Brows on Fleek: Finding the Perfect Shape for Your Face

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Eyebrows frame the face. Just like all other works of art, you have to find the perfect frame in order accentuate its beauty. As with hairstyles, each face shape has its perfect brow shape. Some shapes need more arch, and some benefit more from flat brows. Brows can either age or shed years off your face!

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See what we mean?

Here are the steps you need to follow to look your absolute best:

Step 1: Know your face shape

Get to know your face better. Stand in front of a mirror, and pull back your hair so it’s easier to determine your face shape. With an eyeliner or washable marker, trace your face by following your hairline, cheeks, jaw, and chin. Afterwards, stand back and observe which shape does it resemble the most: round, square, heart, oval, or oblong?

Round faces have full cheeks, no prominent angles, and the same width and length. Square faces have equal width and length, and have a strong and angular jawline. Heart faces have wide foreheads and cheeks that taper into a narrow chin. Oval faces are slightly elongated round faces, with chins that are slightly rounded. Oblong faces have noticeably longer lengths than oval faces, and have big foreheads and long chins.

Step 2: Measure your face

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Now that you’ve determined your face shape, it’s time to map out important eyebrow points. Get a pencil or anything thin that has a straight edge. Place it on each side of the tip of your nose at a 90 degree angle. The space between the two sides is the optimal distance of your eyebrows, and you should never pluck hair beyond those points.

Next, we figure out where the peak of the arch should be. Look forward, and with the same instrument, place it on the sides of the tip of your nose, carefully aligning it with the outer end of your pupil. Where the instrument falls on your brow, that’s where the highest point of your arch should be.

Finally, place the instrument on the sides of the tip of your nose, aligning it with the outer corner of the eye. Where it falls is where the tail of the eyebrow should end.

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Step 3: The right eyebrow shape

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The right eyebrow shape balances your features and your face shape, so it’s crucial to get it right, since it’s such a hassle to wait for your eyebrows to grow.

Since round faces have no sharp angles, angular, high arched brows work best. The arches draw the eye upward and elongate the rest of the face.

Soften the look of a strong jawline with angular brows. The eyebrows should have a low soft arch and medium thickness in order to balance a square jaw.

Since heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads, it’s important that the eyebrows don’t draw in too much attention. A round brow with a low arch is your best bet. Just make sure that your brows are not thick (bye bye, Lilly Collins brows!) and are well-maintained.

An oval face shape is considered ideal, since this is the shape that other face shapes try to achieve. The shape of brows don’t particularly alter the shape of the face, so just follow the guidelines on Step 2, and you’re basically good to go!

Add more width to a long face by drawing the eyes horizontally. Oblong faces look best with flat brows as this widens the shape of the face, therefore balancing it out.

While DIY is an option, it’s best to go to a brow salon first to get your brows shaped. After all, regrowing eyebrows can take a while, and the wrong technique can actually ruin your eyebrows!

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