Tus' Clay Pots and SkilletsAlabang

D1 WestGate Center, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa


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Open M-Th, Su: 11AM-10PM; F-Sa: 11AM-10:30PM

Tus' Clay Pots and Skillets Menu

  • Appetizers

    • Chicken & Cheese Flautas

      Blend of cheeses, chicken and herbs rolled in an authentic flour tortilla, fried and served with marinara sauce


    • Spinach Dip

      Seasoned spinach blended with cream topped with mozzarella cheese. Served with bread


    • Mozzarella Sticks

      Deep fried breaded mozzarella cheese sticks seasoned with garlic and herbs served with marinara sauce


    • Garlic Anchovy Quesadilla

      Anchovy, garlic and cheese filled tortilla pan fried in butter served with tomato salsa and jalapenos


    • Jalapeno Croquettes

      Deep fried croquettes filled with mashed potatoes and jalapenos to kick-start your meal served with cheddar cheese sauce


    • Bacon Croquettes

      Deep fried croquettes filled with mashed potatoes and bacon. Served with ranch dressing


    • Patatas Bravas

      Our homemade fries lathered with chipotle mayonnaise topped with cilantro and paprika


  • Soup and Salad

    • Mushroom Soup

      A combination of button and shiitake mushroom cooked in a hearty broth with thyme and cream. Served with a slice of lemon to give the soup a wonderful flavor


    • Tomato Cream Soup

      An old fashioned stewed tomatoes with basil and cream


    • Spinach & Broccoli Soup

      This creamy and good-for-you soup gets avor from spinach, broccoli, herbs and basil


    • Chicken Caesar Salad

      Fresh romaine lettuce, chicken and bacon tossed in our signature homemade garlic anchovy dressing. Perfect choice if you're looking for a hearty, healthy dish!


    • Potato Salad with Salmon

      Salad greens topped with fried potatoes folded into a creamy honey mustard dressing and salmon bits on top


    • Esquites

      A warm corn salad with jalapeno and herbs


    • Tuna Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

      A healthy colorful salad tossed in a special raspberry vinaigrette dressing topped with fried tortilla & chunks of tuna on top


  • Pot Pie

    • 4 Cheese and Bacon!

      Mozzarella, parmesan, swiss & cream cheese, alfredo sauce, bacon, homemade pizza dough


    • Spinaci

      Spinach, italian garlic sausage, sliced fresh garlic, anchovies, parmesan cheese, alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough


    • Margherita

      Freshly sliced tomatoes, marinara sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, sea salt, homemade pizza dough, olive oil


    • Chicken Ranch

      Pan seared chicken, alfredo sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough, drizzle of ranch dressing


    • Diavolo

      Pepperoni, chili olive oil, red onions, black olives, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough


    • Hometown Beef

      Stewed beef, red onions, green bell peppers, cilantro, mozzarella cheese, aioli dressing, homemade pizza dough, and lime wedge


    • House Sausage

      Homemade italian sausage, marinara sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough


  • Ribs

    • Full Slab Tender Rack of Ribs


    • Half Slab Tender Rack of Ribs

      Served with mojo verde and our specialty sauce


  • Skillet Steaks

    • Just Sea Salt-And-Pepper

      Rib-eye steak with sea salt & freshly cracked black pepper


    • Herbed Butter

      Rib-eye steak topped with our own special mix of fresh herbs and butter


    • Spicy Lemon Pesto

      Rib-eye steak topped with sauteed spicy garlic pesto, topped with chili and a slice of lemon


    • Simple Black and Blue

      Rib-eye steak topped with blue cheese and freshly cracked black pepper makes this steak a must try


    • Cheese and Onions

      Enjoy this rib-eye steak topped with sauteed onions and melted swiss cheese


  • Calzone

    • BLT

      Bacon, tomatoes, garlic cream sauce, lettuce, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough, served with homemade aioli


    • Meatballs

      Homemade meatballs, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough, served with marinara sauce


    • Triple Pepperoni

      Pepperoni, black olives, red onions, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, homemade pizza dough, served with chipotle mayonnaise


    • All Vegetable

      Spinach, bellpeppers, red onions, sliced tomatoes, black olives, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough, served with marinara sauce


  • Pasta

    • Pesto Pasta

      Ziti pasta tossed in a simple homemade basil pesto topped with pan seared chicken & parmesan for a beautiful fresh flavor


