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Joints aching from your daily commute? Your body a bit sore from sitting for hours at work? Want to try yoga but you aren’t that flexible? Then why not give aerial yoga a try? For those who feel like a rusty robot, then aerial yoga can decompress those tight joints, reduce back pain, and alleviate stress. For not-so-flexible yogi beginners or even amateurs, aerial yoga allows you to stretch your body parts further with less strain, gives you better body awareness as well as overall agility.

Beyond Yoga


Photo from @igobeyondyoga

Known around the metro as one of the studios offering anti-gravity fitness classes, Beyond Yoga believes that their classes can give you a sense of serenity and balance. Perfect for every skill class, their class for aerial yoga falls right under their category of anti-gravity fitness classes.

To add, they also have Anti-Gravity fundamentals class, Anti-gravity suspension fitness class, and Anti-gravity restorative yoga class. To them, taking classes are fundamental to a better life because as they say: “It doesn’t matter what we do for a living, what matters is how we live.”

They offer classes from: Monday to Friday - 6:30 AM to PM; Saturday and Sunday - 8 AM to 3:30 PM (times may vary depending on the location)
Prices start at: P800/day (unlimited classes)
They're perfect for: Beginners and aerial hoop/aerial silk enthusiasts

Reservations are accepted
Check them out here
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Fitness First


Photo from @AuraPlatinum.FitnessFirst

In their words, their Aerial Flow Yoga is “yoga like you’ve never experienced before”. Through their classes, you will not only be able to execute yoga poses with more ease and comfort but can also improve the way your body feels afterwards.

If that’s not enough, then perhaps their top-notch facility, complete with a lounge area and wifi, would encourage you to try out, not only their Aerial Flow Yoga class but also their other classes as well.

They're open from: (Fitness First @ Taguig) Sunday - 8 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Friday - 6 AM to 10 PM, Saturday - 8 AM to 10 PM, Public Holiday - 8 AM to 10 PM [opening hours vary per location]
Prices start at: (Fitness First @ Taguig) P750 - all day pass (for walk-ins) [prices may vary per location]
They're perfect for: Those who want to try out a different way of handling yoga as well as those who enjoy other fitness classes.

Reservations are accepted
Check them out here
View their Instagram account

Although there are only two companies that offer aerial yoga classes, they both have branches all around the metro. So what are you waiting for? Look for a branch near you and try it out.

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