Sky Ranch San Fernando

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  • Family Rides

    • Pampanga Eye

      Toddlers 1-3 years old are free of charge. Dubbed as the tallest and biggest Ferris wheel in the country. Pampanga Eye will literally take you to great heights. Up there, you'll be able to see the whole park and Mount Arayat. It also lights up at night that you can't miss the illumination along the skyline


    • Double Decker Carousel

      Children 3 to 3.5 feet must be accompanied by a paying, responsible adult. Come one, come all! This Carousel is an attraction for all generation. Step aboard and pick your favorite horse to go up, down, around the park, and back again. And as you go around, you'll surely take in the ornate scroll work and artistry that complete its overall design


    • Sky Cycle

      Children 3 to 4 feet must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If there's a better way to do your exercise, it's when you get to enjoy scenic views at the same time. Sky Cycle makes you pedal your way through the track while you take in the view of the park and Mount Arayat


    • Gear Shifter

      Height Requirement: Driver: 4 feet and above, Passenger: 3 to 4 feet. How far can you turn the steering wheel? Now fasten your seatbelt, start your engines, and go bump the other Gear Shifter cars. Make sure to stay alert because a bump really comes in a surprise


    • Field Runner

      Childrenn 3 to 4 feet must be accompanied by a responsible adult. While there's a bigger coaster, Field Runner is definitely no less exciting. Its sudden drops and banked turns will also fill the air with your screams and giggles


    • Indianapolis

      Height requirement: Driver: 4.5 feet and above, Passenger: 3.5 feet to 4 feet. Got that pro driver skills? Show that off on the Indianapolis ride that travels around a track with several sweeping turns until you make a full stop


    • Express Train

      Children 3 to 3.5 feet must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Choo choo, all aboard! Hop on board the Express Train because you definitely don't want to miss the tour around the park. It's also your choice whether to ride it before or after taking the rides


    • Bumper Boat

      Height requirement: 4 feet and above. Bumper Boat guarantees you this: You will get bumped, you will get soaked, and you will totally love it. The fun never stops once you're detached from the dock and already out into the waters


    • Kangaroo Jump

      Children 3 to 3.5 feet must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Hop like a kangaroo, jump like a kangaroo. You'll feel these and more when you ride the Kangaroo Jump


    • Dragon Parade

      Children 3 to 3.5 feet must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Dragon Parade promises a gentle ride and lots of fun for both kids and kids at heart. Our friendly dinosaurs take rides on a fun adventure as they go around. Come say hello to your new prehistoric friends!


    • Tea Cup

      Height requirement: 4 feet and above. This ride is everyone's cup of tea. Sit back, enjoy the ride or you can spin the cup at your own pace for a wild and fun-filled experience


    • Wonder Flight

      Children 3 to 3.5 feet must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Wonder Flight ride promises one thing - it's just about as close as you can get to the wonderful feeling for flying in a hot air balloon. Come join us in a colorful chase across the sky


  • Kiddie Rides

    • Safari Train

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet. Safari Train is chugging along a track full of little guests. Riders will surely make friends along the way


    • Convoy Tour

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet. First, choose a 4x4 vehicle, buckle up the seatbelt, kick start the engine, and our little guests are ready to go for an exciting driving adventure. Convoy Tour moves at a low speed to make sure that kids enjoy their first off-road driving experience


    • Canoe River

      Age requirement: 3-10 years old. Kids get to row their boat gently down the stream of the Canoe River. The experience is definitely a favorite of children


    • Pedal Boat

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet. Kids could go left, go right, or wherever they choose as they pedal their boat around the water in a rectangular sized inflatable pond


    • Cartoon Mill

      Height requirement: 3.5 feet. Cartoon Mill is a classic up-and-down ride, fun for little ones. This ride takes kids on a fun adventure as they travel on a bee or bear around a mill


    • Pop-ups

      Height requirement: 4 feet and above. Let the kids get off the beaten path as the off-roading in the spinning Pop-ups cars. Our little drivers will surely love the experience as they go around and around, and imagine driving up and down


  • Thrill Rides

    • Super Viking

      Height requirement: 4.5 feet and above. Super Viking is a giant swinging boat ride perfect for thrill seekers. What makes it really exciting? It swings you really high, up to 90 degrees!


    • Drop Tower

      Height requirement: 4.5 feet and above. Always up for surprising drops and free fall? You're a total thrill seeker and the Drop Tower ride is just perfect for you


    • Loop Roller Coaster

      Height requirement: 4.5 feet and above. Be ready to go over the loop and feel the rush! Loop Roller Coaster moves really fast with sudden twists and turns until you reach the 360-degree inverted loop that will make you scream so loud


    • Log Flume Ride

      Height requirement: 4 feet and above. Get ready for a splashing fun time on the Log Flume Ride. Guests experience a wet ride full of splashes through a water trough and down one big plunge


    • Space Shuttle

      Height requirement: 4 feet and above. Calling all the thrill seekers! We're gonna rocket through space on the Space Shuttle ride. Scream loud because this ride will take you to a thrilling swiveling movement