Don’t CHIA wish all desserts are as low-calorie as this?

A healthy, low-calorie but delicious dessert is always a great idea when you’ve got cravings for something sweet yet not as sinful. If your go-to healthy dessert was BLK 513s yogurt and you think that you won’t be able to get your fix during these trying times, think again. Thanks to BLK 513, you can still make a not-so-sinful dessert at home: 3-Ingredient Milky Chia Pudding.

Milky Chia Pudding from BLK 513
Photo from @blk513ph
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Don’t know who/what BLK 513 is? Here’s a quick lowdown of the brand:

BLK 513 – multiple branches

BLK 513 is the country’s first dessert store offering healthy activated charcoal-enhanced froyo served with various sauces, toppings and crunches.

BLK 513 Store
Photo from Facebook | BLK 513

Here are some of their iconic desserts:

Activated Charcoal-Enhanced Froyo

Activated Charcoal-Enhanced Froyo
Photo from BLK 513

Charcoal Foam Beverage

Matcha Charcoal Foam Beverage
Photo from Booky

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks from BLK 513
Photo from Facebook | BLK 513

Now that you have an idea of BLK 513 and their products, here’s their 3-Ingredient Milky Chia Pudding Recipe:

BLK 513 Milky Chia Pudding Ingredients
Photo from @blk513ph
Procedure of BLK 513s Milky Chia Pudding
Photo from @blk513ph
Components of BLK 513 Milky Chia Pudding
Photo from @blk513ph
Tips from BLK 513: If you want a firm pudding, you may add more milk. If you're using non-fat milk, you may add additional sweeteners. And if you want flavored pudding, you may add cocoa powder or fruit puree to your milk before mixing in your chia seeds. 

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