Surya Fitness and Yoga Paseo de Roxas

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Discover a better you at Surya Fitness & Yoga. Bask in natural light and tranquil ambiance as Surya's highly qualified teachers guides you on a physical and spiritual journey.


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  • Rates

    • Drop-In Pass

      Trying us out for the first time? This pass entitles you to one class.


    • Beginner's Pass

      5 classes within 14 days for yogis visiting Surya for the first time.


    • 10-Class Pass

      This package covers 10 classes over the course of 2 months.


    • 20-Class Pass

      This pass entitles you to 20 classes, valid for 3 months.


    • 1-Week Unlimited

      Practice as many times as you want for 7 consecutive days!


    • 1-Month Unlimited

      For dedicated yogis who practice 3 or more times per week.


    • 3-Month Unlimited

      Get unlimited practice for 3 consecutive months.


    • 6-Month Unlimited

      For the most dedicated of yogis looking to build a stable practice.


    • 1-Month Morning Unlimited

      For early birds who attend only the morning classes!


    • 3-Month Morning Unlimited

      Unlimited access to all classes before noon, including weekends.


    • 6-Month Morning Unlimited

      This special pass is for weekday and weekend morning classes only.


  • For Companies

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Corporate Rates

      We offer big discounts for corporate wellness partners!

  • Classes

    • Basic Yoga

      This class focuses on building strength and firm foundations, as well as proper alignment. Basic Yoga aims to safely improve flexibility, body awareness, and mindfulness through deliberate and mindful movement. This class is perfect for beginners.

    • Hatha Yoga

      Hatha Yoga is a slow-paced stretching class with seated meditation and simple breathing exercises. This class aims to achieve balance between body and mind, and is a good avenue to learn basic yoga poses and relaxation techniques. This class is perfect for beginners.

    • Vinyasa Yoga

      A flowing sequence of stretching, strengthening, and energizing poses that link movement with breath. The emphasis is on continuous movement, balance, intention, and cultivating an inner calm throughout the practice. All levels of practice are welcome.

    • Power Flow

      Power Flow is similar to a vinyasa class but is designed to be more of a physical workout with its powerful sequence. It is a fitness based practice that includes the same benefits of building internal heat, strength, stamina, flexibility at the same time reducing stress.

    • Stretch & Sculpt Pilates

      Here, you'll learn to activate the right muscles that not only build a strong and well-defined core (hello, abs!) but also efficiently control movements throughout the workout. Resistance bands and regular socks (non-grip) are used in this class. Routines vary each session.

    • HIIT Pilates

      This musically-powered HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Pilates class alternates between bursts of cardio-strength circuits and stable movements. It combines bodyweight training, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Routines vary each session.

    • Core Flow

      The goal of Core Flow is activating and stabilizing the deep core muscles while improving posture, flexibility, balance and overall body strength through the combination of the asana practice of yoga and the Pilates philosophy of muscle control.

    • Beginners Ashtanga

      Ashtanga is a specific sequence of poses linking breath and movement. It is an athletic and healing practice combining strength, flexibility, and stamina and may involve hands-on adjustments and guidance from the teacher. It is open to all levels of practitioners.