What are you afraid of?

Everybody is scared of something! There’s the fear of heights, fear of the ocean, and of course– Fear of ghosts! Whatever it is that creeps you out, people have different emotional reactions to it!

Some adrenaline junkies choose to stay, while others know well enough to run. If you’re up for a real nightmare however, Asylum Manila‘s here to test your levels of fear.

Do you think you can handle it?

The Asylum

So the story goes, that this Asylum has been standing since the US Commonwealth was established in the Philippines. It was a premier psychiatric medical institution that housed the criminally insane!

Of course, like most scary stories, things take an evil turn . . .

Zombie Man standing
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Renowned psychiatric doctor, Dr. Vanicutt, was in charge of the Asylum when suddenly his wife dies of a tragically mysterious death. The doctor eventually goes mad and gets possessed by a vengeful evil. He begins tormenting the patients and starts performing twisted medical experiments on them.

Dr. Vanicutt Medical Treat Patient
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Ever since then, the Asylum has haunted many people who have come across it. The dark and unexplainable aura that surrounds this spooky Asylum has now opened its gates for people to test their fate again!

First Stage: Imagination

The first stage of fear begins in your head. 

One could get carried away just thinking of the terrifying things that could happen to them in Asylum Manila. This uncontrollable mind shuffling, leads to agitation and anxiety— and who could blame them?

Just the entrance of Asylum Manila will get anyone imagining the worst of the worst! The interiors are designed with your typical Hollywood-quality special effects. Lights are dimmed down and chilling music is played in the background.

Asylum Building
Monster in the Window
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They also give a sneak peak by subtly leaving props there for introduction, like trails of blood, chipped out paint, and rusted out medical instruments. Many of the staff, who brief you before entering, are dressed like they came straight out of a horror movie!

Just seeing these can already send chills down your spine– and nothing’s even happened yet!!

2 monster nurse
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Second Stage: Experience

The second stage of fear is going through fear itself. 

The expectations in your head heighten, when the phobias you’ve been thinking about are finally standing right in front of you!

Customer's Photo with costumes
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Many of the Youtube “reaction videos” have given you a good laugh, but you might not be sparing some once you enter this madhouse yourself! Asylum Manila gives you a hair-raising variety of live actors, interactive props, and electrifying jump-scares!

The only way out? You’ve got to keep going!

Customer's Photo with 2 monster nurses
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Mondays-Thursdays: ₱699 / ₱599 (student price) 
Fridays-Sundays: ₱799 / ₱699 (student price) 
VIP Pass: ₱1,200

Third Stage: Fight or Flight?

Fear creeps in slowly, until finally it's there. 

Sometimes we get so scared that we stop thinking anymore! Our emotions just take hold of our body and we either make a dash for it, or stay there shaking! This is the third stage of fear.

The truth is, you don’t really know which you are until you put your fear to the test in Asylum Manila. Many have tried to face the sinister creatures and yet, many have also called it quits!

Scared Customers with 2 monster nurses
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Inside the asylum, you will be met by all of Dr. Vandicutt’s tortured patients, and even some familiar ghouls like Valak from the Conjuring and Pennywise from It. Whoever you bump into will definitely make you screech!

Celebrity with Pennywise Asylum
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Stage Four: Memories

Whatever you feel is initially recorded in your mind. 

These emotions will directly affect your reaction in future experiences. Don’t you worry, fear is only perception! Although it is terrifying, Asylum Manila will feel like another box ticked in to the “To-Do-List” of life!

Monster Nurse and in Wheelchair Asylum
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Asylum Manila is perfect for friends, family, and even corporate parties. If you want to raise the terror-tables, they offer different spine-tingling packages guaranteed to spook you throughout the night!

Asylum Souvenir Photo
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A Night at the Asylum will really test your fear level. VIP Tickets will allow you to spend the night and even have a fearsome dinner fit for the most insane patient! Enjoy drinks and snacks, while playing games and watching horror movies with your buddies– Just don’t wake the souls lurking behind you!

If it’s your special day, Asylum Manila offers birthday packages for those who want to blow their candles out with a scream! Company parties are also welcomed in this haunted madhouse.

Get two discounted passes for just ₱978 (Mondays-Thursdays)

Check their Website!
1148 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila
09453007408 / 09453007404 / 09474612808 / 09474612707

Fear is normal, always remember! A few jump scares could actually break you and your friends into a good laugh— It doesn’t hurt to keep things light!

So you think you can control yourself through the levels of fear? Find out now!

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