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    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Hilot

      The ancient Filipino healing method practiced for thousands of years. The therapist detects areas of energy imbalance and soreness in your body using banana leaves and warm virgin coconut oil. Highly recommended for individuals with upper back aches due to stress and anxiety. 1.5 hours.

    • Bentosa

      An ancient treatment that “cups” or suctions cool spots in the body that suffers from chronic pain. It is commonly used to stimulate circulation and balance blood flow. This traditional treatment also stimulates the nervous system, dissipates cold, and alleviates wind, while removing toxins and restoring the body to a balanced state.


      1.5 Hours

      2 Hours

    • Herbal Symphony

      A blend of traditional healing herbs wrapped in a heated linen pouch is gently pressed to the body to soothe stressed muscles. The relaxing scent balances body rhythms to revitalize mind and body. 2 hours.

    • Hot Stone Massage

      Calm your senses as the smooth, heated stones deeply relax and warm tight muscles while tension is slowly eased away under a caring touch, you will be guided into serenity for a total peace of mind. 2 hours.

    • Dagdagay Foot Reflexology

      The Philippine’s version of foot reflexology, which makes use of deep pressure and precise strokes using a wooden stick. 1 hour.


    • Amare Signature Massage

      Combining deep rhythmical strokes of Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology to harmonize and balance the flow of energy from within releasing tension and restoring serenity. This treatment is an effective technique for improving sleep quality.


      1 Hour


    • Swedish Massage

      This traditional massage incorporates regulated pressure to release knots and tensions in the body. Stimulating effleurage and long, strong movements that effectively promotes relaxation. 1 hour.

    • Shiatsu Massage

      Pressure is applied to different spots on the body to unblock and balance the flow of energy to internal organs. It stimulates and strengthens the body’s immune system. 1 hour.

    • Combination of Swedish and Shiatsu

      1 hour

    • Hand and Foot Reflexology

      Pressure is applied in the hands and feet that directly correspond to every part of the body. As tension is released at the reflex point, the corresponding organ, gland or body part is stimulated towards a more healthful functioning. 1 hour.

    • Back Massage

      A shoulder, neck and back massage, perfect for relieving of stress and upper body fatigue. 1 hour.

    • Pregnancy Massage

      Relieve tension and stress most commonly experience during pregnancy. This treatment gives a profound relaxing effect, lowers stress and eases tension, making pregnancy much easier and relaxed for the expecting mother. 1 hour.

    • Express Massage

      30 minutes


    • The Amare Foot Spa with Cardamom Wrap

      Relaxes sore, aching feet leaving it moisturized, smooth and invigorated. 1.5 hours.

    • Salt Scrubs

      Stimulates the skin, muscles and nerves, cleanses the pores and improves the texture of dull, bumpy and tired skin. 1 hour.


      Calming Lavender Scrub

      Nourishing Olive Scrub

      Soothing Ginger Scrub


    • Waxing

      If you find shaving a chore, then wax treatments are for you! Effective for up to six weeks, hard wax removes unwanted hair quickly and safely leaving you with a fresh, baby-soft, smooth feeling.




      Brazilian (All Off)

      Half Leg

      Full Leg


    • Nostalgia

      Combining the healing techniques of Bentosa and Hilot Massage to effectively relieve stiffness, aches and pains of tired muscles. 2.5 hours.

    • Luscious Chocolate Scrub

      A delicious recipe for well-being which includes: Chocolate scrub that reduces the appearance of cellulite, hydrates and infuses antioxidants and vitamins in the skin. Signature Massage. 2.5 hours.

    • Rose Petal Wrap

      Cocoon your body in this enticingly beautiful treatment which includes: Rose petal and red rice wrap which can tone, lighten, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. 2.5 hours.


      Facial Massage

      Soothing Aromatherapy Massage

    • Filipino Wellness

      This local treatment experience includes: Fresh coconut scrub which stimulates skin microcirculation, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Hilot Massage. 2.5 hours.

    • Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

      Revitalize your senses with this aromatic spa pleasure, this treatment includes: Coffee scrub which removes dry skin cells and ensures silky smooth skin. Combination of Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. Head and Scalp Massage. 2.5 hours.

  • Others

    • Nail Care

      Well-groomed nails show off your health down to your fingertips, filing & shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, relaxing hand and foot massage & choice of polish or buffing to a natural shine


      Manicure and Pedicure

      Manicure only

      Pedicure only