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TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

TeaGreenbelt 5, Makati


M-Th, Su: 11AM-9PM; F-Sa: 11AM-10PM
Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt 5, San Lorenzo, Makati
TWG Tea Salon & Boutique was first established in Singapore and claims to be the finest luRead more...


  • All Day Dining

    • Soup

      • Soup of the Day

        Please ask our wait staff for today's special creation


    • Starters and Salads

      • Aviator Salad

        A grand classic with pan-seared chicken supreme, Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons and fresh parmsan shavings topped with cornflake crusted egg tossed in a light spiced sauce infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea.


      • Nicoise Salad

        Southern French inspired salad with perfectly seared tiger prawns and tuna confit infused with Matcha Green Tea, accompanied by a mix of fresh crisp greens, garnished with soft quail eggs, baby potatoes, edamame, sweet bell pepper and olives tossed in a honey lemon dressing.


      • Smoked King Salmon

        Smoked salmon served with toasted brioche and soft Sr. Moret cream cheese sprinkled with Gyokuro Samurai tea leaves and accompanied by red tobiko.


    • TWG Tea Favourites

      • Rosmarino Sandwich

        Rosemary chicken with beef bacon, grilled tomatoes, and Emmental cheese, topped with a Comptoir des Indes Tea infused cream cheese and served on cornflake muffins, accompanied by parmesan batonnet potatoes and a mesclun salad drizzled with 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette.


      • Eggs Benedict

        Artisanal toasted English muffins topped with two poached farmhouse eggs served with creamy hollandaise sauce and a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham.


      • Wagyu Burger

        Grilled Wagyu beef burger with lettuce, tomato and Emmental cheese topped with horseradish mayonnaise and served on an artisanal bun, accompanied by batonnet potatoes and mesclun salad tossed in an 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette.


    • Pasta

      • Beef Lasagna

        Oven-baked layers of pasta with beef ragout with our signature homemade tomato and fresh basil sauce infused with Moroccan Mint Tea.


      • Pasta Puttanesca

        A Southern Europe tomato-based sauce infused with Eternal Summer Tea, sauteed with garlic, anchovies, olives, and capers, and lightly tossed in linguine pasta, topped with pan-seared seabass fillet.


      • Scallops Linguine

        Scallops and shrimps served with linguine pasta accompanied by cherry tomatoes, asparagus and cream sauce infused with Silver Moon Tea, topped with shaved parmesan cheese.


    • Meat

      • Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

        Risotto with sauteed shimeji mushrooms, freshly grated parmesan cheese, crushed Napoleon Tea, and topped with chicken ballotine and shaved button mushrooms, drizzled with white truffle oil.


      • Peppercorn Chicken

        Roasted chicken marinated in French Dijon mustard, accompanied by colourful peppercorn served with maxine potatoes, French beans and a herbed demi-glace infused with Red of Africa Tea.


      • Baked Chicken Gratin

        Baked chicken marinated in rosemary and paprika, infused with Napoleon Tea, topped with cream cheese, hollandaise and broccoli florets, served with potato gratin and spinach puree.


      • Neapolitan Beef

        Braised beef in Neapolitan sauce, infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea, accompanied with buttered asparagus and baby potatoes.


      • Beef Tenderloin

        Pan-seared beef tenderloin marinated with Number 12 Tea infused herbs in coarse grain mustard and topped with blue cheese walnut butter, served with a classic mushroom sauce and accompanied by potato and pumpkin hash.


    • Fish

      • Seared Matcha Salmon

        Seared salmon fillet accompanied by a medley of summer vegetables drizzled with a balsamic vinegar caramel and Matcha oil.


      • Pan-Roasted Halibut

        Pan-roasted halibut with a medley of mushrooms and artichoke puree, served with an Ocean Voyage Tea infused beurre blanc sauce.


      • Pan-Seared Seabass

        Fillet of sea bass served on a bed of pumpkin risotto and asparagus drizzled with a Red Chai infused cream enhanced with notes of citrus fruit.


