried Cauli Florettes

      Crispy organic cauli florettes done tempura-style and given a generous helping of rich garic kefir


    • Smoked Fish Croquettes

      Locally loved tinapa with a musky smoked flavor and seasoned with fresh sea salt in tangy mustard cream sauce


  • Soups

    • Minestrone

      Rich and warm fussili vegetable soup. A perfect partner for the palate


    • Three-Kind-Mushroom Cream Soup

      Shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms together in a bowl of creamy soup served hot


  • Salad

    • Mixed Greens with Kefir Dressing

      Crisp and fresh vegetables given that special zing with out roasted sesame dressing


  • Rice Bowls

    • Panang Gai in Black Rice

      Paint your palate with our special homemade red curry and savor the herbs and spices bathed in organic chicken breast served with steaming organic black rice


    • Chiu Chow Fish in Red Rice

      Steamed sole fish, black beans and eathy sesame oil all in one dish filled with rich organic red rice


  • Seafood

    • Grilled Prawns

      Marinated prawns grilled and served straight from the griller with a unique sweet-and-sour blend of passion fruit butter sauce


    • Grilled Salmon Barbecue

      Salmon steak grilled to tender perfection, soaked in special marinades and served with red rice and crisp vegetables


  • Chicken

    • Tamarind & Honey-Glazed Chicken

      Soft and juicy chicken inasal marinated on goodness overnight served piping hot with brown rice and toasted garlic


    • Stuffed Chicken Rouade

      Sink your teeth into this infusion of chorizo, raisins and goat cheese al in a delectable roll of tender organic chicken served with mashed potatoes and gravy


  • Pork

    • Organico Gourmet Pork N' Beans

      A culinary classic given a twist by slow-cooking white beans, smoked bacon bits, and Italian sausage in savory ham-bone stock.


    • Grilled Porkchops with Apple Chutney

      The best organic pork sices grilled to heavenly tenderness served with sinfully sweet and tasty apple chutney


  • Steaks

    • Steak Au' Poivre

      Bite into a savory steak of Angus rib eye breaded with cracked peppers and smothered in brown sauce

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    • Filleto Ala Organico

      Banish hunger with an Angus rib eye steak seasoned with sea salt and served alongside marbled potatoes and caramelized onion and red wine demiglace

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  • Pasta-Fettucine/Spaghetti

    • Chicken & Pesto Ravioli

      Sate your hunger with this savory dish or organic chicken and fresh pesto wrapped in ravioli


    • Pesto

      Looking for an all-time favorite? Try this creamy serving of pesto given generous portions of grilled organic chicken breast


    • Pasta Bolognese

      Satisfy your cravings with this rich and hearty blend of tomatoes, grass fed angus beef, and special herbs


    • Seafood Marinara

      Taste our unique seafood special of mussels, clams, shrimps, and squid all taken fresh from local deep-sea sources


  • Sandwiches

    • Organico Gourmet Burger

      Highlight your day with our signature burger of ground grass-fed angus rib eye beef, freshly sliced organic salad toamtoes, crisp organic lettuce and aged cheese


    • Banhmi

      Had a long day? Dig into this delicious sandwich of grilled organic chicken, liver pate, pickled organic vegetables, and various Asian herbs, all in freshly baked baguette


    • Mushroom Burger

      Make your taste buds explode with our special organic mushroom-filed burger served mouthwateringly hot.


  • Dessert

    • Mango Pudding with Chia Seeds

      Reward yourself with an unbelievably sweet blend of smooth Philippine mangoes nestled in heaveny chilled whipped cream with marinated chia seeds


    • Sweet Potato S'mores

      Indulge in sinfully delectable combination of sweet potatoes topped on graham cuts with a touch of cinnamon and honey


    • Coconut Pannacotta

      Our own version of the classic French pannacotta served beside pineapple hinted with vanilla and topped with roasted desiccated coconuts for that one-a-kind dessert experience