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Which rice porridge reigns supreme?

As Filipinos, the first thing imprinted in our DNA is our love for rice. We have it with everything (meals, meat, and even pancit), at any time of day. Rice porridge isn’t exclusive to our cuisine; different countries have their own take on this popular comfort food. We also have a wide variation of it, ranging from arroz caldo, goto, and lugaw. But can you identify which is which?


The mother of all rice porridge. Lugaw is a classic. Simple, clean rice porridge, with a little patis to taste. Sprinkle on little ginger bits, spring onion, and an extra hard-boiled egg if you’re feeling fancy.

lugaw, filipino food, how to cook lugaw
Photo from Booky | Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen


Lugaw meats something new. To make goto, once you’ve learned how to cook lugaw, you’re halfway there. The difference between lugaw and goto is that the latter has meat mixed in, usually ox tripe. It’s sometimes known as “beef lugaw.”

goto, how to cook goto, filipino food
Photo from Booky | Lugawan Republic

Arroz Caldo

If you can tell from the name, it as dubbed by the Spanish as arroz caldo, or “hot rice.” The clear difference it has to lugaw’s base is the defining gingery taste. Chicken is the main meat to this dish, and the final touch is a pinch of saffron, making the dish a more yellow tint than the rest.

arroz caldo, arroz caldo recipe, filipino food
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Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen

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