The Secret Lounge PH Fort Bonifacio

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Temporary Operating Hours

M-Su: 10AM-5PM

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No mask, No entry. Appointments must be booked ahead of time. Limited services available.

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The Secret Lounge is a beauty haven that specializes in nail, foot, and eyelash services. Unlike most beauty spots, The Secret Lounge is committed to being a sustainable and environment-friendly salon through the use of safe and high quality nail and lash products.


  • Nail & Foot Services

    • Natural Polish

      Our gel-like effect long-wearing polish infused with Vitamin E, Keratin & Jojoba oil. Best natural polish you can wear


      Manicure 649.00

      Pedicure 799.00

      Manicure + Pedicure 1,400.00

    • Gel Polish

      Our patented formula of gel polish assures long lasting wear and high-gloss shine that resists fading and color changes over time


      Manicure 849.00

      Pedicure 899.00

      Manicure + Pedicure 1,700.00

    • Nail Extension

      Add length to your regular nails. This is perfect if you're wanting for a damage free long false nails. (Package with Cleaning + Free Refill after 1-2 weeks)


      Regular Tip Ext (Dip Powder 4,099.00)

      Acrylic Gel (Gel) 4,699.00

      Acrylic Gel (Dip Powder) 4,999.00

    • Dip Powder Polish

      Get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails with our dip powder. Formulated w/o harsh chemicals & w/ added vitamins & calcium to strengthen natural nails


      Manicure (Regular) 1,299.00

      Manicure (French Tip) 1,499.00

      Manicure (Mixed Bold Colors) 1,700.00

    • Pampering

      Indulge with our luxurious signature foot pampering that leaves you a relaxing feel. Experience the pure ocean inspired bliss


      Signature Foot Spa 899.00

      Foot Massage (15min) 249.00

      Head Massage (15min) 299.00

    • Manpering Package

      Pampering knows no boundaries. The urban male grooming rituals is here! Basic Cleaning (Mani+Pedi), Signature Foot Spa, Head + Hand + Foot Massage


    • Basic Nail Care


      Mani 499.00

      Pedi 549.00

    • Nail Polish Removal


      Gel 269.00

      DP 349.00

      Acrylic (per nail) 60.00

    • Nail Ext


      Repair (per nail) 199.00

      Repair w/ Ext (per nail) 299.00

      Ext Refill 900.00

    • Nail Art / Accent


      Stick-on (per pc) 15.00

      Stones/Gems (per pc) 15.00 - 499.00

    • Add-On Polish


      Regular Polish 150.00

      Gel Polish 350.00

      Dip Powder 800.00

    • We serve 1 complimentary drink of your choice: Coffee, Juice, Tea or Wine

  • Eyelash Services

    • The Girl-Next-Door

      Play it simple! The perfect everyday look that's so natural they won't be able to tell. Natural Look/Max 80


      Mink 1,599.00

    • The Up-Town Girl

      Confuse your peeps and be part of the society and flaunt with these irresistible lashes! Sultry Look/Max 120


      Mink 2,399.00

    • The Girl Boss

      No time for make-up? Fret not! Wake up to alluring eyes and get ready to hustle. Glam Look/Max 100


      Mink 1,999.00

    • The Go / Jet-Setter

      Live your life to the FULLest. Show your peeps with our gorgeous lashes. Dramatic Look - Mink/Sable


      The Secret / Mink 3,199.00

    • Lash Lift

      Got long natural lashes? Just lash it!


    • Touch-up



      Mink 849.00

      The Secret / D Series (Full) 1,699.00

    • Brow Threading


    • Lash Ext. Removal


    • We serve 1 complimentary drink of your choice: Coffee, Juice, Tea or Wine

  • Wonder what curl to get?

    • Mink

      Thinner, softer than silk. Best for 100% natural look, fuller and fluffy eyelashes. (Thickness 0.15mm)

    • The Secret

      Softest and thinnest/recommended for those who have thin natural lashes. Made from natural lashes. (Thickness 0.10mm-0.15mm)

    • J Curl

      Use if the natural lash is straight and pointing downward

    • O Curl

      Use if the natural lash is straight, slightly more curl than J

    • C Curl

      Use if the natural lash has slight curl to give a wide-eyed look

    • D Curl

      Use if client has downturned eyes or wants a dramatic curl