Right in the childhood feels

Some of you never had White Rabbit Milk Candy as a kid and it shows.

Those of you who did, however, will probably remember the unbridled joy of running to the nearest tindahan and buying as much White Rabbit as your barya could buy.

One of life’s greatest pleasures was chewing on one of these babies until it stripped away at your teeth enamel but the coolest thing, no doubt, was being able to eat the rice paper wrapper. White Rabbit was more than just a candy — it was an experience!

Imagine our excitement when a post on the popular Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits announced a special Lunar New Year collaboration betweenFoodbeast and Los Angeles ice cream shop chain, Wanderlust Creamery. The product of the collab was White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream.

Photo from @wanderlustcreamery

Many hoped the flavor would someday become available locally. Now, thanks to Black Scoop Café, it will be — but in soft-serve form.

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Known for pushing creative boundaries with fun soft-serve flavors (such as Pearl Milk Tea and Mascarpone), it should come as no surprise that Black Scoop is the first on the scene.

The White Rabbit Soft-Serve will be available this March. Enjoy it in a cup or in the cafe’s signature Activated Charcoal waffle cone. You can upgrade your soft-serve with a variety of toppings — no word yet on whether or not rice paper will be an option but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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