    • Side Dishes

      • Rice pilaf infused with Timeless Tea


      • Garden Salad tossed in 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette


      • Plate of batonnet potatoes drizzled with pure white truffle oil and Matcha salt


    • Crepes

      • TWG Tea's selection of paper-thin French crepes topped with an assortment of sweet and savoury mouth-watering fillings.

      • Savory Crepes


        Royal Crepe - Crepe filled with diced chicken and button mushrooms tossed in a creamy bechamel sauce infused with Singapore Breakfast Tea topped with Emmental cheese 355.00

        Parisian Crepe - Crepe filled with potatoes, turkey ham and Emmental cheese tossed in French Earl Grey infused creamy bechamel sauce topped with Emmental cheese and chives 355.00

        Ocean Crepe - Crepe served with a duo of fresh and smoked salmon and creamy leeks tossed in rich cream flavoured with Ocean Voyage topped with Emmental cheese 355.00

      • Sweet Crepes


        Bourbon Island Crepe - Crepe filled with mango marmalade tossed in a light caramel sauce infused with Vanilla Bourbon Tea and flavoured with coconut, lime and vanilla, served with scoop of artisanal Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream 325.00

        Caribbean Crepe - Crepe filled with banana compote tossed in an unctuous chocolate sauce infused with Red Chocolate Tea, served with a scoop of artisanal Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream 325.00

        1837 Crepe - Crepe served with homemade berry marmalade made of raspberry, blueberry, cherry and blackcurrant infused with 1837 Black Tea, served with a scoop of artisanal Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream 325.00

    • Tea Time

      • From 3PM-6PM

    • Tea Time Set Menu

      • 1837

        Supplements for teas over 195.00






        2 freshly baked scones

        2 freshly baked muffins

        Served with

        TWG Tea Jelly and whipped cream

        1 Patisserie from our trolley

      • Chic

        Supplements for teas over 195.00





        A petite selection of finger sandwiches from our line:

        Roma tomatoes and Moroccan Mint Tea infused sauce

        Smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives

        Chicken with cream cheese infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea

        Green asparagus and cream cheese sprinkled with chives

        Cucumber with cream cheese infused with Earl Grey Fortune

        Choice of

        2 freshly baked scones

        2 freshly baked muffins

        Served with

        TWG Tea Jelly and whipped cream

        1 patisserie from our trolley

      • Fortune

        Supplements for teas over 195.00





        Choice of

        Warm toasted Croque Monsieur - An enduring classic. Warm toasted sandwich with Emmental cheese and turkey ham, served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette

        Warm toasted Croque Imperial - Warm toasted sandwich with Emmental cheese and smoked salmon served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette

        Choice of

        2 freshly baked scones

        2 freshly baked muffins

        Served with

        TWG Tea Jelly and whipped cream

        1 patisserie from our trolley


        3 TWG Macarons

    • Tea Time A la carte

      • TWG Tea Croque Monsieur

        An enduring classic. Warm toasted sandwich with Emmental cheese and turkey ham, served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette.


      • TWG Tea Croque Imperial

        Warm toasted sandwich with Emmental cheese and smoked salmon, served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette.


      • TWG Tea Club Sandwich

        Toasted pain de mie club sandwich with tender roasted chicken, hard-boiled egg and Roma tomatoes served with homemade mayonnaise and accompanied by a delicate garden salad tossed in 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette.


      • Royal Club Sandwich

        Warm toasted pain de mie club sandwich with smoked salmon layered with avocado and cucumber garnished with homemade mayonnaise served with mesclun salad tossed in house vinaigrette.


      • Sandwiches A La Carte

        A grand selection of TWG Tea finger sandwiches, prepared on our light pain de mie bread, which make an elegant snack and are perfect when served accompanied by our teas.