    • Spaghetti & Meatballs

      Homemade classic italian meatballs gently simmered in a marinara sauce, tossed in spaghetti pasta and topped with parmesan


    • Spinach Lasagna

      Vegetarian. Homemade spinach pasta packed with 3 kinds of cheese & spinach cooked in tomato sauce. Topped with your choice of Alfredo or Tomato sauce. Also available in beef flavor


    • Baked Ziti

      A combination of ziti pasta, cream cheese, mozzarella, marinara and our flavorful bechamel sauce baked to gooey cheesy perfection


    • Seafood Pasta in Cream

      Sauteed shrimp, clams, squid, green bell peppers and spaghetti pasta tossed in a rich and creamy sauce


    • Spaghetti with Coconut Spinach

      Spaghetti pasta tossed in garlic, spinach and coconut cream topped with peas and lemon


    • Fideua Negra

      Made with short strands of pasta cooked in a fresh seafood broth and squid ink topped with shrimp, clams, squid, homemade aioli and lemons


  • Mains

    • Pot Roast Beef

      Slow cooked beef belly served with red wine gravy, mixed vegetables and garlic rice


    • Savory Salisbury Steak

      Angus beef patty covered with white gravy served with rice and topped with sauteed onions


    • Spicy Tuscan Spareribs

      Slow-braised pork spareribs topped with spicy Tuscan tomato sauce served with sauteed corn and plain rice


    • Tomato Braised Chicken

      Savory dish of chicken braised with tomatoes, mushroom, red beans and white wine. Served with cajun vegetable rice


    • Chicken & Sausage Stew

      A flavorful combination of chicken, sausage, green bell peppers, seasoned spices and herbs stewed to perfection topped with sour cream. Served with plain rice.


    • Pinchos Morunos

      Spanish pork skewers marinated in exotic blend of spices served with tomato rice


    • Pan-Seared Salmon

      Pan-seared salmon topped with roasted garlic dressing and a slice of lemon on a bed of herbed rice


    • Blue Marlin Steak

      Pan-seared blue marlin topped with aligue butter served with spinach garlic rice and sauteed mushrooms


    • Wet Beef Burrito

      Burrito rice with beef wrapped in a tortilla, lathered with tomato sauce, covered with mozzarella cheese and salsa, topped with sour cream and jalapenos


  • Sandwiches

    • Grilled Chesse Sandwich w/ Tomato Soup

      Artisan sourdough bread brushed with butter and stuffed with 3 different cheeses served with warm creamy tomato soup


    • Hot Chicken Sandwich

      Pan seared chicken tossed in buffalo sauce laid on bed of romaine lettuce, topped with cheddar cheese & red onions freshly toasted sandwich bun. Served with home fries & jalapenos


    • Grilled Cheese Pimiento Sandwich

      A combination of pimiento, romaine lettuce, tomatoes & cheese in freshly toasted bread. Served with home fries & pickled cucumbers


    • Asparagus & Egg Sandwich

      Egg salad mixed with our homemade dressing laid on a bed of sauteed asparagus in freshly toasted bread. Served with home fries and tomatoes with mozzarella cheese & basil on top


    • Open-face Sardine Sandwich

      Tosted artisan sourdough topped with lettuce, cream cheese, spanish sardines, tomatoes, black olives, red onions and drizzled with olive oil. Served with home fries and homemade aioli


  • Kids Menu

    • Mac & Cheese Kids Menu

      Combination of cream, cheddar, parmesan cheese tossed with warm macaroni pasta and served with french fries


    • Cheese Quesadilla

      A blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses stuffed in an authentic flour tortilla, served with marinara sauce


    • Bacon Cheddar Melt Sliders

      Bacon and cheddar cheese stuffed mini buns served with french fries on the side


  • Dessert

    • Half-Baked Cookie

      House-made cookie dough half-baked in a cazuela. It's chewy, gooey and creamy goodness all at the same time. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce


    • Dark Decadence Half Baked Cookie

      Half baked cookie with chunks of dark chocolate, toasted cashews, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and pearl sugar bits


    • Affogato

      A scoop of vanilla ice cream with an espresso shot on the side, served with lady fingers


    • Tiramisu

      Coffee soaked lady fingers layered with whipped cream, homemade mascarpone, and coffee syrup, dusted cocoa powder


    • Molten Lava Cake

      Chocolate cake with hot-fudge-like center drizzled with caramel sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce


    • Caramel Walnut Cheesecake

      Buttery cookie crust with light cheesecake topped with walnut caramel sauce