Immerse Yourself in Authentic Spanish Cuisine at Barcino

¡Bienvenido a Barcino!

Who doesn’t love Spanish cuisine? The undeniable pairing of food and wine, the rich flavors that are familiar and comforting, the romantic and warm ambiance of Spanish-inspired interiors, and of course– the huge servings.

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Photo from Barcino | SM Aura branch

You can expect nothing less when you enter any Barcino branch from over 300 brands of wine to their authentic Spanish dishes and even down to their interiors, it’s almost as if we’ve travelled back to Barcelona!

Fun fact: “Barcino” is actually Barcelona in Latin and is also where the founders are from.

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with their authentic Spanish cuisine that’s inspired by regions all over Spain with the backdrop of brick-lined walls, stained glass, and murals. It’s honestly so warm and inviting that it’s the perfect go-to place for many when they want to catch up with friends and family.

Photo from Barcino | Uptown Parade branch

With every dish, you can expect authentic traditional Spanish flavour with a “Filipino touch”, it’s the best of both worlds, if you ask us. The Executive Chef, Chef Nicolas Diaz, is from Bilbao, Spain and has worked in notable restaurants such as Restaurant Nicolas and Goizeko Kabi, a Michelin Star restaurant.

Insider tip: They offer Happy Hour from 6-9 PM and Night Cap from 10 PM onwards!

If you think it couldn’t get any better, Barcino’s servings are ALWAYS for SHARING just like it is in Spain… the more, the merrier!

Paella de Marisco

Paella rice mixed with seasonal seafood

Photo from Barcino


Photo from Barcino

Tapas y Pintxos

Photo from Barcino

Gin Tonica

Photo from Barcino

If you’ve already been enjoying Barcino, you might like to know that they also offer breakfast everyday from 7am to 1pm at their Rockwell, Uptown Parade, Molito, and Santolan Town Plaza branches.

Photo from Facebook | barcinowine

Desayuno by Barcino takes you to mornings in Spain. Each dish seeks to introduce the richness and variety of Spanish breakfast, while also lending itself to some familiar Filipino flavours.

They offer different kinds of breakfast food like pancakes, omelettes, and fruit bowls, as well as heavier options like rice meals, arroz caldo, and champurrado.

Desayuno Pancake

Fluffy pancakes with whipped strawberry butter, maple syrup and lemon curd

Photo from Facebook | barcinowine


Puffed rice and Venezuelan chocolate porridge, dulce de leche, bacalao flakes and milk

Photo from Barcino


Photo from Barcino

Their breakfast drinks menu consists of a selection of coffee, fresh fruit juices, and teas. You can also order Cava, their Spanish sparkling wine, and start the day with a toast.


Spanish sparkling wine

Photo from Booky

Intense Spanish cravings? Barcino’s got you covered from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

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