        Choose 3 from our choices below:

        Chicken with cream cheese infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea

        Smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives

        Green asparagus and cream cheese sprinkled with chives

        Cucumber with cream cheese infused with Earl Grey Fortune

        Roma tomatoes and Moroccan Mint Tea infused sauce

    • Desserts

      • Creme Brulee

        A refreshing return to the traditional French confection, these two miniature creme brulees are delightfully infused with two of our exclusive TWG Teas, Phuguri Darjeeling and Vanilla Bourbon Tea


      • Normandy Apple Tart

        Delicate flaky pastry filled with stewed apples served with a scoop of homemade Singapore Breakfast Tea ice cream and topped with an unctuous caramel coulis infused with Pomme Prestige Tea.


      • Chocolate Fondant

        TWG Tea's warm chocolate cake served with a light custard cream and a scoop of homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream.


    • From the Trolley

      • Choose from our trolley of tea-infused patisseries, conceived and crafted fresh daily.


        Strawberry Tart 215.00

        Vanilla Bourbon Mille-feuille 215.00

        Singapore Surprise 255.00

    • Viennoiseries

      • Madeleines with Earl Grey Fortune


        3pcs 225.00

      • Financiers with Matcha


        3pcs 225.00

      • Caneles


        3pcs 225.00

      • Scones


        2pcs 225.00

      • Muffins


        2pcs 265.00

      • Chocolate Muffins


        2pcs 295.00

      • Croissant


      • Chocolate Croissant


      • Served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream

    • Macarons

      • TWG Tea's renowned crispy almond biscuit with a soft centre, infused with our signature teas. TWG Tea has transformed the macaron into a uniquely memorable confection.


        70.00 Each


        Napoleon Tea & Caramel

        Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate


        Number 12 Tea & Tiramisu

        Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya

        Camelot Tea & Praline

        Silver Moon Tea & Strawberry

    • Tea Ice Creams & Tea Sorbets

      • Handmade from only the finest and freshest natural ingredients. TWG Tea creams & sorbets are all uniquely infused with our teas.

      • Tea Ice Creams


        Napoleon Tea - Black tea with caramelized macadamia nuts

        Vanilla Bourbon Tea - Red tea blended with aromatic vanilla bean

        Singapore Breakfast Tea - Blend of green tea, black tea, vanilla & spices


        Single Scoop 155.00

      • Tea Sorbets


        Silver Moon Tea - Green tea accented with a wild berry bouquet

        Lucky Tea - Blend of black tea, green tea & white chocolate


        Single Scoop 175.00

    • Beverages

      • Freshly Squeezed Juices


        Watermelon 150.00

        Orange 200.00

        Apple 200.00

      • Water


        Sparkling Water 135.00

        Still Water 135.00

    • Wines

      • Burra Brook Sauvignon Blanc


        Glass 325.00

        Bottle 1,650.00

      • Burra Brook Shiraz


        Glass 325.00

        Bottle 1,650.00

      • Prosecco Sparkling Wine


        Bottle 2,250.00

    • Tea List

      • Choose from our vast TWG Tea collection of the finest teas of the world. We invite you to consult our tea specialists to help you make your selection.

