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Leave your skin in the hands of a pro! Founded by veterans of the skin and beauty industry, Skin Pro Skin and Wellness Center leads the way in up-to-date and non-surgical techniques and procedures that guarantee a youthful and natural new look!


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  • Doctor Treatments

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Dermal Fillers

      Dermal Fillers are injectable fillers used to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkle. Also used for lip augmentation, fill in hollow part and scars on the face. Also use for facial contouring.

    • Acne Injection

      Eradicate the acne and get rid of pimples fast and reduces the risk of scarring from inflamed cystic acne.

    • Botox & Dysport

      Botox & Dysport is used to temporary lessen the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles. It is also used to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

    • Dermaroller

      Micro Needling treatment ensures the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and the eyes, also shallow scars and stretch marks leading to fresh and radiant skin.

    • Sclerotherapy

      Veins are injected with sclerosing solution which causes them to collapse, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins.

    • IV Glutathione & Vitamin C

      Glutathione - The Master of Antioxidant. Is mainly used as an antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals that speed up aging. It also boosts out immune system. The only side effect of Glutathione is skin whitening.

    • Keloid Injection

      When skin is injured, fibrous tissue (called scar tissue) forms over the wound to repair and protect the injury. In some cases, scar tissue grows excessively, forming smooth, hard growths called keloids.

    • Milium Cysts Removal

      Milium cysts are small, white bumps (or Milia when they occur in groups) that typically appear around the eyes, forehead and nose are removed by extraction.

    • Syringoma Removal

      Syringomas are benign (non-cancerous) skin tumors that derive from eccrine cells, specialized cells that are related to sweat glands. With electrocautery procedure, numbing the skin with an anesthetic, a small probe with an electric current running through it is used to burn away each syringoma.

    • Wart Removal

      Warts are growth on skin caused by infections with human papilloma virus. Warts, which may appear in any area of the body are removed by electrocautery.

  • Facial Treatments

    • Basic Facial

      1 Session


    • Vitamin C Facial


    • Rejuvenating Facial


    • Diamond Facial

      1 Session


    • Gentlemen's Diamond Facial Session


    • Derma Pro Facial


    • Pro Beauty Whitening Facial


    • Anti Acne Facial

      1 Session


    • Gentlemen's Executive Facial Session


    • Signature Facial

      1 Session


    • Whitening Facial w/ DP


    • 24k Facial


    • Collagen Facial

      1 Session


    • Age Defying Facial

      Our signature facial addresses skincare needs with exfoliation and designed to slow down the aging process, hydrate skin, and minimize fine lines. (60 minutes).

    • Whitening Facial w/ Diamond Peel

      This whitening facial will clarify and brighten your complexion, giving you a clear and translucent skin. It gently eliminates spots and smooth away uneven skin tone areas. (60 minutes)

    • Anti-Acne Facial

      This facial includes deep cleansing and extraction. Ideal for oily skin and mild to moderate acne. Prevents periodic or ongoing breakouts. (60 minutes)

    • Back Treatment w/ Diamond Peel

      Targeting a variety of skin care needs at the back area such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. This Back treatment typically begins with a gentle steaming to open pores and lift impurities, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. (60 minutes)

    • Pristine Diamond Peel

      The safer, painless alternative to chemical peels, to refine texture and skin color, treat mild to moderate sun damage. It stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, which increases oxygenation and stimulates cell turnover and renewal. Most beneficial when done every two weeks. Increased firmness. More even skin tone. Minimized pores. Reduced pigment marks & scars.

    • Infusion Collagen Booster

      This is a Needle- Free MesoTherapy procedure, which uses Electro-MesoTherapy device, delivers a non-invasive, needle-free solution for maximum cellular penetration of Ampoules & Serum. After the treatment, the skin looks and feels fresh, firm and plump. The long-term benefits of the Infusion treatment become prominent with time, as the treatment course progresses and the use of Infusion's ionic solutions strengthen underlying skin tissue.

  • Laser Treatments

    • Nightlase

      NightLase is a leading-edge laser procedure for the treatment of snoring. It is non-invasive, simple and an effective way of reducing snoring. Laser energy is used to heat the tissues of the airway causing a tightening effect which helps to keep your airway open. NightLase is performed with approximately three short treatments spaced every two weeks. Each treatment lasts 10-15 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The procedure is comfortable and you can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards. Results are often seen after the first session!

    • Fotona4D

      Fotona4D is a series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity, enabling full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization without injectables. With 4 laser treatment modes, anti-aging is comprehensively approached from 4 different levels, working on deeper, medial, and superficial connective structures of the skin, as well as imperfections. The Fotona4D treatment strengthens collagen and immediately lifts by collagen contraction. New Collagen production is also stimulated, resulting in tightness and increased elasticity of your skin. The synergistic laser treatments treat both the exterior of the face as well as the interior oral cavity to produce results from both inside and out. The procedure provides both immediate and ongoing results. The Fotona 4D Treatment lifts, tightens, plumps, improves skin texture, and provides wrinkle reduction on the skin with the use of 4 unique laser modes: SMOOTHLiftin, FRAC3, PIANO and Superficial.

    • REVLITE Pigment Laser

      REVLITE - The First US-FDA Approved Pigment Laser is proven effective on Tattoo Removal, Dermal & Epidermal Pigmented lesions most especially Melasma. Treatments: Pigmentation (Melasma, PIH, Birthmarks, Horis Nevus, Freckles, Age/Sun Spots, Dark Scars). Skin Revitalization. Surgical Scars. Tattoo Removal. UV/Photo Damaged Skin. Mild Acne Scars & Wrinkles. Minimize Pore Size. Fine Vellus Hair Removal. Keratosis Pilaris.

