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The Smile Bar will definitely have you flashing your pearly whites in no time! Utilizing teeth whitening technology from Sweden, The Smile Bar promises a safe, fast, painless, and affordable way to get the perfect teeth you've always dreamed of.


  • Whitening Services

    • Single Whitening

      (1 x 20mins) Top-up your existing white smile. A 20-minute direct whitening session. Total time of 30 minutes for the entire procedure


    • Double Whitening

      (2 x 20mins) Get several shades whiter. Two 20-minute direct whitening sessions. Total of 60 minutes for the entire procedure


    • Triple Whitening

      (3 x 20mins) Get substantially whiter teeth. Three 20-minute direct whitening sessions. Total time of 90 minutes for the entire procedure


    • Yearly Whitening

      (12 x 20mins) The best deal for bright teeth all year round. 12 Flexible sessions of 20-minute direct whitening. Spread out your treatment throughout a whole year according to your needs


    • Nano Seal Total

      Skip the waiting and jump right back to your lifestyle. The NanoSeal Total+ remineralizes and seals the enamel instantly, so you can eat or drink whatever you want after treatment without waiting for the recommended 72-hour absorption window