      • India

        Darjeeling - First Flush Black Tea

        T1 Soom TGFOP1 395.00

        T2 Margaret's Hope FTGFOP1 595.00

        T3 Monteviot FTGFOP1 495.00

        T4 Phuguri FTGFOP1 995.00

        T9 Tukdah FTGFOP1 1,295.00

        T13 Castelton SFTGOP1 995.00

        T14 Okayti FTGFOP1 495.00

        T15 Jungpana FTGFOP1 595.00

        T16 Thurbo FTGFOP1 795.00

        T17 Okayti Excellence SFTGFOP1 995.00

        T20 Namring SFTGFOP1 1,295.00

        T21 Puttabong SFTGFOP1 995.00

        T22 Singbulli SFTGFOP1 795.00

        T22 Orange Valley SFTGFOP1 995.00

        T25 Lingia FTGFOP1 1,295.00

        Darjeeling - First Flush Blend Black Tea

        T6 Royal Darjeeling FTGFOP1 195.00

        Darjeeling - Second Flush Black Tea

        T7 Sungma FTGFOP1 395.00

        T8 Margaret's Hope FTGFOP1 395.00

        T10 Chamong FTGFOP1 295.00

        T24 Castleton SFTGFOP1 795.00

        T27 Jungpana FTGFOP1 295.00

        Darjeeling - Autumn Flush Black Tea

        T12 Margaret's Hope FTGFOP1 195.00

        T4 Okayti Prestige 495.00

        Darjeeling - Theine-Free Black Tea

        T26 Darjeeling Theine-Free 395.00

        Himachal Pradesh - First Flush Black Tea

        T11 Manjhee Valley SFTGFOP1 395.00

        Sikkim - First Flush Black Tea

        T101 Temi FTGFOP1 595.00

        Sikkim - Second Flush Black Tea

        T100 Temi FTGFOP1 395.00

        Nilgiri - Black Tea

        T400 Tiger Hill FOP 195.00

      • Turkey

        Black Tea

        T1200 Rize BOP 195.00

      • Georgia

        Black Tea

        T1400 Georgia BOP 195.00

      • Argentina

        Black Tea

        T8000 Missiones PF 195.00

      • Brazil

        Black Tea

        T8100 Brazilian Highland BOP 195.00


        T8101 Mate 195.00

      • Australia

        Black Tea

        T8200 Yalangi Rain Tea 195.00

      • Kenya

        Black Tea

        T1001 Marinyn GFBOP1 195.00

      • Rwanda

        Black Tea

        T1002 Rwanda BPI 195.00

        T1003 Rwanda Express BPI 195.00

      • Cameroon

        Black Tea

        T1004 Black Bamenda FBOP 195.00

      • Zimbabwe

        Black Tea

        T1005 Honde Valley Tea 195.00

      • Mozambique

        Black Tea

        T1006 Mist of Milanje Tea 195.00

      • Malawi

        Blue Tea

        T1007 Sapitwa Cloud Tea 495.00

        Black Tea

        T1008 Thyolo Mountain Tea 295.00

      • Tanzania

        Black Tea

        T1009 Kilimanjaro Snow Tea 195.00

      • South Africa

        Red Tea

        T2000 Red Chai 195.00

        T2001 Choco Mint Truffle Tea 195.00

        T2002 Lemon Bush Tea 195.00

        T2003 Vanilla Bourbon Tea 195.00

        T2004 Creme Caramel Tea 195.00

        T2005 Caribbean Voyage Tea 195.00

        T2006 Red Christmas Tea 195.00

        T2007 Red Chocolate Tea 195.00

        T2008 Jade of Africa Tea 195.00

        T2009 Red of Africa Tea 195.00

        T2010 Eternal Summer Tea 195.00

        T2011 Cederberg Mountain Tea 195.00

      • Grand Classics Tea

        Earl Grey

        T3000 Breakfast Earl Grey 195.00

        T3001 Earl Grey Fortune 295.00

        T3002 Smoky Earl Grey 195.00

        T3003 Earl Grey Gentleman 195.00

        T3004 English Earl Grey 195.00

        T3005 French Earl Grey 195.00

        T3006 Earl Grey Theine-Free 295.00

        T3007 Earl Grey Buddha 195.00

        T3008 Earl Grey d'Amour 195.00

        T3009 Earl Grey Pu-Erh 195.00

