They’ve got raclette, cheese fondue, and so much more!

Cheese-o-holic – Maginhawa

Cheese-o-holic is a humble food stall at The Station Maginhawa food park, specializing in all kinds of cheesy dishes. The name, ‘Cheese-o-holic‘ refers to someone who’s addicted to cheese and all its glorious flavors.

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Owner Jessica and her boyfriend have always loved what cheese and its melting glory can do to other dishes, that they decided to conceptualize a store dedicated to everything cheese. They started out with the raclette platter and the cheese fondue in a bread bowl, but soon decided to add more items to spice up their menu. Compared to other restaurants, Cheese-o-holic is all about keeping it affordable so that everyone can enjoy these unique dishes.

Take a look at some of their finest offers.

Potato Wedges

Potato wedges loaded with different kinds of cheese and topped with bacon bits


Fried mozzarella sticks in Doritos breading, served with salsa dip

Three-Cheese Sandwich

Swiss cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar in focaccia bread

Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese overload in bread bowl

Cheesy Chick

Chicken pops with a choice of your flavor on top of cheese fondue

Cheesus Rice

Cheesy baked rice with flavored chicken pops and buttered vegetables

Cheese Fondue Platter

Cheese fondue in a bread bowl, served with sausage bacon bites, chicken pops, and potato wedges

Raclette Platter

Sausage bacon bites, chicken pops, and potato wedges, loaded with a scrape of cheese wheel

No reservations accepted
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The Station Food Park, 178 Maginhawa, Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City


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