Rockies Creamery Fisher Mall

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  • Menu

    • Classic Base


      Tiny 65.00

      Bighie 85.00

    • Premium Base


      Tiny 80.00

      Bighie 100.00

    • Classic with Rockies


      Tiny 75.00

      Bighie 95.00

    • Premium with Rockies


      Tiny 90.00

      Bighie 110.00

  • Create Your Own

    • Create Your Own

      Step 1 Choose Your Ice Cream Base

      Classic: Vanilla Bean/ Coffee Latte/ Dulce de Leche/ Milk Chocolate/ Fresh Banana

      Premium: Strawberry/ Oreo Cookies and Cream/ Matcha Green Tea/ Fresh Mango/ Fresh Lychee

      Step 2 Choose Your Rockies

      Rainbow Springkles: Cheesecake Bites/ Nestle Crunch Bits/ Dark Chocolate Pretzel/ White Chocolate Pretzel/ Chocolate Chip Cookie/ Chocolate Shavings

      Caramel Popcorn: Oven Baked Brownie/ Choco Chips/ Mini Mallows

      Strawberry Wafer Stick: Crushed Graham/ Crushed Oreo/ Upside Down Waffle Cone/ Corn Flakes/ Cookie Dough/ Rice Crispies

      Strawberry Pretzel: Mango/ Banana/ Lychee/ Blueberry/ Almonds/ Walnuts

      Step 3 Choose Your Lava

      Warm Chocolate

      Gooey Caramel