    • Pontiac SOPRANO Diode Laser Painless Hair Removal

      Pain-Free Hair-Free! A state-of-the-art unique technology developed by Alma Laser's, The Pontiac Soprano 810nm diode specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, painlessly and with fewer visits than ever before. It gently heats targeted hair follicles with gentle pulses of LASER energy. Virtually pain-free with no medication or other pre-treatments required. You can return to normal activities immediately. Effective for all skin types, including tanned skin, as well as different hair type. More complete in coverage than other hair removal options.


      Upper Lip


      Under Arm

      Bikini Line



      Full/Half Legs

      Upper/Lower Arms




    • HARMONY Anti-Ageing AFT Pulsed Light

      Facial skin imperfections such as brown spots, broken capillaries, erythema of rosacea, dyschromia and other fallout from photo-aging are easy targets for Alma Lasers Harmony SSR systems that use broadband light to repair defects through a process called Photo Rejuvenation. Facial wrinkles can now be treated non-abrasively contributing to a more youthful appearance.

    • HARMONY Painless Acne Clearance AFT Pulsed Light

      Acne is a common condition characterized by obstructed sebaceous glands, pimples and some times deeper cysts or nodules that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. Even less severe cases can lead to scarring, if not properly treated. Within eight brief acne laser treatments, over just four weeks, Alma Laser's Harmony AFT can provide significant improvement. Technology in use. Clear inflammatory acne lesions without drugs or undesirable side effects using the Alma Laser's Harmony AFT Acne handpiece. Intense blue wavelengths in the range of 420-950 nm target the porphyrins produced as part of the normal metabolism of P. acnes bacteria. The interaction of the intense blue light and the porphyrins creates singlet oxygen that rapidly destroys the bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.

  • Dental Services

    • Root Canal Treatment

    • Porcelain Crowns

      Indicated for widespread tooth decay that cannot be restored aesthetically by composite fillings. For discoloured teeth that have undergone root canal treatments. Eroded teeth due to bruxism and attrition.

    • TMJ Therapy

    • Pediatric Dentistry

    • Prosthodontics

      Prosthodontics replaces lost teeth using artificial crowns

    • Porcelain Dental Bridges

      Replaces missing tooth or teeth using existing sound adjacent teeth. For patients who do not want to undergo dental implants.

    • Restorations

      Removal of decayed teeth and fillings with composite materials. Protects teeth against decay using sealants.

    • Veneers / Laminates

      Porcelain coatings to restore teeth. Malformations. Severe Discolorations. Fluorosis. For Tooth Elongation.

    • Teeth Whitening

      Restores teeth?s natural pearly white appearance. Stain removal due to nicotine. Intrinsic discolouration due to medications (tetracycline).

    • Periodontal Treatment

    • Oral Surgery

      For simple and complicated extractions - Odontectomy.

    • Dental Implants

      Permanent missing teeth replacements. Device using titanium screws embedded on jaw bone. Crowns made up of high quality porcelain simulating natural teeth appearance. Biocompatible.

    • Invisalign

      Invisalign is a virtually invisible solution, so you can smile confidently both during treatment and after. Using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth toward the smile you've always wanted. And, almost no one will know you're wearing them unless you tell them. Teeth alignment without brackets, wires and tubes. Uses patented smart track aligners. Virtually invisible. No diet restrictions. Easy hygiene maintenance.

    • Pain-Free Oral Prophylaxis

  • Slimming & Contouring

    • FIRMAGE Face Contour

      Firmage uses the patented Unipolar Radio Frequency Technology(RF) for face. This unique system of heating both the superficial and deeper layers of tissue stimulates collagen production, improving circulation and laxity of the skin. It focuses on the smaller area that you want to tighten and contour. Clinically proven to gently lift the skin, to smooth out wrinkles and renew facial contours. No downtime. See visible results immediately.

    • ULTRACONTOUR Ultrasound Fat Destruction

      UltraContour uses Alma Laser's Accent Ultra Module. The Ultra module targets fat reduction and body contouring based on Alma Laser's unique selective ultrasound technology. The treatment safely and effectively reduces localized fat deposits and body circumference as well as improving body contours. Non-surgical Lipolysis treatment. Target & remove fat cells non-invasively using selective ultrasound. First real alternative to surgical procedure such as liposuction.

    • ULTRAFORME Unipolar Body RF

      UltraForme uses Alma Laser's High-Energy Unipolar Radio Frequency RF Technology. Deep heat reaches subcutaneous tissue to contract connective tissue. Contraction of collagen fibers improves firmness and laxity. Improved blood and lymphatic circulation. Improves skin's external architecture leaving a smoother appearance. Shrink and Dehydrate Fat cells. Flatten stomach, slim hips and thigh. Improve blood circulation in the treated area. Smoothen and contour loose & wrinkled skin. Reduce stubborn cellulite.

  • Other Treatments

    • Fotona 4D Laser Non Surgical Facelift

    • Fotona Nightlase Laser Snore Reduction

    • Revlite Face Laser Toning

    • Revlite Underarm Whitening

    • Laser Hair Removal

    • Warts Removal

    • Body Accent Laser Slimming

    • EyeFX

    • FracSmooth