        T3010 Russian Earl Grey 295.00

        T3011 American Earl Grey 195.00

        T3012 White Earl Grey 1,595.00

        T3013 Chocolate Earl Grey 195.00


        T4000 Jasmine Mao Feng 295.00

        T4001 Jasmine Imperial Tea 395.00

        T4002 Jasmine Monkey King 195.00

        T4003 Jasmine Pearls Tea 395.00

        T4019 Jasmine Night Tea 395.00

        T4020 Grand Jasmine Tea 295.00

        T4023 White Night Jasmine Tea 1,595.00

        T4025 Jasmine Queen Tea 195.00

        T4027 Jasmine Oolong 395.00

        Orange Blossom

        T4005 Orange Blossom Oolong 295.00


        T4006 Moroccan Mint Tea 195.00

        T4013 Royal Moroccan Tea 195.00

      • Anhui

        Tea Flower

        T666 Emerald Sun Tea 495.00

      • Yunnan

        Green Tea

        T635 Secret Needles 495.00

        T648 Snow of Yunnan Tea 495.00

        Black Tea

        T617 Yunnan Golden Needles 595.00

        T619 Yunnan FOP 195.00

        T651 Yunnan Monkey King 395.00

        T653 Red Robe Tea 395.00

        Matured Tea

        T620 Emperor Pu-Erh 195.00

        T621 Pu-Erh Camellia 195.00

        T622 Pu-Erh of the Night 195.00

        T624 Pu-Erh Prestige 995.00

        T625 Hidden Pu-Erh 195.00

        T637 Imperial Pu-Erh 195.00

        T638 Golden Pu-Erh 295.00

        T641 Pu-Erh 1993 995.00

        T642 Pu-Erh 1998 995.00

        T643 Pu-Erh 2000 795.00

        T3009 Earl Grey Pu-Erh 195.00

        Compressed Tea

        T626 Mini Tea Cups 195.00

        T644 Chrysanthemum Black Toucha 195.00

        T645 Rose Black Toucha 195.00

      • Jiangsu

        Green Tea

        T632 Pi Lo Chun Imperial 395.00

      • Hu Bei

        Green Tea

        T633 Xia Zhou Bi Feng 395.00

      • Hunan

        Compressed Tea

        T639 Golden Gem Tea 195.00

      • Formosa

        Blue Tea - Chinese Method

        T700 Tung Ting 795.00

        Blue Tea - Formosa Method

        T702 Grand Oolong Fancy 795.00

        T703 Imperial Oolong 195.00

        T704 Dragon Mist Tea 795.00

      • Japan

        Green Tea

        T800 Gyokuro Samurai 1,295.00

        T801 Sencha Meicha 495.00

        T802 Emperor Sencha 295.00

        T803 Houjicha 395.00

        T804 Genmaicha 295.00

        T805 Sencha 295.00

        T806 Kukicha 295.00

        T807 Kona Sencha 295.00

        T808 Matcha 795.00

        T809 Matcha Nara 1,295.00

        T810 Tamaryokucha 395.00

        T811 Sencha Prestige 395.00

      • Korea

        Green Tea

        T7400 Green of Korea Tea 295.00

      • Thailand

        Blue Tea

        T900 Royal Thai Oolong 595.00

        T901 Secret of Siam Tea 495.00

      • Vietnam

        Green Tea

        T7000 Lotus Jade Tea 995.00

        T7003 Secret of Vietnam Tea 295.00

        Blue Tea

        T7002 Oolong Prestige 395.00

        T7003 Secret of Vietnam Tea 295.00

      • Bangladesh

        Black Tea

        T1300 Chittagong Hill Tea 195.00

      • Indonesia

        Black Tea

        T7100 Malabar OP 195.00

        T7101 Taloon OP 195.00

      • Burma

        Black Tea

        T7200 Tawnpeng BOFP 195.00

      • Papua New Guinea

        Black Tea

        T7300 Hagen Mountain Tea 195.00

      • Persia

        Black Tea

        T1100 Lahijan Supreme Tea 195.00

      • Assam

        Second Flush Black Tea

        T501 Harmutty SFTGFOP1 195.00

        T503 Meleng FBOP 195.00

        Green Tea

        T502 Khongea 195.00

      • Himalaya

