Vagabonds Artisan Comfort FoodTomas Morato

RGI Building, Sct. Limbaga cor Sct. Torillo, Sacred Heart, Diliman, Quezon City


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Open M-Sa: 11AM-10PM

Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food Menu

  • Appetizer

    • Quatro Formaggi & Garlic Dip (Cheese and Garlic)

      This gourmet dip combines four kinds of cheese and garlic to create a fresh new flavor


    • East Coast Dip (Shrimp and Cream Cheese)

      Shrimp and cream cheese, these two ingredients fuse ingredients fuse together to amplify each other's flavor.


  • Soup

    • Southerner's Soup (Bacon leek and potato chip)

      This homemade bacon, leeks and potato soup will keep you warm regardless of the weather


  • Salad

    • Saigon Salad (Spring Roll Salad)

      A deconstructed Vietnamese spring roll turned into salad


    • Yamite Salad (Asian Chicken Salad)

      A mix of greens and chicken mixed with balsamic vinaigrette dressing topped with wonton chips for some crunch!


  • Entrees

    • Howdy Fried Chicken (Buttermilk Chicken)

      This buttermilk chicken is cooked to perfection partnered with southern style rice on the side


    • Chelsea's Fish and Chips

      U.K's favorite fish fillet fried in a golden crisp served with tartar sauce and fries


    • Old Trafford Hash (Corned Beef Hash)

      Our homemade corned beef is served with heaps of carrot chips and fried rice


    • John Wayne's Pork Chops (Pork Chop)

      Southern style deep fried boneless porkchop served over southern style rice


    • Ibiza Chicken with Chorizo Pilaff (Spanish Chicken)

      This chicken and chorizo pilaf dish will surely transport you to Spain!


  • Sandwiches

    • Gazebo PB & J Burger (PB & J Burger)

      A unique take on the classic PB & J favorite transformed into a burger


    • Boracay Chori Burger (Chorizo Burger)

      Bringing Boracay's favorite chorizo burger to town but with a gourmet twist


    • Marshall's Cheese Burger (Cheese Burger)

      Our house special cheese burger will give each bite a mouthful of flavor!


    • Las Vegas Breakfast Burger (Longganisa Burger)

      Introducing the longganisa breakfast burger perfect after a night out in Las Vegas


  • Pasta

    • Bleu Cheese Mac & Cheese

      The classic mac and cheese done our way, drizzled with a touch of balsamic reduction and honey


    • Napoleon's Mac & Cheese (Truffle Mac and Cheese)

      With hint of truffle, this mac and cheese dish gets our customers screaming for more!


    • Monticello Mac & Cheese (Bacon Mac and Cheese)

      Our bacon mac and cheese, a common dish done uncommonly well!


    • Mediterranean Pasta (Aglio Olio)

      Made only with garlic, oil and lots of seafood, this traditional Italian pasta dish will take you on a delectable trip to the seal!


    • Meatball Corleone

      A favorite Italian pasta dish it taken to the next level with homemade tomato sauce and perfectly soaked meatballs!


    • Classic Carbonara

      An all time favorite classic carbonara but creamier and topped with lots and lots of bacon bits.


  • Wings

    • The Shogun Wings

      Take a trip to Japan with our hand-tossed chicken wings in wasabi powder + White Chocolate Ranch dip


    • Tagalog's Best Wings

      The first ever bagoong marinated chicken wings guaranteed to make any food lover drool + Peanut Butter Aioli dip


    • Yao wings

      Our take on the classic chicken wings immersed in a zesty orange marinade partnered with a ranch dip + Soy Ranch dip


    • Belgian Wanderer Wings

      Sugar, spice, and everything yummy! These wings cooked with a blend of chocolate marinade and Spanish paprika, will leave your taste buds wandering for more + Pimiento Aioli dip


  • Dessert

    • Wonka's Delight (Double Chocolate)

      The marriage of white and milk chocolate mousse dessert will give your meal a happily ever after!


    • Neon Cheesecake (White Chocolate Calamansi)

      This thick layer of white chocolate with hints of the tangy calamansi goodness will definitely be treat for your eyes and your tummy!


    • Scout Treats (Smore's)

      Our version of a classic camper's favorite: blow-torched marshmallow topped with crushed graham crackers and chocolate mousse


    • Toronto Cheesecake

      This devishly good maple bacon cheesecake is our dessert with a hint of breakfast


    • Strawberry Cheesecake

      This heavenly strawberry cheesecake will surely be loved by the sweet tooth!