Ziba Wellness Center (Nail Spa) Greenrich Mansion

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Ziba Wellness Center is Metro Manila's one-stop shop for all things wellness, fitness, and self-care! Enjoy some much deserved pampering at the Ziba Wellness Center spa and feel amazing inside and out.


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  • Hand / Foot Treatments

    • Express Service

      Express cleaning, no polish


      Mani 165.00

      Pedi 220.00

      Combo 350.00

    • Be Our Guest

      Indulge yourself to a warm softening soak, moisturizes and Exfoliates, followed by 5-minute massage. Finish with the polish of your own choice


      Basic Cleaning (No Polish):

      Mani 200.00/Pedi 250.00/Combo 399.00

      All Regular Polish (with polish of your choice) Mani +50.00/Pedi 60.00

      Combo 100.00

      Gel Polish (Trugel/Clavuz) Mani 550.00

      Pedi 650.00

      Combo 1100.00

  • Nail Arts

    • Adore A Belle

      Spoil a different kind of life into your hands by wearing art on your fingertips

      Add On

      Nail Arts - Free Hand (depending on design) 200.00 to 300.00

      French Mani 70.00/Pedi 90.00/Combo 150.00

      Sticker (per pc) 25.00

      Stones (Small-Big per pc) 25.00/30.00/35.00/39.00

      Mirror 250.00

      OPI Quick Dry (60 sec) Mani 79.00/Pedi 89.00

      Change Polish Regular (Mani 100.00/Pedi 150.00)

      Deep Cleaning Mani 50.00/Pedi 60.00

      Gel-Off 200.00

  • Nail Extension

    • Polygel


      Mani 1500.00

      Pedi 1600.00

      Combo 2999.00

    • Acrylic


      Mani 1300.00

      Pedi 1450.00

      Combo 2699.00

    • French Tip


      Mani 1200.00

      Pedi 1350.00

      Combo 2499.00

  • Little Princess Package

    • Under 10 years Old

    • Express Service

      no polish


      Mani 99.00

      Pedi 120.00

      Combo 199.00

    • Belle of the Ball

      Treat your little princess to relax and at the same time exciting pampering service to make her feel loved. (Bubbly Foot soak, Nail Cutting and Massage)


      Basic Cleaning (No Polish):

      Mani 149.00/Pedi 199.00/Combo 299.00

      With Polish of your Choice:

      Mani +40.00/Pedi 60.00/Combo 90.00

  • Spa Treatments

    • Love Yourself

      Pamper yourself to the next level by enjoying a warm softening soak while your nails are perfected. Includes Callus Treatment for 20-minute hand and foot massage.


      Hand Spa and Foot Scrub (without polish):

      Mani 399.00/Pedi 499.00/Combo 799.00

      Gel Polish Handspa/Footsrcub (Trugel/Clavuz):

      Mani 799.00/Pedi 999.00/Combo 1599.00

  • Threading

    • Barely Even Friends

      a process in which unwanted facial hair is removed by using twisted cotton thread to pull the hair from the follicle.


      Eyebrow (Women 99.00/Men 99.00)

      Upper Lip (Women 99.00/Men 110.00)

      Lower Lip (Women 99.00/Men 150.00)

      Face (Women 149.00/Men 199.00)

      Underarms (Women 149.00/Men 199.00)

      Combo (eyebrow & underarm) 199.00

  • Waxing

    • It's Cogsworth Time

      A Semi-permanent hair removal method which removes unwanted hair from the roots by applying a thin layer of cold wax onto desired area and quickly removed with a cloth stip. The hair grows back slower and finer.


      Eyebrow (Women 99.00/Men 99.00)

      Upper Lip (Women 99.00/Men 110.00)

      Lower Lip (Women 99.00/Men 149.00)

      Face (Women 159.00/Men 199.00)

      Underarms (Women 169.00/Men 220.00)

      Arms (Women 279.00/Men 320.00)

      Chest (Women 279.00/Men 499.00)

      Back (Women 279.00/Men 499.00)

      Bikini (Women 269.00/Men 320.00)

      Brazilian (Women 499.00/Men 530.00)

      Half Legs (Women 220.00/Men 399.00)

      Full Legs (Women 530.00/Men 599.00)

      Full Body (Women 1599.00/Men 2199.00)

      Combo (Face/Arms & Legs) Women 899.00/Men 1099.00

  • Eyelash Extension

    • Fine

      40pcs per eye


    • Natural Look

      60pcs per eye


    • Mascara Look

      80pcs per eye


  • Back/Hand/Feet Massage

    • 15 Minutes


    • 30 Minutes


    • 45 Minutes


    • 1 Hour