        Black Tea

        T18 Secret of Kashmir Tea 395.00

        T28 Darjeeling Brittanica FTGFOP1 495.00

      • Nepal

        Black Tea

        T200 Maloom FTGFOP1 295.00

        T201 Chiyabari Excellence SFTGFOP1 395.00

      • Ceylon

        Uva - Black Tea

        T300 Uva Highlands BOP 195.00

        T307 Adawatte FBOP1 195.00

      • Nuwara Eliya

        Black Tea

        T301 Lovers Leap Pekoe 195.00

        T302 Nuwara Eliya OP 195.00

      • Dimbula

        Black Tea

        T303 Kenilworth OP1 195.00

        T304 Pettiagalla OP 195.00

        T305 Dimbula OP 195.00

      • Theine-Free

        Black Tea

        T306 Ceylon OP Theine-Free 295.00

      • China

        Szechwan - Yellow Tea

        T600 Yellow Tea Buds 1,035.00

        T601 Yellow Gold Tea Buds 2,875.00

        Szechwan - Green Tea

        T616 Sencha Superior 195.00

        Fujian - White Tea

        T602 Yin Zhen 1,595.00

        T603 Pai Mu Tan 195.00

        Fujian - Green Tea

        T636 Green of Fujian Tea 595.00

        T649 Snow of Fujian Tea 295.00

        Fujian - Blue Tea

        T612 Kwai Flower Superior 395.00

        T613 Se Chung 195.00

        T614 Ti Kuan Yin Supreme 295.00

        T623 Ti Kuan Yin Prestige 795.00

        T628 Ti Kuan Yin Imperial 395.00

        T634 Ti Kuan Yin Superior 295.00

        T647 Ti Kuan Yin 195.00

        T652 Ti Kuan Yin Monkey King 495.00

        Fujian - Wu Yi Mountain

        T615 Da Hong Pao 1,315.00

        T618 Da Hong Pao Prestige 1,645.00

        T650 Secret of Wu Yi Tea 1,295.00

        Fujian - Smoky Tea

        T627 Imperial Lapsang Souchong 195.00

        Fujian - Tea Flower

        T611 Celebration Tea 595.00

        T646 Crown Jewel Tea 495.00

        T654 Enchanted Beauty Tea 595.00

        T655 First Kiss Tea 595.00

        T656 Full Bloom Tea 595.00

        T657 Heart of Gold Tea 595.00

        T658 Heart of Happiness Tea 595.00

        T659 Jasmine Kiss Tea 595.00

        T660 Lavender Kiss Tea 595.00

        T661 Double Happiness Tea 595.00

        T662 Refreshmint Tea 495.00

        T663 Rising Stars Tea 595.00

        T664 True Star Tea 595.00

        T665 Imperial Rose Tea 595.00

        Zhejiang - Green Tea

        T604 Lung Ching 295.00

        T605 Hyson 195.00

        T606 Sencha 195.00

        T607 Chun Mee 195.00

        T608 Jade Dragon Tea 995.00

        T609 Lung Ching Jade 395.00

        T610 Golden Lung Ching 1,595.00

        T640 Lung Ching Imperial 795.00

      • Anhui

        Green Tea

        T629 Lu An Gua Pian 595.00

        T630 Taiping Houkui 795.00

        T667 Gunpowder Supreme 195.00

        Blue Tea

        T668 Pouchong Imperial Tea 395.00

        Black Tea

        Imperial Keemun 395.00

      • Classic Teas for the Morning


        T4007 English Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4008 Irish Morning Tea 195.00

        T4009 Breakfast Zulu Tea 195.00

        T4010 Mediterranean Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4021 Singapore Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4022 Valentine Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4024 Royal Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4026 Tsar Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4028 Paris Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4029 New York Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4004 London Breakfast Tea 195.00

