YogaFit Timog Ave

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More than just a typical yoga studio, YogaFit Timog has established itself as an open and inclusive fitness community that shares a healthy and holistic approach to practicing yoga. Find the perfect class for you and discover a stronger, healthier version of yourself at YogaFit.


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  • Private Yoga

    • Private Yoga

      Practice with privacy, convenience and a teacher dedicated to your personal training. At your own place. At your own pace (with additional transpo charge for venue outside of Timog/Scout area)

      Single Session 3000.00

      8-Session Pack 16000.00

  • Other Services

    • Drop In

      Access to one class


    • 6-Class Card

      Valid for 2 months


    • 12 Class Card

      Valid for 3 months


    • Buddy Promo

      1 Month unli

      per person 2700.00

    • 3 Months Unli

      3 Months unlimited access


    • 1 Month Unli

      Unlimited access to all classes


  • Studio Classes

    • Yoga 101

      Ideal class for a beginner to learn basic yoga poses; discover how to harness the breath in moving into the flow; and build the confidence to join any yoga class

    • Gentle Flow

      A kinder, more benevolent approach to physical fitness. Best for individuals who are apprehensive in joining any fitness or yoga class. This slow-paced class welcomes everyone - no flexibility required!

    • Easy Flow

      A 30-minute foundational flow designed to create heat in the body through energetic synchronicity of breath and movement. Open to all levels!

    • Vinyasa

      A practice focusing on the integration of breath and movement. Dynamic and challenging but equally relaxing and restorative. Suitable for all levels - beginners to advanced

    • Ashtanga

      Highly dynamic but very contemplative form of yoga. A practice loyal to the traditional teaching with a consistent sequence of poses that aims to develop focus and deeper concentration

    • Hatha

      A more traditional form of yoga that utilizes longer, static holds and breath control to be able to create deeper stimulation on internal organs and influence the nervous system

    • Strength Flow

      A full-bodied Vinyasa-based class that incorporates various strengthening poses into a balanced flow. Fit for practitioners looking for a complete mind and body workout

    • Power Yoga

      High-intensity flow class that can be modified for any fitness level. Challenging and engaging, this is a usual favorite of intermediate-to-advanced practitioners