A low down on waxing.

The idea of waxing can be scary especially if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do before, what’s supposed to happen during, or how to take care of your skin after. But it’s not really that complicated. Knowing about waxing is as easy as 1,2,3 and made even easier with these five FAQs that already have answers.

1. When’s the best time for me to get a wax?


In all honesty, it all depends on you—your budget, your schedule, or if you’re ready to be waxed. It is suggested, however, that you get waxed during the following times: when your hair is 1/4 inch long; when you’re skin is void of cuts, breakouts, or any skin sores; when you’re not sick; when you’re not on your period; when you’re not super stressed or emotional because they can supersize your experience of pain; and when you don’t have a sunburn.

2. What do I have to do before I get waxed?


One, prepare your wardrobe. You should have several comfy and loose clothes so that they won’t cling onto your newly waxed skin. Two, exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment to remove any dead skin cells. This will prevent the wax from sticking to the dirt on your body and remove that instead of the hair as well as prevent the growth of ingrown hair. Three, avoid eating sugary food or drinking coffee because it’ll stop you from feeling relaxed—which helps a lot in making the procedure painless. Four, do your research on the salons to know what kind of wax they use. Lastly, avoid applying creams, lotions, or gels to the area to help the wax stick better to the hair.

3. Is it painful? How do I lessen the pain if it is?


If there’s one thing that you should always do, it’s to speak up. Tell your esthetician possible things you use on your face or on your body, it might negatively react with wax. Tell them if the wax is too hot and if you’re in a very uncomfortable position. Other suggestions to distract you for the pain are the following: turn your head and cough just when they’re about to pull the hair out or chew some gum. You can also shower with hot or warm water before the appointment to open your pores or if your pain tolerance is really low, you can take ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment.

4. Any tips for immediate relief? Are there things I have to avoid for the next few days?


It’s best if you ask your esthetician about it. However, for immediate relief, you can apply a cold compress to the area if your skin is heat sensitive after the treatment. When it comes to relief for the next few days, you should avoid doing the following: using skin care products that have acid—glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid—for at least 48 hours as well as avoiding activities that heat up your skin or cause bacteria to enter such as swimming in pools, taking a dip in hot tubs, getting in a sauna, or doing any intense exercising.

5. What about maintenance?


After a few days, continue your routine of moisturizing your skin after exfoliating. It keeps the skin looking great, prevents bumps, and avoids ingrown hairs. Avoid waxing it in between and book your appointments in advance so that it’ll be aligned to your hair’s natural growth cycle and your menstruation cycle. Should there be irritation, don’t be afraid to call your esthetician.

Now that you have the answers to the basic questions when it comes to waxing, all you have to do is to either dot your i’s and cross your t’s or to dive in and to take a risk. So, what are you waiting for?

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