DONUT read if you’re on a diet!

A dessert/snack that needs no introduction, the Choco Butternut Donut is a cult favorite of Filipinos who want something sweet to go with their coffee.

Fun fact: Did you know that the "butternut" is actually a mix of shredded coconut and sugar?

And though great things come in small packages like donuts, there are days when we can’t help but ask for something much bigger. If you have those days, don’t you fret, we found a dessert that’ll surely satisfy your cravings: The Choco Butternut Loaf.

Choco Butternut Loaf

Created by Chia’s Kitchen, the choco butternut loaf is a moist chocolate cake covered in chocolate glaze and butternut coatings. It’s not only perfect for sharing but also perfect for those days when one donut is just not enough.

Choco Butternut Loaf from Chia's Kitchen
Photo from Facebook | Chia’s Kitchen

Looking to get your hands on a loaf or two? Simply, check out their Facebook page or contact their distributors and get your cravings satisfied!

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We bet we can convince you to drop that diet, and get CHOCO BUTTERNUT DONUT you know you’ve been craving for. Put your discipline to the test with this list of seductive donuts.

Warning: Stop now or forever hold your peace.

You wanna piece of this?

Choco Butternut Donut
Photo from @dunkindonutsph

Don’t be shy. Take a bigger bite.

Choco Butternut Donut from Dunkin Donuts
Photo from by @katrinaching

And look at that ~aesthetic~

Choco Butternut Donut from Dunkin Donuts
Photo from @joshuavgarcia

See the world, with your donut in hand

Donut in Hand
Photo from @pancakeprince

You can’t not want this

Choco Butternut Munchkin from Dunkin Donuts
Photo from by @donpredilla


Donut with Crumbs
Photo from @onlychelee


DIBS on all 3!

3 pieces of donuts
Photo from @kittinskie

And no, we’re not sharing

Choco Butternut Donuts from Dunkin Donuts
Photo from by @beancapalomar
 no nope orange caramel raina no thanks GIF

Even if we have this much

Choco ButterNut Munchkins
Photo from @pratiiii
GIF Scared Woman Turning


Boquet Donut with paper bag
Photo from Crystal Quiwa’s Facebook Post
GIF Guy Crying

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