Have a picture-filled day with incredible 3D drawings and more!

Interested in visiting museums in Manila but tired of the typical, possibly boring, and usually out-of-the-way line up of museums? Maybe it’s time to give Cubao a second look and discover this must-try destination tucked away in the middle of a bustling urban metropolis.

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Art In Island

Perhaps a little out of place in the busy and crowded streets of Cubao, Art In Island is a one-of-a-kind attraction that will give you a new perspective on museums and art.

Photo from Art In Island

Unlike most museums that have strict rules on taking pictures and flash photography, busting out your camera isn’t just encouraged at Art In Island- it’s the whole point! Art In Island is filled wall to wall with mind-bending art installations and interactive 3D art that let you step right into out-of-this-world situations that are best captured with a camera.

How to Get There

Since Cubao is basically a major travel hub and commute stop for most of Metro Manila, getting to Art In Island shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Map to Art in Island
Photo from Facebook | Art In Island

Via Commute (MRT/FX/Jeep):

  1. Go down at Farmer’s Plaza.
  2. Head on to the Rosario Terminal right by the Smart Araneta Colosseum.
  3. Ride the Rosario-Citibank Jeep and you should be dropped right at Art in Island along 15th Avenue.
Tip: If you need help looking for the Rosario terminal, ask the security guards in the area for directions. 

Via Car:

  1. Head onto Aurora Blvd, eastbound.
  2. Turn right at 15th Ave which is a one-way street.
  3. Keep going straight until you see Art in Island on your right.
Fun fact: If you're planning to bring a car, they have parking spaces available in front. 

From Cubao Expo:

In case you find yourself in Cubao Expo, you can access the museum through its back entrance at the expo.

How to Get In

Long Line Art In Island
Photo from Facebook | Art In Island

Operating Hours:

They are open only from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Note: If you want to go there on a holiday, best check their Facebook page!

Entrance Fee:

For adults, it’s ₱500. For senior citizens, students, and PWDs, it’s ₱400. However, if you are bringing a child below 3ft along, they can enter the museum for free!


Birthday Promo

If it’s your birthday – or a day before/after – you can enter the museum for free! Simply bring a copy of your birth certificate or any valid ID for proof.

Group Promo

If you’re 15 or more in a group, you can enjoy a 20% discount off of your ₱500 worth ticket.

Tip: For other promos during special days - like Mother's Day, Buwan ng Wika, etc. - check out their Facebook page!

What to Bring

Girls Jumpshots
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  • Camera

Whether that’s a cellphone camera or a DLSR, as long as it can take a good quality photo, then it’ll do!

  • Socks or Bedroom Slippers

To prevent stains on the paintings and sculptures by outside dirt or debris, you will be required to remove your footwear. It’s best if you bring socks/bedroom slippers in case your feet get cold easily.

Note: If you forgot to bring, you can avail of their slipper socks for ₱150. 
  • Jacket

If you get cold easily, don’t forget to also bring a jacket to stay warm the whole time.

Insider tip: Best be prepared tbecause it's said that you can take up to 3-5 hours in the museum. 
  • Friends and/or Family

Not only are they there to accompany you through the commute/car ride, but they can also be your fellow model and designated photographers.

Note: It's highly encouraged that you do not bring pets, a tripod (you won't get to use it when there are loads of people), as well as food and drinks. 
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What You Can Expect

There are 12 Art Zones where you can take photos as well as a media art show you can enjoy at their Cetrall Hall.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of their art zones:

Aqua Zone

Mermaid Aqua Zone Art in Island
Photo from Booky

Winter and Christmas Zone

Reindeer and Sleigh from Winter and Christmas Zone Art in Island
Photo from Booky

Love Zone

Love Zone
Photo from Booky

Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone
Photo from Booky


Hiwaga from Art in Island
Photo from Art in Island

Central Hall

Central Hall Art in Island
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Media Art Show

Media Art Show Art in Island
Photo from Facebook | Art in Island

How to Take the Perfect Photo

Since the whole point of you going there is to take photos, here are some tips to take full advantage of your museum tour!

1. Search for the Photo Point Guide

If you’re the designated photographer for that painting, look for the photo point and make sure that you point towards the direction it’s pointing in order to pull off the desired optical illusion.

Tip: Turn off the flash so that the painting and your model would come out clearly on your photo.
Optical Illusion Art in Island
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2. Stand at the Proper Spot/ Angle Yourself Accordingly

The paintings are designed to be taken with a certain perspective. So, in order for you to really blend into the painting, best find the perfect spot.

Tip: You can ask the staff for some help on where to position yourself.
taking photo with 3d aquarium frame

3. Be creative and let loose!

Photos look much better especially when those who are in it are having fun. So, come up with the craziest ideas and try them all. That way, if you don’t end up with a good photo at least you’ll end up having a good time!

Tip: If you want some ideas, you can check online for inspiration. 
taking photo with vault with money
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Post Museum Activites

Tired and hungry, here are some post museum activities you can do to cap your museum experience.

Cafe Minou

If you’re hungry, you can head on to Cafe Minou – Art in Island’s Cafe that offers coffee, ice cream, drinks, and a variety of toasts.

Cafe Minou Interiors and Dining Area
Photo from @chuajanice31
Peanut Butter Toast with Honey, Chocolate Syrup and Banana from Cafe Minou
Photo from @theteenyums

Art in Island Souvenir Shop

Love the experience too much? Bring something home to remind you of your experience.

Art in Island Souvenir Shop
Photo from Facebook | Art in Island
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175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City
(02) 421 1356

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