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Find your glow with Stella Gluta Drip! Look and feel your absolute best with their patented roster of glutathione drips that are sure to do wonders for your skin and wellness along with beauty experts committed to giving you the pampering you deserve.


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  • Services Offered

    • Celestine's Glow

      Single dose Glutathione


      5 Sessions 2300.00

      10 Sessions 4500.00

      Per session 488.00

    • Scarlett's Premium Gluta Push

      High dose Glutathione plus Booster


      5 Sessions 4200.00

      10 Sessions 8500.00

      Per session 888.00

    • Cinderella Drip

      Whitens, detoxifies and cleanses your body


      5 Sessions 4800.00

      10 Sessions 9000.00

      Per session 988.00

    • Fairy White Drip

      High dose beauty drip that makes the skin luminous white


      5 Sessions 6300.00

      10 Sessions 11000.00

      Per session 1299.00

    • Stella's Finest Gluta Drip

      Ultimate combination of concentrated Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, Thiotic Acid, Cyanocobalamin, CoQ10, EGF, Collagen, Kojic Acid and Multivitamins for a pinkish and glowing skin


      5 Sessions 12000.00

      10 Sessions 23000.00

      Per session 2500.00

    • Slimming Radiant Drip

      Proven and effective to help you increase metabolism, burn fat and lose weight


      5 Sessions 5500.00

      10 Sessions 11000.00

      Per session 1200.00

    • Eternal Youth Drip

      Provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy. It also reduces cellulites and improves digestive health


      5 Sessions 5500.00

      10 Sessions 11000.00

      Per session 1200.00

    • Athletic Drip

      Has antioxidant that reduces the risk of chronic diseases. It also boosts immunity by helping white blood cells function better


      5 Sessions 7000.00

      10 Sessions 13000.00

      Per session 1500.00