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Find your zen at Z Wellness. Conveniently located in the heart of Pasig, Z Wellness has emerged as an easy, accessible, and affordable escape from Metro Manila stress with their scrubs, massages, and self-care services.


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  • Lifestyle Massages

    • Stress Away Massage

      A powerful combination of Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Wild Orange over 1 and 1/2 hours of Swedish, Shiatsu and Foot Reflex plus Sauna. 90 mins


    • Femme Balance Massage

      A potent combination of Clary Sage, Ylang-Ylang and Geranium over 1 and 1/2 hours of Shiatsu and Foot Reflex. A perfect remedy for those experiencing hormonal imbalance - bloating, mood swings, PMS and depression. 90 mins


    • Banana Leaf Massage

      Banana leaf's anti-oxidant property is important for healing. This effectively releases stress, offers comfort to severe joint pains, balances the heart beat and pulse rate. An herb pouch covered with banana leaf is glided all over the body, while Hot stones are positioned over banana leaves and placed on specific areas of the body to aid in the softening of the nodules. This is combined with Swedish massage to improve blood circulation. 90 mins


    • Recovery Massage

      Incorporates high-grade therapeutic oils which are known to provide relief for pain and muscle trauma, along with highly specialized stroke techniques to provide comfort to every worn out body part. A perfect remedy for athletes and active people. 90 mins


  • Classic Massages

    • Thai Massage

      Aligns the skeletal structure and increases flexibility through a series of passive stretching. It's Yoga minus the work!


      DeLuxe (60mins 750.00

      90mins 1100.00

      120mins 1300.00)

    • Swedish Massage

      Increases the amount of oxygen flowing through the blood, decreases muscle toxin, and reduces stress related ailments


      Suite (60min 2150.00

      90mins 2500.00

      120min 2700.00)

      Executive Premiere (60mins 1450.00

      90mins 1800.00

      120mins 2000.00)

      DeLuxe (60mins 850.00

      90mins 1200.00

      120mins 1400.00)

    • Foot Reflex

      Promotes health and well-being by stimulating reflex points on the feet which correspond to internal body organs and glands. Comes with 1/2 hour of Back Massage to improve blood circulation


      Suite (90mins 2270.00

      120mins 2550.00)

      Executive Premiere (90mins 1570.00

      120mins 1850.00)

      DeLuxe (90mins 970.00

      120mins 1250.00)

    • Aromatherapy

      Helps soothe the mind, eliminate anxiety, and boost the energy level through the use of essential oils extracted from the herbs and plants, along with a calming massage


      Suite (90mins 2620.00

      120mins 3050.00)

      Executive Premiere (90mins 1920.00

      120mins 2350.00)

      DeLuxe (90mins 1320.00

      120mins 1750.00)

  • Body Scrub Services

    • Mother of Pearl Body Scrub

      Eliminates dead skin cells and makes the skin visibly white while preventing skin dehydration. Mother of Pearl is rich in minerals which helps the body release fatigue. 90 mins


    • Coco Body Scrub

      Moisturizes the skin, infuses healing, stimulates anti-aging and detoxification through its anti-oxidant property. Our Coco Body Scrub contains crushed coconut and natural oil, combined in a non-greasy cream. 90 mins


    • Coffee Scrub

      Break down fat cells, stimulate circulation and metabolism for a firmer skin. 90 mins


    • Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

      Detoxify your body, restore its natural pH balance, and nourish your skin's natural radiance. 90 mins