Teriyaki BoySM General Santos

G/F SM General Santos, General Santos, South Cotabato


Open M-Su: 10AM-9PM

Teriyaki Boy, owned by the Max’s Group, is a casual dining Japanese restaurant. They serve dishes like gyoza, beef donburi, yakisoba and sushi rolls.

Teriyaki Boy Menu

  • Appetizers and Salad

    • Gyoza

      Also known as potstickers. Japanese pork dumplings, steamed and seared until crisp, served with a tangy soy-based dipping sauce.


      5pcs 155.00

      10pcs 280.00

      15pcs 399.00

    • Miso Soup

      A classic Japanese soup of fermented soy beans, served with wakame seaweed and diced silken tofu


    • Aji Tamago

      Flavorful soft boiled eggs with custard like egg yolk


    • Tofu Steak

      Breaded tofu topped with a sweet and savory sauce, finished with stir-fried pork, onions, chives and shiitake steak sauce


    • Basic Salad

      Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, and mango slices in roasted sesame dressing


    • Edamame

      Crunchy green soy beans


    • Kani Salad

      Japanese crabstick with mayonnaise resting on top of a cucumber slaw, topped with fresh shrimp roe or Japanese caviar.


  • Rolls

    • California Roll

      Crabstick salad with fresh mango, coated with fresh mango shrimp roe.


      4pcs 80.00

      8pcs 150.00

    • Philly Cheese Steak Roll

      An American classic with a Japanese twist. Teppanyaki beef with deep fried sweet onions topped with flame-torched cheese served with our own rolls dip.


      4pcs 95.00

      8pcs 185.00

    • Crunchy Kani Roll

      Kani with fresh mango rolled with crunchy kani strips on top


      4pcs 80.00

      8pcs 155.00

    • Dynamite Roll

      A spicy roll complimented by mild taste from fresh tuna, chili oil and togarashi with a blend of slightly sour - creamy Japanese mayonnaise flavor.


      4pcs 95.00

      8pcs 185.00

    • Sushi Platter

      Combination of two sushi variants from choices of California Roll. Philly Cheese Steak Roll, Crunchy Kani Roll, and Dynamite Roll.


  • Sushi and Sashimi

    • Tamago Sashimi

      Japanese sweet omelette, served with fresh daikon and wasabi


    • Shake Sashimi

      Fresh Norwegian salmon, served with fresh daikon, pickled ginger and wasabi.


    • Tamago Sushi

      Japanese sweet omelette on top of vinegared rice, served with wasabi.


    • Shake Sushi

      Fresh Norwegian salmon on top of vinegared rice, served with wasabi.


    • Maguro Sashimi

      Fresh yellowfin tuna, served with fresh daikon, pickled ginger and wasabi.


    • Maguro Sushi

      Fresh yellowfin tuna on top of vinegared rice, served with wasabi.


    • Tempura Tuna Tartare

      A spicy mix of tuna sashimi, Japanese mayo, and tempura flakes. A best seller in its own right


  • Agemono

    • Tonkatsu

      Fillet of high quality tender pork, breaded and deep fried until golden brown. Served with cabbage salad and a drizzle of sesame dressing


    • Tori Karaage

      Japanese style boneless chicken, deep fried to perfection.


    • Ebi Tempura

      Fresh prawns, battered and deep-fried until crispy. Served with special tempura sauce.


      3pcs 195.00

      5pcs 295.00

      Add On

      4pcs Rolls starting at 80.00

  • Rice

    • Gohan

      Steamed Japanese rice


    • Wafu Fried Rice

      Japanese fried rice with slivers of Wafu steak blended with a secret sauce.


    • Yakimeshi

      Japanese fried rice with vegetables and ground pork


    • Tori Brown Rice Nabe

      Share with a friend or two this special brown rice dish cooked in a soy-based sauce with boneless chicken, shiitake mushrooms, young corn, leeks, sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce.


  • Teriyaki

    • Teriyaki Boy Chicken


    • Tuna Teriyaki


    • Beef Strips Teriyaki

      Grilled meat or fish marinated and cooked with our very own teriyaki sauce


      Add On

      4pcs Rolls starting at 80.00

  • Bento and Donburi

    • Beef Strips Teriyaki Bento


    • Tuna Teriyaki Donburi


    • Teriyaki Boy Chicken Donburi


    • Tuna Teriyaki Bento


    • Teriyaki Boy Chicken Bento


    • Beef Strips Teriyaki Donburi


      Add On

      Upgrade your Gohan to Yakimeshi 26.00

      Single Serve Iced Tea 25.00

      Aji Tamago or Miso Soup 30.00

  • Ramen and Noodles

    • Chashu Ramen Shoyu

      Ramen noodles served with chashu slices, aji tamago, fish cake and wakame in shoyu soup base.


    • Gyuniku Ramen

      Stir fried beef slices topped with egg yolk, spring onions, black and white sesame seeds on sesame oil-drizzled ramen noodles in shoyu soup base.


