Sky Ranch Baguio

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  • Family Rides

    • Baguio Eye

      Toddlers 12 months and below are free of charge.


    • Carousel

      Children 3 feet and below are free of charge and must be accompanied by a paying, responsible adult. Spin around, up and down aboard an ornate carousel horse through stunning backdrop and happy music. This classic attraction is totally our first love!


    • Sky Cruiser

      Height requirement: 4 1/2 feet and above. You can actually do a little bit of exercise with a twist at the park with our Sky Cruiser ride. Pedal your way around a track set between pine trees and get to take awesome selfie shots


    • Flying Bus

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet and above. The Flying Bus promises thrills and excitement as it gives your stomach teasing rounds as it goes up and down in a circular motion. Hold on tight because this ride brings you waves of adrenaline rush!


    • Funny Swing

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet and above. Hop on this large swing ride that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This ride provides exciting acceleration and air time at the top of each stomach tickling swing


    • Top Dancer

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet and above. The Top Dancer brings you up, down and around with surprising speed! This colorful and tummy tickling ride is perfect for families seeking for some adrenaline rush


    • Lolly Swing

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet and above. Experience the colorful and vibrant candy land on a swinging seat ride that glides you high above the ground letting you soar through the cool air. The Lolly Swing is great for kids and kids at heart who love a good spin


  • Kiddie Rides

    • Red Baron

      Height requirement: 3 feet and above. Check your wings and give your propeller a test spin as you prepare to soar through the blue skies and pilot the whole fleet. Juts like any plane, better be 100% ready as Red Baron also dives and rises


  • Thrill Rides

    • Super Viking

      Height requirement: 4.5 feet and above. Feel the wind beneath your sails in one of Sky Ranch Baguio's all-time favorite rides! While most ships sail, Super Viking flies up to 90 degrees making all thrill seekers feel weightless. There's definitely no other seafaring journey that can ever compare to the lurch and lean of this super voyage. This ride has an open seated gondola which swings up to 90 degrees, back and forth in three (3) minutes. It can accommodate 32 persons with 5 persons per row


    • Drop Tower

      Height requirement: 4.5 feet and above.Experience the thrilling power of gravity through the Drop Tower. This breathtaking ride will lift you as high as 17 meters giving you spectacular viewpoints of Baguio City and the park. But watch out because this aerial excursion will surprise you with a series of free fall drops before you think of falling. Twelve riders are seated all around the column