Top Meal Food HausPoblacion

5994 J. D. Villena cor Mabini St, Poblacion, Makati


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Open M-Su: 11AM-11PM

Top Meal Food Haus Menu

  • Specials

    • Chicken ala Mado

      Chicken cooked in coconut cream with lemon grass

    • Bikol Dinuguan

      Pork Liempo and Kasim cuts blood stew with coconut cream

    • Bikol Igado

      Pork and Pork Liver sauteed in soy sauce with onion and chillis

    • Chicken Pork Adobado

      Chicken Pork adobo with coconut cream

    • Pork Binagoongan

      Pork with crispy and spicy anchovies shrimp

    • Bikol Kandingga

      "Bopis" of Bikolanos

    • Adobo de Camalig

      Famous crispy Pork Adobo of Camaliguenos in Albay

    • Bikol Express

      Pork with anchovies shrimp cooked in coconut cream with chillis

    • Bikol Laing

      Taro leaves cooked in coconut cream with ginger and chillis

    • Inihaw na Liempo

      Grilled Pork Liempo

    • Lechon Kawali

      Fried crispy Pork Liempo

    • Bikol Beef Express

    • Crispy Hipon

    • Sizzling Tuna Sisig

    • Pansit

    • Kandingga


      Solo Order (w/out rice) Less than 90.00

  • Bulk Order

    • Small Tray


      9-10 pax 900.00

    • Medium


      18-20 pax 1800.00

    • Large


      25-30 pax 2500.00