    • Yakisoba

      Stir fried Japanese noodles mixed with pork strip, fish cake, shiitake mushrooms and mixed vegetables topped with crunchy tempura and nori flakes.


    • Miso Ramen

      A combination of ground pork, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onion leeks and ramen noodles simmered in miso soup base


    • Sukiyaki

      Traditional Japanese stew of sliced beef, silken tofu, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, glass noodles and raw egg


      Add On

      Extra Chashu 70.00

      Extra Aji Tamago for 30.00

  • Ju

    • Katsu Ju

      Breaded pork cutlet, deep-fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce, onions and leeks, with beaten egg, topped on a bed of steamed Japanese rice.


    • Ebi Katsu Ju

      Breaded shrimps deep-fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce, onions, and shiitake mushroom strips with beaten egg topped on a bed of steamed Japanese rice


    • Beef Belly Teppanyaki Ju

      Beef bacon slices stir-fried with teppanyaki sauce and onion slices on a bed of steamed Japanese rice


      Add On

      Upgrade your Gohan to Yakimeshi 26.00

      Single Serve Iced Tea 25.00

      Aji Tamago or Miso Soup 30.00

  • Teppanyaki

    • Beef Belly Teppanyaki

      Beef bacon slices stir-fried with teppanyaki and onion slices


    • Wafu Steak

      Premium diced-cut beef, perfectly served and stir fried with garlic and teppanyaki sauce, served with a siding of savory sesame moyashi


    • Yasai Itame

      Vegetable dish of beansprouts, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, onions, and itame sauce


    • Asupara Bacon Maki

      A modern Japanese dish of fresh asparagus spears wrapped in honey-glazed bacon strips seared to perfection


    • Seafood Teppanyaki

      Fresh prawns, yellowfin tuna, and squid, stir-fried with bell peppers, onions, shiitake and teppanyaki sauce


  • Dessert

    • Green Tea Jelly with Red Beans

      Green tea gelatin with whipped cream and red beans


    • Mango Bavarian

      Jelly with bits of sweet mango topped with whipped cream


    • Mango Tempura with Vanilla Ice Cream

      Slices of yellow mango dipped in tempura batter, deep-fried with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.


    • Teriyaki Boy Cotton Cheesecake

      Soft, light and fluffy mini round cheesecake


  • Drinks

    • Mango Fruit Shake


    • Green Tea Milk Shake


    • Bottomless Iced Tea


    • Soda in Can

      Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite


    • Bottled Water


    • San Miguel Pale*


    • San Miguel Light*


    • Asahi*


    • Kirin*

      *Available in selected outlets only


Teriyaki Boy Branches

2 for ₱99

SM East Ortigas

2/F SM City East Ortigas, Ortigas Ave Ext Sta. Lucia, Pasig

2 for ₱99

SM Mall of Asia

G/F SM Mall of Asia, South Wing Pasay

2 for ₱99

Robinsons Place Manila

3/F Robinsons Place Manila, M Adriatico St Ermita, Manila

2 for ₱99

SM Bicutan

2/F Building A, SM Bicutan Don Bosco, Parañaque

2 for ₱99

Robinsons Galleria Ortigas

4/F Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor Ortigas Ugong Norte, Quezon City

2 for ₱99

Gateway Mall

3/F Gateway Mall, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City

SM Trece Martires

LG/F SM Trece Martires, Governor's Dr cor Capitol Rd Trece Martires, Cavite

SM Iloilo

SM Iloilo, Benigno Aquino Ave Mandurriao, Iloilo

2 for ₱99

Ayala Center Cebu

2/F Ayala Center Cebu, Lagoon Dev., Cebu Business Park Cebu

2 for ₱99

Tomas Morato

2/F Tomas Morato Plaza, Tomas Morato Ave Sacred Heart, Quezon City

2 for ₱99

Festival Supermall

3/F Festival Supermall, Filinvest Corporate City, Commerce Ave Alabang, Muntinlupa

2 for ₱99

SM Megamall

4/F SM Megamall, Ortigas Mandaluyong

2 for ₱99

Baguio City

2/F SM City Baguio, Luneta Hill Drive Baguio City

2 for ₱99

Burgos Circle

Burgos Eats, Rizal Drive cor 29th St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

2 for ₱99

Cash and Carry

G/F Cash & Carry Mall Palanan, Makati

2 for ₱99

Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

Calle Bistro, Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, Commonwealth Ave Batasan Hills, Quezon City

2 for ₱99

Harbour Square

G/F Harbour Square, CCP Complex Malate, Manila

Robinsons Place Antique

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Robinsons Place Pavia

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2 for ₱99

Shell SLEX

Shell Slex Northbound, Mamplasan Exit Mamplasan, Laguna

2 for ₱99

SM Bacoor

3/F SM Bacoor, Aguinaldo Hiway cor Tirona Hiway Bacoor, Cavite

2 for ₱99

SM Cagayan de Oro

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2 for ₱99

SM Lipa

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