Veneracion Beauty Salon and Spa Timog Ave

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Proudly the Philippines first ever unicorn-themed spa, Veneracion Beauty Salon and Spa will make you feel like a beautiful, magical creature the moment you step inside its doors. Stop by for a truly unforgettable beauty experience.


  • Unicorn Nail Care Packages

    • Package 1

      regular manicure or pedicure with foot spa


    • Package 2

      manicure or pedicure using Gel polish


    • Package 3

      manicure or pedicure using Gel polish + foot spa


    • Package 4

      manicure + pedicure + foot spa


    • Package 5

      manicure + pedicure + hand paraffin + foot spa


    • Package 6: Unicorn Friends Deal

      (For Friends of 3) Regular manicure or pedicure with foot spa


    • Package 7: Spa Party

      (maximum of 7 for 3 hours) Regular manicure or pedicure with foot spa



      Drinks: Coffee / Tea / Juice

      Food: Potato Corner / Turks / Belgian Waffle

      Add On

      Foot spa

      Gel polish

      Nail art

    • Package 8

      Mommy manicure or pedicure + foot spa


      Add On

      Children (Costume rental) 200.00/head

    • All Nail Care Packages entitles the customer to use the unicorn costume and have the opportunity to take photos

  • Our Services

    • Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Tinting

    • Facial and Body Treatments

    • Hair and Make-up

    • Manicures & Pedicures

      The perfect treat for neglected nails

    • Nail Art

      Nail Art transforms nails through painting, embellishing, and/or decorating them

    • Hand & Foot Spa

    • Body Massage Treatment

    • Facial Treatments

    • Skin & Body Treatments

    • Threading & Waxing

      for male and female

    • Gluta IV Drip

    • Pedi Spa

      A well-deserved pampering that is essential for getting your toes and heels looking good and healthy.

    • Acrylic Nails

      It is the best alternative for those who have difficulties growing their nails

    • Gel Nails