We’ll give you a hint: it’s berry good.

An international cheese tart chain hailing all the way from Japan, BAKE Cheese Tart has become a quick favorite in the Philippines because of their incredibly smooth, creamy, and light cheese tarts!

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, BAKE Cheese Tart is a Hokkaido-based cheese tart chain that uses only the freshest ingredients flown directly from Japan. This gives their signature cheese tarts world class quality that you can taste.

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Aside from their classic Freshly Baked Cheese Tart (which have a maximum order of 12 pieces per person because they legit sell out!), BAKE routinely experiments with new and exciting flavors to make sure the BAKE experience always stays fresh.

The latest flavor that we’re going gaga over? It has to be their Blueberry Cheese Tarts. These tarts are the perfect combination of that signature smooth and subtle flavors mixed with fresh and fruit blueberries and are sure to shoot up to your list of favorite snacks.

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But BAKE Cheese Tarts are more than just their signature treats! They use their expertise on cheese and dairy to concoct some truly must-try soft serve! Sweet, cool, and supremely smooth, these soft serve cups and cones are unlike your typical ice cream flavors due to their subtle taste and high quality ingredients.

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Blueberry Cheese Tarts

Discover a blueberry twist on the classic Hokkaido cheese tart! Creamy, tangy, and all kinds of good- this snack is sure to become a fast favorite.

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Get two Sets of 3 for P297

Hokkaido Soft Serve

Experience the signature BAKE creaminess in a cool and refreshing soft serve! Enjoy a rich and

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Buy 1 Get 1 Hokkaido Soft Serve for only P140!

BAKE Cheese Tarts – multiple locations

Originating from Hokkaido, BAKE Cheese Tart has opened its doors to Manila! They serve freshly-baked cheese tarts made from rich cheese and milk. Their tarts are directly delivered from Hokkaido to stores around the world to ensure the best taste and highest quality!

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