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We all have that panaderia that we go to when we need our fix of hot, soft pandesals in the morning or satisfying, sweet Filipino breads in the afternooon. But have you noticed that no matter which panaderia you go to, they all seem to offer the same varieties of bread?

It’s not a bad thing, not at all! In fact, what’s interesting about it is that those breads are there for a reason: through time, they’ve become panaderia staples that Filipinos just can’t get enough of.

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Know which we’re referring to? In not, check out some of the Filipino bread staples by none other than our local panaderias.


Best eaten fresh out of the oven, pandesals may just be one of the most iconic Filipino bread, It’s not only perfect with a cup of coffee but it also tastes great with anything like condensed milk, kesong puti, sorbetes, and even pancit canton.

Pandesal from Balai Pandesal
Photo from Booky


A simpler take on the cheesy delight we know and love, the panaderia’s version of ensaymada, slathered with mantikilya and sprinkled with sugar, has just the right amount of sweet for when you need a perk me up in the afternoon.

Ensaymada from Pan De Amerikana
Photo from @markphat


A bread that has many names – ligaya, pan de pula, pan de regla – this bread stands out from the rest ’cause of its distinctive red color. Though it’s red filling is actually repurposed stale bread, let’s admit it, that’s the part you’re probably looking forward to eating.

Photo from @carolinadadula


The bigger sister of the sputnik/putok, if you’re looking something heftier than the iconic pandesal, Monay is surely one of the breads to try. In fact, when it comes to choosing the best palaman for the monay, it’s very much like the pandesal, it goes great with anything.

Monay Filipino Bread
Photo from @dianaedia

Pan de Coco

Another classic Filipino bread, the pan de coco hits the sweet and savory spot with its coconut filling and soft bread case. If you’re a sweet tooth and you’re all about coconut, then you definitely have to try this.

Pan De Coco
Photo from @gruboutthere

Spanish Bread

Out of all the Filipino breads mentioned, this one has to be one of the most indulgent. Filled with a good amount of butter and sugar, the Spanish bread when eaten hot can be messy but worth it especially when its sweet buttery richness hits your taste buds.

Spanish Bread
Photo from


Also known as kabayan, this bread is shaped like a ‘salakot’ or the Pinoy native hat, is our version of a muffin. A Filipino bread that’s great on its own, the kababayan can also balance out your hot cup of black coffee by providing a subtle sweet flavor in every bite.

Photo from @rochkitchen

Whether you prefer sweet or savory Filipino breads, the bottom line that we all bread lovers know is that bread is life.

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Balai Pandesal

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Balai Pandesal facade
Photo from Booky

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Cheese Palo from Balai Pandesal
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Baguio Raisin Bread from Balai Pandesal
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Pandeciosa from Balai Pandesal
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Wheat Pandesal from Balai Pandesal
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Cheesy Muffin from Balai Pandesal
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Blueberry Muffin from Balai Pandesal
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Ham and Cheese Bread

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Ham and Cheese Bread from Balai Pandesal
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Baked Cheese Tart and Egg Tart

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Cheese Tart and Egg Tart from Balai Pandesal
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Monggo Bread

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Photo from Booky

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