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Three new restaurants have made the list!

Don’t know where to head to this weekend? Check out the Top 10 Most Loved Restaurants this month in Antipolo!

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10. Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen – Mission Hills

Last month’s # 8

Yellow Bird is a garden-inspired cafe and restaurant that offers delicious breakfast food and coffee. Aside from their excellent blend of Western and Asian cuisines, they’re especially famous for their specialty brews made from real coffee beans. They even have their own La Marzocco espresso machine, a must in high-end specialty coffee shops.

It’s for coffee connoisseurs and those looking to have a full breakfast as the restaurant opens as early as 7 AM. It’s not for people who want restos that offer quick service.

Recommended dishes: their Homemade Meaty Lasagna, Beef Tapa, YB Nachos, and Matcha Cheesecake. 
Seafood Pasta from Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen
Photo from Facebook | Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen

Reservations are accepted
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Lot 3 Blk 2, Mission Hills Blvd., Mission Hills Subdivision, San Roque, Antipolo
(0917) 812-0826

9. Eggs for Breakfast Cafe – Velda Estate

Last month’s # 7

One of the best restaurants to bring your S.O. to for a breakfast date, Eggs for Breakfast Cafe serves all day-breakfasts including Filipino favorites and huge American breakfast platters.

It’s for those who want loads of choices for breakfast/brunch – pasta, sandwiches, burgers, fruit shakes, and coffee. It’s not for big groups as the restaurant can only seat 20 people.

Recommended dishes: their Beef Tapa, One Pan Breakfast, and Vigan Longganisa.
Kimchi Fried Rice from Eggs for Breakfast
Photo from Facebook | Eggs for Breakfast

Reservations are recommended
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Velda Estate, 21 Don Juan St, Villa Cecilia Subd, Antipolo
(02) 213-2434

8. Grilla Filipino Cuisine – Sumulong Highway

Last month’s #1 0

Serving up Filipino favorites from all over the country, at Grilla Filipino Cuisine, you can get your fix of Filipino food from classic viands, satisfying desserts, to even family feast packages perfect for sharing. They’re also tied up to the Old Spaghetti House, so you can have an extensive menu of options.

It’s for big groups as they offer a “Family Feasts” package good for 3-4 people that you can devour. It’s not for those who want to try out modern Filipino food.

Recommended dishes: KKK Krispy Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata, and Pork Sisig paired with a Bucket of Beer. 
Tinola, BBQ, Pancit Luglog, Tilapia, Sisig Rice from Grilla Filipino Cuisine
Photo from Facebook | Grilla Filipino Cuisine

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Sumulong Highway, Across Valley Golf, Mambungan, Antipolo
(02) 570-0499

7. Shrimp Shack – Robinsons Antipolo

Last month’s # 9

Inspired by Hawaii’s fresh ingredients and daring flavors, The Shrimp Shack strives to deliver an authentic Hawaiian shrimp scampi experience by offering fresh and familiar seafood dishes for you to try. Taste the North Shores of Oahu every time you bite into a Shrimp Shack favorite!

It’s for those that love shrimps with a passion. It’s not for anyone with a serious seafood allergy (though we admit, we still try).

Recommended dishes: their Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti, Shrimp Popcorn, their own version of Surf n' Turf, and Peanut Butter Mudpie. 
Shrimp from Shrimp Shack
Photo from Booky
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G/F Robinsons Antipolo, Sumulong cor Circumferential Rd, Dela Paz, Antipolo
(02) 656-9903

6. Marison’s – Vista Mall Antipolo

Last month’s # 3

One of the best restaurants for a taste of Filipino favorites with modern interpretations, Marison’s recipes turned dishes like Kare-Kare, Caldereta, and Crispy Pata will make you come back for more.

It’s for those who want affordable Filipino food for big groups. It’s not for those who are craving for other cuisines.

