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  • Yoga, Pilates & Kali

    • 2 Session Class Cards

      For First Timers


      Standard 900.00

      Student (30% Off) 630.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 720.00

      Others (10% Off) 810.00

    • 4 Session Class Cards

      For once-a-week practitioners


      Standard 1800.00

      Student (30% Off) 1260.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 1440.00

      Others (10% Off) 1620.00

    • 8 Session Class Cards

      For twice-a-week practitioners


      Standard 3500.00

      Student (30% Off) 2450.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 2800.00

      Others (10% Off) 3150.00

    • 12 Session Class Cards

      For thrice-a-week practitioners


      Standard 4900.00

      Student (30% Off) 3430.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 3920.00

      Others (10% Off) 4410.00

  • Meditation & Sound Healing

    • 1 Session Pass

      For first-timers


      Standard 500.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 400.00

    • 4 Session Class Cards

      For once-a-week practitioners


      Standard 1000.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 800.00

  • Memberships

    • Weekly Memberships


      Standard 1500.00

      Students (30% Off) 1050.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 1200.00

      Others (10% Off) 1350.00

    • Monthly Memberships


      Standard 5500.00

      Students (30% Off) 3850.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 4400.00

      Others (10% Off) 4950.00

    • Quarterly Memberships


      Standard 15000.00

      Students (30% Off) 10500.00

      Seniors (20% Off) 12000.00

      Others (10% Off) 13500.00

  • Other Services

    • Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga

      Ease the physical, mental and emotional discomforts that come with pregnancy and motherhood. Or prenatal and postpartum yoga classes help women connect with and embrace their changing bodies, bond with their babies, prepare for the rigors and mysteries of labor and motherhood, and find a nurturing and supportive community. (60 minutes)


    • Yoga for Specific Groups or Needs

      Address conditions as varies as addiction, anxiety, back pain, depression, injury, insomnia, post-surgery recovery, stress, and weight management issues with yoga. Our tailored sessions adapt and apply yoga principles and techniques to help individuals manage specific issues, reduce symptoms, increase vitality and generally improve quality of life. Classes for children with special needs and older adults are also available. By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Yoga and Meditation Retreats

      Rejuvenate your body, re-center your mind and revitalize your soul with our yoga and meditation retreats. Our retreats can also be tailored to meet specific objectives and to fit within given time frames. By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Private And Small Group Classes

      Address issued and overcome limitations in your specific practice with our private yoga, pilates, t'ai chi, meditation or kali classes. Our private sessions are available for individuals and small groups and are excellent ways of celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones. Our private classes can also be organized in other venues. By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Workplace Wellness or Mindfulness Programs

      Enhance your employees' well-being and boost your company's productivity with our workplace wellness programs. The workplace benefits of mindfulness-based activities include building camaraderie, enhancing focus, improving fitness and reducing stress. Our corporate classes can be held in other venues. By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Detoxification Programs and Nutritional Coaching

      Avail of our partner's detoxifi ation programs and nutritional coaching services to address or reverse specific health issues, reduce or eliminate the use of medication, lose weight, slow down or reverse the effects of aging, improve your energy, boost your immunity, reduce stress, or simpy improve the quality of your life! By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Reiki Healing

      Heal your past, releas negative patterns of thought and action, address emotional and energetic concerns ranging from anxiety and stress to addiction and insomnia - or even lay the foundation for further spiritual growth and the achievement of your full potential through Reiki! By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Intuitive Guidance

      Discover clarity, find healing, accelerate growth, gain a different perpsective and fulfill your highest potential with our Oracle or Tarot Crad readings. Our sessions are designed to help you live your life to the fullest and from a position of ease, grace, power and responsibility. By appointment. Available upon inquiry

    • Room Rentals

      Conduct a diverse range of fitness, mindfulness or wellness classes, retreats and workshops with any or even all of our three activity rooms. With their wooden floors, high ceilings, expansive windows and treetop views, our activity rooms make an ideal setting not just for mindulness-based pursuits but also for photo and video shoots, By appointment (60 minutes)