        T4017 Spirit of India Tea 595.00

        T4030 Warrior's Tea 195.00

        T4031 Morning Storm Tea 195.00

      • Classic Teas for the Daytime


        T4011 Five O'clock Tea 195.00

        T4012 Smoky Russian Tea 195.00

        T4014 Oriental Empire Tea 195.00

        T4015 Shen Nong Tea 195.00

        T4032 Majesty Tea 495.00

        T4033 Destiny Tea 395.00

        T4034 King's Tea 995.00

        T4035 Bodhi Dharma Tea 395.00

        T4036 Sultan's Tea 395.00

        T4037 Ace of Hearts Tea 195.00

        T4038 Good Hope Tea 195.00

        T4039 Darjeeling Mist Tea 195.00

        T4040 London High Tea 295.00

        T4041 Literary Tea 295.00

        T4042 Dignitary's Tea 195.00

        T4043 Grand Consul's Tea 295.00

        T4044 Collector's Tea 795.00

        T4045 Grand Istanbul Tea 195.00

        T4046 Kathmandu Hill Tea 195.00

        T4047 Navigator's Tea 295.00

      • Classic Teas for the Evening


        T3006 Earl Grey Theine-Free 295.00

        T26 Darjeeling Theine-Free 395.00

        T4018 Royal Orchid Tea 195.00

        T4048 Longevity Tea 795.00

        T4049 Cha King Tea 495.00

        T4050 Lu Yu Tea 295.00

        T4051 Orient Express Tea 195.00

        T4052 Regency Tea 195.00

        T4053 Snow Needles 295.00

        T4054 Orange Wood Tea 195.00

        T4055 Purple Buds Tea 195.00

        T4056 Samovar Night Tea 195.00

      • Solo Teas


        T5000 Caramel Tea 195.00

        T5001 Vanilla Tea195.00

        T5002 Almond Tea 195.00

        T5003 Passion Fruit Tea 195.00

        T5004 Honey Tea 195.00

        T5005 Coconut Tea 195.00

        T5006 Cinnamon Tea 195.00

        T5007 Rum Tea 195.00

        T5008 Strawberry Tea 195.00

        T5009 Apricot Tea 195.00

        T5010 Apple Tea 195.00

        T5011 Orange Tea 195.00

        T5012 Chocolate Tea 195.00

      • Exclusive Tea Blends


        T6000 Emperor's White Garden Tea 295.00

        T6001 Snow Mountain Tea 295.00

        T6002 Grand Wedding Tea 195.00

        T6003 Comptoir des Indes Tea 195.00

        T6004 Alfonso Tea 195.00

        T6005 Senses of the Orient Tea 195.00

        T6006 Happy Birthday Tea 195.00

        T6007 Charlemagne Tea 295.00

        T6008 Tibetan Secret Tea 195.00

        T6009 Alexandria Tea 195.00

        T6010 Paris-Singapore Tea 195.00

        T6011 Mistral Tea 195.00

        T6012 Sakura! Sakura! Tea 195.00

        T6013 Geisha Blossom Tea 195.00

        T6014 Creme Brulee Tea 195.00

        T6015 Golden Rose Tea 295.00

        T6016 Sweet Jade Tea 195.00

        T6017 Green Beauty Tea 195.00

        T6018 Silver Moon Tea 195.00

        T6019 Place Vendome Tea 195.00

        T6020 Holiday Spirit Tea 195.00

        T6021 Polo Club Tea 195.00

        T6022 Gnawa Tea 195.00

        T6023 Emerald River Tea 195.00

        T6024 Christmas Lights Tea 195.00

        T6025 Napoleon Tea 195.00

        T6026 New World Tea 195.00

        T6027 Immortal Moment Tea 995.00

        T6028 Amour de The 995.00

        T6029 Renaissance Tea 195.00

        T6030 Riviera Tea 195.00

        T6031 1837 White Tea 295.00

        T6032 Grand Emir Tea 195.00

        T6033 1837 Black Tea 195.00

        T6034 Camelot Tea 195.00