Recommended dishes: their Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare, Sinaing na Buntot ng Tuna, Pork Binagoongan, Fluffy Halo-Halo, and Bagnet Chips. 
Humba from Marison's
Photo from Booky
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2/F Vista Mall Antipolo, M L Quezon Ext, Antipolo
(02) 964-8766

5. Cafe Rizal by Peppermill – Pintô Art Museum

Last month’s # 4

One of Antipolo’s top destinations is the Pintô Art Museum. After checking out the galleries, grab a snack at the Pintô Cafe. This casual cafe boasts Filipino flair. With modern takes on classic dishes of our culture, the doors are always open letting in that equatorial breeze.

It’s for those who want a sumptuous meal after their tour of the museum. It’s not for those who want a quick bite to eat.

Recommended dishes: the South Australian Lamb Shanks, Mediterranean Pasta, Vigan Pizza, and Tamarind Shake.
Salad with Chicken
Photo from @trixz_dinial

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Pinto Art Museum, 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdvision, San Roque, Antipolo
(02) 697-1015

4. Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse – Beverly Hills Ave.

Last month’s # 2

One of Antipolo’s best-kept secrets, the Burrow Café is an underground restaurant adjacent to the creative space and nature reserve, Antipolo Beehouse. Aside from its rustic charm found in the elements of lush greenery in their café, Burrow Café provides hearty all-day breakfast, indulgent lunch options, and decadent desserts.

It’s for those who love to dine while being surrounded by nature and a serene environment. It’s not for those on a limited budget and not willing to walk a little ways to get to the restaurant from the parking lot.

Recommended dishes: Tender Beef Tapa, Beef Short Ribs with Corn & Green Bean Risotto, Crunch Suman Ala Mode.
Roasted Chicken from Burrow Cafe
Photo from

Reservations are recommended
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113 Beverly Hills Ave., Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo, 1920 Rizal
(0917) 622-9795

3. Casa Nieves – Robinsons Antipolo

Last month’s # 6

A casual dining restaurant and wine bar, Casa Nieves offers up flavorful and authentic Spanish and Filipino cuisine that you can pair with must-try wines for an elegantly flavorful and dynamic dining experience.

It’s for groups enjoying a good catch-up since the serving size is perfect for sharing. It’s not for those who are in a rush.

Recommended dishes: the Paella Valenciana, Beef Tenderloin Salpicao, Gambas Al Ajillo, and Mixed Kare-Kare. 
Tapsilog from Casa Nieves
Photo from Booky
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LG/F Robinsons Antipolo, Sumulong cor Cirumferential Rd, Dela Pz, Antipolo
(0977) 133-3998

2. Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant – Sitio Sampaguita

Last month’s # 5

Unique to many of the gustatory cuisines in Metro Manila, Vieux Chalet combines Swiss cuisine with Filipino hospitality at their bed and breakfast situated in the higher areas of Antipolo overlooking the Manila skyline.

It’s for meat lovers who love their fill of cheese, too. It’s not for big groups looking for a quick place to eat.

Recommended dishes: their Raclette and Mozzarella Toast with Tomato Salsa. 
Charcuterie Platter from Vieux Chalet
Photo from @vieuxchaletphilippines by

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456 Taktak Road, Sitio Sampaguita, Antipolo
(02) 697-0396

1. Tahanan BistroLoresville Drive

Last month’s #1

Tahanan, meaning ‘home’, is a family run business set in renowned Filipino artist, Benji Reyes’ home lanai. Unlike any fine dining restaurant in the metro, Tahanan Bistro is a far cry from the usual, serving all-Filipino dishes that are close to home using only local produce and executed with international techniques from Chef Kevin Tuason’s culinary experience in Melbourne.

It’s for those who love stunning views whether it’s for Instagram or for surprising a loved one. It’s not for those who don’t want familiar, nostalgic Filipino dishes.

Recommended dishes: their Arayat Set menu and Kanlaon Set menu. 
Pusit Pizza from Tahanan Bistro
Photo from Booky
Insider tip: They are a "Reservation Only" restaurant. So reserve and get up to ₱500 off your bill with Booky!

By reservation only
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22 Loresville Drive Lores Farm Subdivision, San Roque, Antipolo
(0925) 880-1487

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Cover image by Burrow Café.