Still not finished with your list this year? Or don’t know what to put on your office wish list? Here’s a list of what and where to buy unique presents for the food-loving crowd that’s NOT FOOD. Happy last-minute shopping Booky friends!

1. Bacon Strip Adhesive Bandages

Price: P240
Where to buy: Online Shopping By GenOSGen


2. Jeepney Typography

Price: P300
Where to buy: PopJunkLove


3. Egg Cracker / Egg Separator

Price: P300
Where to buy: LazadaLazada


4. Lobsters Proppy Socks

Price: P349
Where to buy: ProppyProppy


5.  Sushi Stapler

Price: P395
Where to buy: PormadaPormada


6. Time Capsules

Price: P600
Where to buy: Personalized AccessoriesPersonalized Accessories


7. Custom Cookie Stamp

Price: P630
Where to buy: Quirks


8. Pancake Machine & Dispenser

Price: P999
Where to buy: Lazada


9. Old Fashioned Popcorn Maker

Price: P1,199
Where to buy: TCAT
True Value


10. The Cupcaker

Price: P1,270
Where to buy: Cook’s Exchange
Cook's Exchange


11. Stake – Grip It. Flip It. Serve It.

Price: P1,350
Where to buy: Qrius


12. Cookie Stool

Price: P1,950
Where to buy: Quirks


13. Monogrammed Chopping Board

Price: P2,000
Where to buy: Oliver & Maude
Olive & Maude


14. Click ‘N Cook

Price: P2,200
Where to buy: Qrius


15. Pink Ceramic Ice Cream Lamp

Price: P2,900
Where to buy: HeimaHeima3