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Banh Mi Kitchen – multiple branches

Banh Mi Kitchen is a Vietnamese sandwich joint spread across Metro Manila that’s a quick-service food stall specializing in traditional banh mi with over 6 different flavors to choose from. They also serve traditional Vietnamese drinks.

Banh Mi (pronounced as ban-mee) is a French-inspired Vietnamese snack made of baguette filled with a variety of ingredients like meat, pickled vegetables and chili peppers.

Led by Miguel Santos’ vision, with the support of fellow entrepreneurs and partners Atty. Raul Gerodias, Rammy de Claro and Gab and Raf Sobrepena, Banh Mi Kitchen was born to serve quick on-the-go meals to the hungry public.

Banh Mi Kitchen Logo
Photo from Booky
banh mi sandwich, banh mi kitchen
Photo from Banh Mi Kitchen

Banh Mi Kitchen specializes in traditional banh mi, Vietnam’s most celebrated sub. They take pride in using only the freshest ingredients and serving only the crispiest baguette buns. For now, they only serve a specialized menu with only banh mi choices and Vietnamese drinks. The concept is straightforward but the taste is where the surprise really is. The team made sure to incorporate both local and international flavors in the fillings.

The Banh Mi Kitchen #CrunchTest Promise: If it's not crunchy, we will replace it, no questions asked!

Among their Traditional Banh Mi offerings are the Classic, the Lemongrass Pork, and the Lemongrass Chicken banh mis. But here’s where it gets really crazy; they’ve got a selection of 4 creative banh mi flavors under BKMN Creations that prove there is no end to the art of Vietnamese comfort food.

Wagyu Tapa

Tender wagyu tapa, fluffy omelette, pate, mayo, cucumber, pickled radish and carrot

banh mi, banh mi kitchen, sandwich recipes
Photo from Banh Mi Kitchen

Sagmyupsal Kimchi

Gochujang BBQ pork, spicy kimchi, Japanese mayo, cilantro, pate

Kimchi Samgyupsal Banh Mi from Banh Mi Kitchen
Photo from Booky

Protein Monster

Vietnamese BBQ pork and ham, roast pork, fluffy omelette, pate, cucumber, pickled radish and carrot, mayo, hoisin sauce

banh mi, banh mi kitchen, sandwich recipes
Photo from @banhmikitchen

Tuna Sisig

Last, but not least, is the tuna sisig banh mi. Made up of tuna, mushroom, red onion, green chili, savoury dressing, cucumber, pickled radish and carrot, and cilantro, it’s everything a true Vietnamese-loving Pinoy would want in a banh mi.

banh mi, banh mi kitchen, sandwich recipes
Photo from Booky

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Junior Tuna Sisig Banh Mi

Price: 2 for only ₱194!
banh mi, banh mi kitchen, sandwich recipes
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Wintermelon Lime

A fresh and tangy fruit tea topped off with a hint of lime

Price: 2 for only ₱112!
banh mi, banh mi kitchen, sandwich recipes
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