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Who says playtime is only for children? Pretty Huge Obstacles is the largest obstacle course facility in Asia designed for kids and kids-at-heart! Come and challenge yourselves for a fun-filled, rewarding experience!


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  • Classes

    • Adult OCR

      Whatever your purpose, to get fit, to prepare for a race, or to bond with friends, this class will surely be worth it. A class that utilizes all obstacles you will find in a race and more to give you a great workout.

    • Inferno

      There are 20 stations and no getting off. That’s because INFERNO is no ordinary high intensity interval circuit. You and your team will laugh or cry because you won’t understand how it feels when your heart rate rise up so sudden.

    • Stuntman

      An hour of high intensity interval circuits around 30 stations that will put your strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance. It’s a test of strength and even more, a test of willpower.

    • The Flash

      Get lighter, faster and more agile in a 45 minutes cardio session. Combinations of fast phase workout that will make you sweat even more and gasp for air and burning around 900-1000 calories.

    • Hero

      It’s a 40-45 minutes of resistance or strength functional movements. And we mean burn. You’ll walk out, or possibly crawl, walking out like you buff already. The calorie burn will last until you sleep.

    • Guerilla

      A full body workout with alternating slow and fast phase workout. Making your body confuse and push its limits till it burns every calorie you take.

    • Running Man

      Combination of running workout and running drills making your body feels like a jelly. 60 Minutes of burn leading to 1000 calories loss.

    • Center G

      Center G or the center of gravity. A workout that focus on balance and core strength. You will realize how hard it is to hold on.

    • Soldier of Fortune

      A military based workout which includes Running, Lifting and Obstacle. If your preparing for an obstacle race. This is for you! A 60 Minutes of nonstop moving and working. Promising 800-1500 calorie burn.

    • Beast

      It’s a full hour of weightlifting. Guaranteed 1200 calories burn during workout and 800 calories after workout burn

    • Last Dance

      Around 20 Stations. You’ll be dancing with the DJ’s beat changing movements every phase of the music. If you can’t dance, then we will show you how to do it!

    • Athena

      When boys say it's a girl’s workout it means it’s easy. Now let the boys do this girls workout and tell them, Hey! It’s a girl workout why your struggling. A workout of basic movements and has 10 stations.

    • Blast

      60 Minutes of explosive movements. Blast the fats and explode. After an hour your body becomes tight like you have muscles only.

    • Corediac Arrest

      Sounds like dangerous. It’s telling you to work your core. A workout that focus on core strength, endurance and stability and will exposed your hidden abs. Time to show your summer bud.

    • Time Capsule

      Another version of stability workout. Definitely the hardest workout ever. Want to know how to burn calories without moving? Then try this.

    • Fittest Man

      This workout involves the 10 Fitness aspects which is the strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, dexterity, balance, coordination, flexibility and cardio. At the end of the session you will know your weaknesses.

    • Jump Rope Training

      Are you tired of the usual cardio workout? Here is a whole new body workout using jump ropes that will build your endurance, strengthen your arms, legs, and your core!

    • Back to Basics

      A class intentionally designed for those who are starting out on OCR and are needing that extra coaching and help. The class tackles the basics such as form and technique and strength.

    • Beauty and Brawns (All Girls Workout)

      A workout class exclusively for the ladies! Here we chant "strong is beautiful!"

    • Body Armour

      A class designed to build your strength to prepare and build you up to do what you've always wanted to do. Not to mention make you ripped along the way.

    • Body Blast

      Get your whole body moving! This is a class that gives you a whole body workout to keep you fit, healthy, and strong.

    • Huff and Puff (H.I.I.T)

      A high intensity interval training class for those looking for a short but heart pumping workout.

    • Olympic Weightlifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and Gymnastics ("OMG")

      A class that combines Olympic weightlifting, Metabolic conditioning, and Gymnastics for a full body workout that will really make you exclaim OMG!

    • Run Ready

      A strength and conditioning, and a form and technique class to get you run ready for the road and the trails

    • The Commander (Calisthenics)

      Learn to take control of your body through our calisthenics class

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