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Tubby Chan

SeafoodMercado Del Lago, Taguig


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M-Su: 4PM-12MN
Mercado Del Lago, Mercado Del Lago, Lower Bicutan, Taguig


  • Create Your Own Seafood Bags

    • Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Seafood!


      Shrimp (M 280.00/L 530.00)

      Squid (M 200.00/L 380.00)

      Mussels (M 140.00/L 230.00)

      Fish (M 210.00/L 370.00)

    • Step 2: Pick from our Delicate Sauces!


      Garlic Oyster Sauce (Oyster sauce mix, cooked with garlic and butter!)

      Salted Egg (Savory sweet salted egg yolk goodness!)

      Sweet Chili (A perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness!)

      Garlic Butter Umami (What more can you ask for? Buttery, Savory, Umami goodness!)

      Singaporean Sling (Hot and delicious, cooked with Roast chilis, Tomatoes and Egg)

    • Serving: Comes with rice. Good for 2 persons (Medium) or 4 persons (Large)