        T6035 Magic Flute Tea 195.00

        T6036 1837 Green Tea 195.00

        T6037 Bain de Roses Tea 595.00

        T6038 Spice Route Tea 195.00

        T6039 Caravan Tea 195.00

        T6040 Pomme Prestige Tea 195.00

        T6041 Tokyo-Singapore Tea 195.00

        T6042 White House Tea 295.00

        T6043 Safari Tea 195.00

        T6044 Miraculous Mandarin Tea 195.00

        T6045 Brothers Club Tea 195.00

        T6046 Pink Garden Tea 195.00

        T6047 Timeless Tea 195.00

        T6048 Fruit Mountain Tea 195.00

        T6049 Ami The 195.00

        T6050 Sexy Tea 195.00

        T6051 Love Me Tea 195.00

        T6052 Tea 380 195.00

        T6053 Lucky Tea 395.00

        T6054 Ceylon Leopard Tea 195.00

        T6055 Sweet Sahara Tea 195.00

        T6056 Cote d'Azur Tea 195.00

        T6057 The Bellini 195.00

        T6058 Pink Flamingo Tea 195.00

        T6059 Saicho Tea 195.00

        T6060 Darjeeling Princess Tea 195.00

        T6061 Happy Tea 195.00

        T6063 Tea Party Tea 195.00

        T6064 Anniversary Tea 195.00

        T6065 Dancing Tea 195.00

        T6066 Eau Blanche Tea 395.00

        T6067 Eau Noire Tea 195.00

        T6068 Nargila Tea 195.00

        T6069 Dragon Warrior Tea 195.00

        T6070 Miss Tea 195.00

        T6071 London-Singapore Tea 195.00

        T6072 New York-Singapore Tea 195.00

        T6073 Sweet France Tea 195.00

        T6074 Voyager's Tea 195.00

        T6075 Lover's Tea 195.00

        T6076 Celestial Empire Tea 195.00

        T6077 Midsummer Night Tea 195.00

        T6078 Temple of Mist Tea 195.00

        T6079 Jade Blossom Tea 195.00

        T6080 Moon Route Tea 195.00

        T6081 Secret Tea 195.00

        T6082 Sacred Water Tea 195.00

        T6083 Water Flower Tea 295.00

        T6084 Spice Island Tea 195.00

        T6085 Harlequin Tea 195.00

        T6086 Silk Water Tea 195.00

        T6087 Rose Zephyr Tea 295.00

        T6088 Silver Pearl Tea 195.00

        T6089 Desert Mirage Tea 195.00

        T6090 Chic Tea 195.00

        T6091 Rose Boudoir Tea 295.00

        T6092 Pure Ambrosia Tea 195.00

        T6093 Crystal Water Tea 295.00

        T6094 Sweet Innocence Tea 195.00

        T6095 My Favourite Tea 195.00

        T6096 Magic Charm Tea 195.00

        T6097 Private Hour Tea 195.00

        T6098 Secret City Tea 195.00

        T6099 Ethnic Jewel Tea 195.00

        T6100 Nomad Tea 195.00

        T6101 Poetic Star Tea 295.00

        T6102 Tribal Tea 195.00

        T6103 Jade Temple Tea 195.00

        T6104 Happy Omen Tea 195.00

        T6105 Realm of Heaven Tea 195.00

        T6106 Crimson Hill Tea 195.00

        T6107 Ivory Orchid Tea 295.00

        T6108 Lavender Valley Tea 195.00

        T6109 Summer Palace Tea 195.00

        T6110 Winter Palace Tea 195.00

        T6111 Talisman Tea 195.00

        T6112 White Knight Tea 195.00

        T6113 Race Day Tea 195.00

        T6114 Golden Swan Tea 195.00

        T6115 Pacific Route Tea 195.00

        T6116 Black Nectar Tea 195.00

        T6117 Blue Lotus Tea 195.00

        T6118 Morning Mist Tea 195.00

        T6119 Red of Arabia Tea 195.00

        T6120 White Silk Tea 195.00

        T6121 Black Pagoda Tea 195.00