VR LandSM North EDSA

3/F North Towers, SM North EDSA, North Ave cor EDSA, Quezon City

Play, Virtual Reality

Open M-Su: 10AM-10PM

Immerse yourself into an entirely new depth of gaming! Located in Quezon City and Cavite, come to VR Land for a unique and surrealistically fun experience of various virtual reality games!

VR Land Menu

  • Rates

    • Standing

      The classic VR experience (20 mins)

      per person 250.00


      Space Pirate Trainer (1 player)

      Beat Saber (1 player)

      Dick Wilde (1 player)

      Superhot VR (1 player)

      Zombie Training Simulator (1 player)

      Clash of Chefs VR (1-2 players)

      Quivr Vanguard (1-2 players)

      Knockout League (1-2 players)

      Windlands 2 (1-2 players)

      Serious San VR: The Last Hope (1-2 players)

      Serius Sam 3 VR: BFE (1-2 players)

      Archangel Hellfire (1-2 players)

      Raw Data (16yo & up bad language) Multiplayer

    • Room-Scale

      Move as would in real life (20 mins)

      per person 350.00


      Smashbox Arena (Team-based action game) Multiplayer

      Alice Mystery Garden (1 player)

      Bomb U! (1 player)

      Fruit Ninja VR (1 player)

      Holopoint (1 player)

      Zero Caliber VR (1-2 players)

      Cloudlands: VR Minigolf (1-2 players)

      Eternity Warriors VR (1-2 players)

      John Wick Chronicles (1-2 players)

      Late for Work (2-4 players)

      Nemesis Realms (2-4 players)

      Ruckus Ridge VR Party (2-4 players)

      The Take VR (2 players minimum)

      Arizona Sunshine (2-4 players)

      Loco Dojo (1-4 players)