Attending this year’s Sinulog? Check out these 9 must eats in the Queen city of the South.

Cebu is more than just the colorful parades and wild street parties brought by the Sinulog festival every January, it is also famous for its pristine beaches, breathtaking diving sites, cultural heritages, but most especially its ‘gyud’ food. Here’s a list of Cebuano-recommended must eats in the Queen City of the South to possibly persuade you to finally book that trip to Cebu you’ve been planning every year.

5. Su-Tu-Kil

Cebu, being the 9th largest island in the country, is surrounded by beaches, coral atolls, islands and rich fishing grounds. ‘Sutukil’ stands for three methods of cooking in the Visayas region–“Su” short for sugba means to grill, “tu” came from the Cebuano word tula which means to stew, and “kil” stands for kilawin or cooking fish in vinegar. Sutukil restaurants basically refer to restaurants specializing in seafood dishes.

One of the best exotic dishes you should try is the Saang or spider shells, a common source of protein for seaside residents in the Visayas. These are best eaten fresh, by hands, dipped in vinegar and with puso (also called the hanging rice).

Saang Spider Shell
Photo from Out Of Town Blog
Puso Rice
Photo from Foodstreet

Where to get them:
Sutukil restaurants near the Mactan Shrine

4. Warm brownie cups

What’s better than dessert, you ask? It’s dessert warmed and made moist, gooey and chocolatey, placed in a cup topped with ice cream and are called warm brownie cups. These cups are what positioned La Marea as one of the must-visit places in Cebu. From one classic flavor, they now have a total of 8, namely: apple crumble, triple chocolate, white chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, salted caramel, peanut butter, and yema. These are best eaten with a cup of coffee.

La Marea
Photo from Eatness First

Where to get them:
La Marea Pastry Shop
The Walk I.T Park
+63 32 416-2919

3. BBQ, inasal & other street food

One of the most popular food destinations in Cebu are the barbecue houses, a food center of sort filled with barbecue vendors offering a wide assortment of grilled meat and seafood. The must-try’s include: Chorizo de Cebu (good for pasalubong), pork and chicken BBQ and isaw. These are best eaten with bare hands (or plastic gloves) with puso.

Larsian BBQ
Photo from Geejay Travel Log
Larsian BBQ
Photo from Shubert Ciencia

Where to get them:
Larsian sa Fuente
Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City

Matias Inato Food Haus
AS Fortuna St., Banilad, Cebu City

2. Ribs and burgers

Yes, we all would love to save our tummy spaces for local delicacies and specialties but food intake should never be limited by cuisine or location, especially when it’s good food. Our Cebuano friends recommended two local joints serving juicy and scrumptious American favorites that will surely leave everyone’s palates wanting more.

Big Tom's Charbroiled Burger
Photo from Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burger’s Facebook
Casa Verde
Photo from Yves Style

Where to get them:
Casa Verde
#69 Lim Tian Teng St. (formerly V. Ranudo), Ramos, Cebu City
+63 32 253-6472

Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers
111 Juana Osmena St., Cebu City
+63 32 239-8101

1. Cebu lechon

The word “lechon” came from the Spanish term that refers to a roasted suckling pig. It is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines and is the star in almost every Filipino family’s special gathering. Cebu, aptly the lechon capital of the world, is home to the best lechon makers and vendors in the country. What sets them apart are the secret ingredients and spices that make their meat tasty sans any sauces; therefore no trip to Cebu will ever be complete without it.

Cebu Lechon
Photo from Bisaya in Manila
Cebu Lechon
Photo from Web Sushi Design
Cebu Lechon
Photo from Empress of Drac c/o

Where to get them:
CnT Lechon
1377 V. Rama Ave., Guadalupe, Cebu City
+63 32 254-4249

2651 Villalon Drive, Capitol Site, Cebu City
+63 32 254-7342

Rico’s Lechon
Highway 77, Talamban, Cebu City
+63 32 344-0119

Tatang’s Lechon Belly
Corner AS Foruna and Hernan Cortez , Banilad, Cebu City
+63 32 316-4719


Every trip and return home calls for pasalubong, here’s a list of affordable and delectable Cebu bites to bring home for family and friends.

1. Chicharon

Photo from Ang Sarap

Where to buy: Carcar

2. Dried Danggit and Pusit

Dried Danggit
Photo from God’s Best Gift

Where to buy: Tabo-an Market

3. Otap

Photo from My Hungry Stomach

Where to buy: Shamrock Pasalubong Stores

4. Dried Mangoes

Dried Mangoes
Photo from Pinoy Cook

Where to buy: Cebu Best! Pasalubong, Atbp.

Booky loves Cebu! Hopefully we can grow quickly and expand our services to this beautiful city.